Underneath | Horror | Part 2 | Stories by Ima Udott
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Info: Do dreams really come true or they are merely reflections of our imaginations? Find out about this interesting creepy story.


                     Ima Udott

I tried again to run, but I couldn't. I was stuck, and they were just a few steps from where I stood. I closed my eyes and wished I could wake up from this nightmare, and I did.

I sat up, panting as though I got resuscitated after drowning. My hand grabbed the lamp and I turned it on with immediate effect. My head spun violently and my sweaty body did not help my situation a bit. I picked up my phone and checked the time. It was 3:00 Am. I heaved a deep sigh; it was all a dream, after all.

Mom had made me believe that dreams come as a result of our imaginations and thoughts. She said they mostly occur when a person thinks so much about a particular thing or if one's mind is not at peace. 

I remembered I was actually thinking about Mom, my background, and then school before I had the dream. So, I believed it was because I had thought about a lot of things, and that was why I had the dream.

I slept back and woke up in the morning to prepare for school. Mom called me to know how I was doing. I told her about the dream and she repeated what she had always told me; it was imagination.

I left for school, a few minutes after I was done talking to Mom. When I approached the entrance to the university, I saw a lot of people hanging around the gate. 

Most of them were students from different churches coming to identify with the new students to win us to their churches. I knew this because of the tags they wore. 

Mom had strictly warned me not to join any fellowship in school because of her hatred for God. So, I ignored them and went inside. I did not know anywhere around the university and it was almost time for my screening. 

The sudden urge to urinate made me hasten my steps, even when I was not sure of where exactly I was going. I spotted a big building that seemed to be under construction and walked to the back of the building so I could relieve myself.

I walked a little bit into the bush and urinated as fast as I could. Coming out, I was startled when I saw a guy resting on the wall of the building and looking in the direction that I came out from.

“You startled me!” I said, almost screaming.

“Oh, I did?” he asked, carelessly.

“Wait, for how long have you been here? Did you…” I babbled

“No…or maybe I did”

“Be serious!”

“Does it matter?”

“I blame myself for coming here to urinate” I murmured and made to leave.

“You must be a fresher, and before you ask me how I knew, your file tells it all”

“You are right. I’m only talking to you because I don’t know how to get to my faculty” I said, turning to face him.

“Oh, what makes you think I can help you locate your faculty?”

“I don’t know, can you?”

 “Let me see your file,” he said, stretching his hand

“Why?” I asked

“Fine then, if you don’t need my help, I will just go…”

I babbled and handed him my file. He was so annoying and proud. But he was very handsome, tall, and dark. He had on a white shirt and black jean trousers with white sneakers; he looked really smart, especially with his well-combed hair. I loved everything about him, except that he was annoying.

“Faculty of Arts, department of English, good to know,” he said while going through my file.

“Oh, so this is why you asked for my file…”

“Mercy, such a sweet name” he interrupted

“Okay, now you know my name and department, can you give me back my file?” I said, stretching my hand.

He did not respond nor return my file. He rearranged my credentials and brought out some of the forms and gave them to me, telling me those would not be needed. I watched as he carefully arranged them before he finally handed the file to me. 

I was about to thank him, but he said “Follow me,” and started to walk very fast that I could barely meet up with him.

“Wait…I don’t even know your name” I said, literarily running after him.

“My name is Alex, a final year student of History and International Studies,” he said, still walking very fast. 

“Okay, Alex, can you slow down a bit? You are too fast”

“No, I cannot,” he said, walking even faster than before.

“You are so annoying,” I said, but he did not reply.

We finally got to my faculty where I saw a lot of students standing in a straight line outside the big screening hall. I was really late and I wondered when I would be screened. 

“Wait in the line. Once you see me, run inside” Alex said and went inside the screening hall.

I was obviously the last person, so I stood behind a fat girl who was constantly whispering to her friend before her and laughing as though she was seeking attention. The line was sickening, coupled with the scorching sun. I was beginning to sweat and I did not like it.

The next minute, I saw Alex running out of the screening hall and beckoning for me to run inside. Without thinking twice, I ran in and met the hall in chaos. All the previous files had fallen and scattered on the floor and the students who were waiting to be screened were told to move backward, causing the line to scatter.

While the security guard picked up the files, I quickly dropped mine on top of the other files which were already packed, and stood in front of a girl who was busy explaining to another student how the files fell.

“Who is Mercy Henry?” the screener asked. She was a lady in her early thirties. 

“I’m here, Ma’am,” I said.

“Come for your screening since your credentials are already rightly arranged,” she said and I smiled and moved forward where she told me to sit.

I was screened instantly and before the other students could protest that they were there before me, I was done with my screening. I left the hall very excited. 

Outside, I saw the fat girl still talking and laughing with her friend. When they realized that I was screened, they began to murmur, pointing hands at me. I did not care to know what they were saying, all I wanted was to find Alex and appreciate him.

I did not know where to start looking for him, so I decided to go back to the building where I met him, thinking that he would be there waiting for me. I got to the building, but I did not see any sign of Alex. Just when I turned to leave, behold, he was before me, looking even more handsome than before.

“Boom!” he said, playfully.

“Thank you so much for your help. Even though you are annoying, whatever you did in there helped me a great deal. At least, I did not have to stand in the sun like others”

He did not respond to my appreciation, instead, he said “Let me show you around the school. It’s a really big place you know,”

“I would appreciate that. Can we please start with the cafeteria? I’m starving” I said.

“Cool. Let’s go, then”

This time around, he was not walking fast. But he refused to talk while we were walking, so I had to also walk quietly, even though I had a million questions I needed to ask him about school. 

When we got to the cafeteria, he told me he needed to talk to his friend outside. I suspected he did not have the money to eat so I offered to pay for both of us, but he said he was not hungry. 

I left him and went inside to eat. The cafeteria was very large. Students filled the hall and I wondered where I was going to sit and eat. 

I needed to stay where I could see Alex so I wouldn’t start looking for him again after eating, but unfortunately, the only empty table was in a corner, far from where I could see him, so I had to go sit there and eat.

After eating, I went outside, and once again, Alex was nowhere to be found. Frustrated, I decided to go back home. Lectures were going to start the next week, so I had a whole week to rest, at least I was done with the major thing; screening.

Outside the school gate, I was about to board a bike when someone tapped me on my shoulder; it was Alex. I almost screamed at him, but I had to stop myself because of the severe headache I was having.

“Where in the world were you?” I asked him.

For a reply, he held my hand and walked me out of the crowd.

“Is your place close by?” he asked

“No, but it isn’t too far” I replied

“Can I walk you home, if you don’t mind?”

“On the condition that you will not walk too fast”

“You are naturally a slow walker, but I will try not to be fast”

“You are not serious. You have long legs, for crying out loud and that’s why you walk like a giraffe” I said and he laughed. He looked really charming while laughing.

We finally got to my apartment and he asked me why I chose to stay in an isolated place. After I told him my reasons, he asked if I was comfortable staying in the place and I said yes.

“Are you sure?” he asked again.

“I am. Why all these questions?” I asked.

“Never mind”

Alex left a few minutes later promising to visit me the next day. After I saw him off and locked the gate, I went back upstairs. 

Halfway up the stairs, I noticed footprints stained with blood. I thought of running back to call Alex, but I was sure he must have gone far, so I braced up and decided to follow the footprints. I took pictures of the footprints as I followed them. 

It was strange that I had used the step just some minutes ago without any of this, but suddenly, some bloody footprints showed up from only God knows where and were leading to where I was yet to know. 

I followed the footprints until I got to where I saw the last step; my room...To be continued.

Anticipate part 3 soon.