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A Night with the Masseuse  (Complete Story)

Author's Note: Let me share with you the inspiration behind this book, try not to laugh.

My Mom came back from work one day. She was tired and exhausted. So I offered her a massage to help her feel better, and she saw that it was good (Genesis 1:10 b).

Another day, she asked again that I massage her after she realized how good I was, the first time. It became a routine.

While I was massaging her, a lot of things came to my mind. I was thinking; 
  • How people feel when they are massaged?
  • How does masseuse cope while massaging? 
  • Does society recognize massaging as a standard job? 
These questions inspired me to share my thoughts and developed it into this story you are about to read.

Description: Rose tries every job she could but realized she was perfect at massaging. Working for Kim at the Spa got Rose very popular as the best masseuse. Everything was going on well for Rose until after she massaged Tom whose cloth fell off and exposed his naked body. 

Find out if Rose was able to scale through this temptation or if the masseuse ended up being massaged.

Genre: Romance

Book Length: 89 Pages

ISBN: 9798654803245

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Look Inside

Excerpt from Chapter 2

"Kenneth, I swear I didn't do it intentionally. I was about going home from the office that evening when Angela begged me to drop her off since her car was faulty. 
I almost didn't want to drop her, but I gave into it because it was raining. 
When we got to her house...

Excerpt from Chapter 13

Tears gathered in Rose's eyes because of what she saw. His manhood had swollen and there were stitches around it. 
"I'm so sorry Tom, I didn't mean to shoot you." She said

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