Find Me A Perfect Woman (Complete Story)

Description: Richard hates rainy season, the same way he hates going to church. After Alex, his friend finally succeeds in dragging him to Church, he falls in love with beautiful Angela after listening to her sing in church.

Richard wants more from Angela but his childhood friend, Jennifer is obsessed about him. What happens when Jennifer finds out Angela has stolen her lover? Find out!

Genre: Fiction, Romance

Book Length: 209 Pages

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Excerpt from Chapter 15

Her hands shook as she made to knock his door. She prayed it should be Mercy that opens the door, but when she finally knocked, it was Alex that opened.

Jessica fell on her knees immediately, tears running down her eyes helplessly....

Excerpt from Chapter 17

"I will assemble my entire family and share the truth with them. I believe the truth will save me. Come and hug me, my daughter." Mercy felt awkward as she embraced  Mr David, her father and he hugged her tightly.

Excerpt from Chapter 19

During the dance at the wedding reception, he held **** to himself and they danced slowly in each other's arms. When he was about kissing her, his mother came and dragged both of them...

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