Underneath | Horror | Part 13 | Stories by Ima Udott
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Info: Risk takers are known to be brave and ready for any challenge; Mercy isn't exceptional. But is she really prepared for this mission she has started to embark? Enjoy this creepy horror story.


Part 13

I did not wait for him to finish his long narrative, I walked past him straight to the entrance door and rang the bell. My heart skipped when I heard a masculine voice. Alex told me my landlord wouldn’t be around, so whose voice did I just hear? I thought.

Before I could step back, the door opened and a woman in her late forties appeared, looking inquisitively at me. She had on beautiful long apparel and of course a really fashionable wig. If this was my landlord’s wife and if truly she wasn’t aware of what he was into, then he was very heartless.

“Yes, how can I help you?”

Okay, she did not sound friendly and if I must execute my plan successfully, I needed to win her heart. Mom used to tell me that I had ways of charming people with my smile and manner of approach. Since the day I realized that greeting and calling older women Mummy instead of Ma has a way of softening their hearts, I had adopted it and it worked for me on different occasions. I prayed quickly in my heart for it to work now.

I bowed slightly with a smile and greeted her 

“Good evening, Mummy”

She looked at me for some seconds before she loosened up

“Good evening, my daughter. I can’t remember your face”

It worked! She suddenly became so friendly as though she had known me before.

“My name is Mabel, Mummy. I sell wigs” Alex had warned me not to disclose my real name.

“Oh! That is very good. I love to see young girls engaging in decent businesses, not wearing skimpy clothes, and doing all sorts of rubbish with their bodies to get money. I will definitely patronize you. Come on in”

She opened the door wide enough for me to enter. It looked like a passage to heaven. I couldn’t stop smiling. For a while, I got carried away by the magnificent house. It looked like the mansions I used to see in movies. My eyes wouldn’t stay one place; they roamed from the beautiful artwork on the wall to the plasma television and rested on the giant chandelier in the middle of the big sitting room. If only my landlord got his riches with a clean hand, I would not have rejected the food and drink his wife offered me. Alex had told me not to accept even water.

“What if I reject your wigs the way you rejected my food and drink?” she asked playfully

“No, Mummy, it’s not like that. Actually, I’m fasting and as much as I’m tempted to devour your delicious meal, I have to hold myself. Don’t worry, I promise to eat the next time I come” I said, pleadingly and she smiled

“I have never seen such a beautiful disciplined young girl like you. Your mother really trained you well. You should marry my son…”

Just then, a very handsome young man walked in. At first, I thought it was Alex because he looked exactly like him. But when he got closer, I realized he wasn’t the one. He had almost all the features of Alex, only that his eyes were more charming and his lips were pink and lovely. He had this fierce look that could throw any woman off balance. I wondered if he was related to Alex because the resemblance was too much.

“Talk of the devil. Mabel, meet my only son, Jamie. He bases in the UK. He just got back here to spend some time with us. Jamie, meet Mabel. I just knew her not too long ago, but she has already stolen my heart”

Jamie smiled. I did not plan for this. How could Alex not tell me that my landlord not only had a son at home, but a really handsome son that looked just like him? This was going to be a huge distraction for me. In fact, I was already getting distracted as soon as Jamie shook my hand and held it forever. Only if he knew that I had come to kill his father, he wouldn’t think of holding me, even for a second. Innocent was he and his mother, but I was not going to think of retreating even though I was beginning to pity them.

When he finally let go of my hand, he asked to get my contact so he could give me a call later since he was on his way out and wasn’t sure he would meet me when he returns. I gave him my number and prayed he should go out fast so I could execute my plan.

“I will definitely give you a call,” he said to me, then turning to his Mom, he said “See you soon Mom, let me go pick Dad up at the airport” before he left.

My heart skipped. He was going to pick his father! I needed to do what I came for and leave the house before Jamie returns with my landlord, but it didn’t look like his Mom was going to give me the space to get access to the room.

I brought out the wigs from the bag and asked her to choose the ones she liked. She seemed to love them all; Alex sure knew quality wigs.

“Mummy please, where can I ease myself?” I asked

“Oh, let me show you”

“You don’t have to stress yourself. Just describe it for me and I will go, while you select the wigs that you want” I said, smiling

“Alright, my daughter. Just walk down the corridor, the toilet is the first door by your left”

“Thank you,” I said and hurriedly left. 

She was so occupied admiring the wigs that she did not notice that I had closed the door leading to the corridor after I went in. I knew that the master’s bedroom was fond of being upstairs, so I tiptoed to the staircase leading up the stairs and rushed up. I got to a room with a black door, turned the knob and it opened. That was it.

I went straight to the big cupboard and started opening it one after the other. I opened every envelope I saw and read every paper I could lay my hands on. I did not see anything creepy, so I closed the drawer and looked around the room.  I did not see any door that led to any chamber as Alex had told me, so I just decided to search the room for anything related to Alex and the other ghosts. There was nothing in the room that looked like what I was looking for.

I concluded that Alex had lied to me and quickly tiptoed back down the stairs. On reaching the corridor, I was about to open the door leading to the sitting room to go meet her, but a door painted red, just beside the staircase arrested my attention. Every other door was painted black; I wondered why that particular one was painted red.

I looked around. When I was sure that no one was there, I turned the knob and it opened. It was just a normal room, nothing close to what I had expected. But I still went in to satisfy my curiosity. I opened the first cupboard but found nothing. I tried to open the second one, but it was locked. I tried the third, it was locked as well.

I decided to look around for the keys, but my eyes fell on a door still inside the room. I thought it to be the restroom, but I still decided to check anyway. When I pulled the knob, I realized that it was locked.

It did not make sense that a room was open but the toilet in the room was locked; there was a reason. I searched the wardrobe for the keys but found nothing. I lifted the mattress but couldn’t find it. just when I was about to drop the mattress, I saw a folded paper that had my full name and passport attached to it. I knew immediately the room was where my landlord carried out his evil acts. 

I brought out the paper and replaced it with the five thousand naira my landlord gave me when he visited me. I quickly put the paper in my pocket and rushed out of the room. On getting to the parlor, I met my landlord’s wife already trying out the wigs.

“What kept you so long? I almost thought you vanished,” she said jokingly

“I’m sorry, Mummy, my monthly flow chose to start today. I now know why I was feeling uncomfortable” I don’t know who taught me how to lie so perfectly, but I was surprised at myself.

“So sorry, dear. Did you come with a pad? I don’t mind giving you a pack of it” 

“Thank you so much, Mummy, for your show of concern. I actually came with it. I had expected it”

“It’s fine. I love all the wigs. How much are you going to sell them for me?”

Just when I was about to activate my business mood, I heard a horn outside.

“They are back. You should meet my husband,” she said and rushed to open the door…

To be continued. 

This story is being plagiarized by people without permission and due credit which is why Ima Udott had to pause for a while.

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