Underneath | Horror | Part 12 | Stories by Ima Udott
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Info: Mercy might not be merciful if she eventually gets to the root of this creepy story. Enjoy this short horror story while it's still free.


Part 12 

He started chanting and sprinkling the water from the calabash on my head. I felt very weak and empty.

Then, he stopped and dropped the calabash. Still chanting, he raised the machete with his two hands, and just as he was about to land it on me, a strong breeze blew on my face and I suddenly saw a flash of all that happened the previous night; my memory was restored.

Everything happened in a flash, I don't know if I disappeared from the forest, but I found myself back in my room, on my bed. I heaved a sigh and wanted to stand up, but a hand pushed me back.

“Relax, Mercy, and tell me what you saw” it was Alex. He had been seated beside me all the while I was in trance.

His two big balls rested eagerly on me. He had the most beautiful and alluring eyes, but I saw something else while looking into them but I couldn't place what it was. He held my two hands as if I'd disappear if he left me.

“I remember everything” I blurted out

Alex heaved a heavy sigh and dragged me up so that he hugged me tight to his chest, I could hear his breath. If all the ghosty stuff didn't happen immediately, I would have stopped to wonder how a ghost could breathe...such a really loud breath.

I pressed into his body and wished that after the whole battle if I eventually kill my landlord I could bring Alex back to an actual human. I still hadn't shared my first kiss, but it would hurt so badly that when we ever do, it might be a farewell kiss from him... that's if I would survive, anyway.

“He tried to kill me while in trance. He surely is ahead of us, we need to stop him before he stops us,” I said when we finally unbraced.

“Thank goodness, he couldn't succeed. Now that you remember everything, we don't have much time, you need to get into his bedroom and end all of this. I can't really tell the exact location in his room, but in the vision I saw, he had all of us in form of toys, tied inside a calabash. You have to find it and set us free”

I thought of a Nigerian movie I once watched where a popular actor who was known for acting the role of a ritualist had a chamber decorated with all manners of candlesticks where he kept his fetish objects. 

After successfully enticing different types of women with his money, he sacrificed them to his god at the chamber and used their blood to appease it.

Since Alex had no idea of what his room looked like, I did not waste time creating in my mind a picture of my landlord's room to be like that of the chamber in the movie...or worse than that. 

However it might look,  I felt I was ready. I don't know where the courage came from, but you know what they say; if you are scared of dying, don't be afraid to live.

“How about the money I already got from him?” I said, looking at the envelope on the table.

Alex thought for a while,

“You will return it to his house. There, you will also have access to his room and uncover whatever he has there. At the moment, he is not around, but his wife is and I am not sure she knows what he is into,”

“Alex are you insane? You know that I can't just go to someone's house, gain access to his room and do anything without getting caught. I can't take that risk”

“Okay, his wife is a wig freak. We need to get you really good and attractive wigs to go with. There, you'd tell her you sell wigs and would love her to patronize you. Any tiny opportunity you have, get into his room, drop the money in his cupboard and get access to his chamber. Simple!”

“Simple? Are you for real?”

“Okay, I know it's not simple, but I'm trying not to make it look scary. Don't worry, I will go with you, though I won't be able to enter his house. He has spread some really powerful substances that scare ghosts away. But once you're able to set us free, the other ghosts and I would be able to enter. We don't have much time, it's already evening. Wait here, let me get you some wigs”

I watched as he disappeared from the room and reappeared with different colours of wigs. They were very attractive and I was almost tempted to wear one, but Alex wouldn't let me.

“So ghosts also steal,” I said under my breath and Alex laughed.

He came with a beautiful bag which he put the wigs and from the look of things, he was ready...but was I?

“Shall we?” Alex said and I stood up

“Sure,” I replied.

We boarded a taxi which took an hour's drive before we got to my landlord's mansion. The taxi driver constantly turned to look at me whenever it seemed I was communicating with someone. Of course, Alex was invisible and if I dared act like I was talking to someone, the taxi driver would have thrown me out, thinking that he carried an insane girl. I couldn't wait for this whole madness to be over.

I got down from the taxi and almost asked Alex to pay him and when he noticed it, he giggled. When I remembered I was the only one who could see him, I brought out a thousand naira and handed it to the driver. I waited until he was out of sight before I started talking to Alex again.

“You are so going to return my 1k,” I said and he laughed loudly.

“Do ghosts exchange money?” He asked

“If a ghost could steal wigs from God-knows-where and make me fall for him, then there's nothing he can't do” I didn't know how that second part came out, but it already did and I couldn't take it back.

Alex suddenly stopped laughing and looked at me, the kind of look that speaks so much. 

He held my hands,

“Mercy, I really wish something could be done for me to become a human again, I would have...”

He paused as if the next word was going to be too heavy for him to say. I wanted to cry, but I needed to preserve my energy for the battle I was about to face, so I asked him

“How do I get in?”

The gate was black and gigantic. The fence was so long that I could bet any thief who dares tries to scale it would get caught. The features of the house which couldn't hide from the eyes viewing from outside were just too outstanding. It was a mansion, a really beautiful one.

“Through the gate. Knock, tell the gateman that Madam was expecting you, and go in immediately. Be bold,” Alex said.

I took a deep breath and walked briskly to the gate. Just when I was about to knock, Alex called me

“Mercy, I trust you. I will be waiting out here for you. I love you,”

If I ever wanted to be scared or weak, the last word from Alex did a great miracle. He loved me! I became intoxicated by courage that I didn't know where it came from, but it was what I needed. 

I knocked and stepped backward, but there was no sign of the gate opening, so I decided to knock again, but before I did, the gate swung open and I saw a chubby, dark face staring at me.

“Yes? Wetin you want?” the short, plumpy man in a blue uniform asked.

“Good evening. I’m looking for Madam, she is expecting me”

“Expect you say who you be?”

“I sell wigs and I am supposed to deliver some to her,” I said and deliberately dangled the big bag containing the wigs so that he saw it.

“Madam and different colours of wigs en...all her money don enter wig. She go see the type wey Destiny Etiko dey use, she go buy. She go see the type of Regina Daniels, she go still wan buy...”

I did not wait for him to finish his long narrative, I walked past him straight to the entrance door and rang the bell. My heart skipped when I heard a masculine voice. Alex told me my landlord wouldn't be around, so whose voice did I just hear?....to be continued.

This story is being plagiarized by people without permission and due credit which is why Ima Udott had to pause for a while.

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