Underneath | Horror | Part 3 | Stories by Ima Udott
Pc: Be Wise

Info: It keeps coming as a dream, but the manifestations are so real. How will she explain this and who would believe her in this horror-filled story?


                     Ima Udott

It was strange that I had used the step just some minutes ago without any of this, but suddenly, some bloody footprints showed up from only God knows where and were leading to where I was yet to know. 

I followed the footprints until I got to where I saw the last step; my room. I did not dare to open the door. I ran back downstairs, straight outside the gate, and looked around if I could see Alex, but he was long out of sight. I brought out my phone to call him, but it dawned on me that I hadn't gotten his number.

Nothing was going to make me sleep in that house tonight, I thought as I dialed Mom's number. My heart was pounding and it was just too bad that the street was empty and quiet and it was getting dark.

“Baby, how did the screening go?” Mom's voice came through so peacefully. 

“It was fine. Mom, something strange just happened...” I told her about the footprints and she sighed deeply before she responded.

“Baby, you had a long and stressful day. I'm sure that's why your mind is playing games with you. I've told you that all these things are not real, they are superstitious,” her calm voice reassured me that perhaps, I was indeed hallucinating.

“Hang up the phone, let me call you,” she said and I hung up.

She called me back immediately and told me to go back inside and carefully check for the footprints while still on the phone with her and I did as she instructed.

Surprisingly, when I got to the stairs where the footprints were, I saw nothing, not even a stain. I slowly walked up to my room and found nothing. I told Mom and she laughed so loud that I had to join her in laughing, even though my eyes roamed everywhere as I opened the door to my room and stepped in.

“See? I told you, your mind was playing games with you. This often happens when one is seriously stressed out or very worried. Baby, make food and eat, then shower and rest, you've had a stressful day already. Please be fine for me, okay?” Mom said. A part of me wished she was here with me, but another part of me assured me that I was doing just fine, alone.

“I love you, Mom. Goodnight” 

“I love you too, Baby,” Mom said and hung up the phone.

I was about to turn on my lamp when my ceiling fan started to rotate at a high speed. I happily ran to turn on the light, thinking that the power supply had been restored, but only to realize that the switch was already on. I turned on the lamp to be sure of the fan and just then, it stopped rotating.

I walked slowly to the fan switch and realized it was on zero, which means that it was off. Then, how on earth did it rotate at such a high speed and stop on Its own without the aid of a power supply? I wondered as I walked to the bathroom to take my evening bath.

I, first of all, emptied my bladder full of the urine I had held since the moment I saw the footprints, after which I clicked the playlist on my phone, and Sia’s ‘House on Fire’ started to play. I dropped the phone in the lavatory before I turned on the shower and began to bathe.

I came back to the room, only to perceive a very offensive smell, as though someone fumigated the room with what I couldn't comprehend. I thought of opening the door for a while because the smell made the room stuffy and suffocating, but it was getting late, so I discarded the idea, picked up my hand fan, and began to blow the room.

I lay on the bed and began to reminisce about my encounter with Alex. He was so annoying, yet, so handsome. I didn't need a soothsayer to tell me that I was beginning to develop something for him. The thought of him holding my hand till we got home made me smile broadly. I prayed for the next day to come quickly so I could see him again. 

I bit my lower lip, closed my eyes, and began to imagine the effect his touch would have on me. The sensations I got became stronger when I suddenly felt a hand, softly caressing my back. My body stiffened immediately. I was helpless and unable to move as I felt the hand strolling slowly down my panties... To be continued.

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