Underneath | Horror | Part 9 | Stories by Ima Udott
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Info: Being the only source of help, Mercy is sent on a dangerous mission. Will she succeed or end up like the others? Enjoy this interesting horror story.


                  Ima Udott

“Did the landlord have mercy on us? She does not want to help us, so, what is the need for her living? She has to join us!” they said, angrily and started to come closer to me.

Alex signaled me to accept to help them so that they would not kill me. I could see fear in his eyes, and from his expression, he was helpless. So, I had just one choice to make if I must live, and that was to accept to help them.   

“Okay, okay, I will help you” I heard myself say. 

Immediately, they all shifted backward and started to chant as a way of jubilation.

“But, how do I help you?” I asked.

“Kill the landlord!” they said in unison. 

I almost screamed. 

“How in the world am I going to kill a dangerous ritualist without first getting killed? And if I eventually kill him, even though I know it is impossible, how would I do that without getting caught and arrested? I don't want to shed blood”

“We will help you to help us. Just assure us that you will do as we direct you,” they said. 

“What if I die?”

 Once again, they took turns answering me:

“Then, you die trying”

“It is better than not trying at all, yet living freely while we are here, suffering”

“Do you not know that our spirits have not found rest because of how we died?”

“We need to be set free”

“We need revenge so that we can rest in peace”

“Do you think we enjoy roaming about the school premises and watching our colleagues graduate?”

“Do you think we do not get jealous and sad?”  

“Help us!”

“We need revenge!”

My head started to spin again. Their voices were too loud in my head. It seemed they were all talking at once and it was getting me crazy because I could hear everything they said ringing in my head like a bell. 

“Fine! Tell me what to do and I will do it,” I screamed.

Alex stepped into the circle and ordered them to keep silent, as though he detected that I was being affected by their noises. Immediately, they all kept quiet and only Alex began to talk. 

“There is a possibility that he knows that you are a special being who can communicate with ghosts, so, he might not want to kill you using the normal pattern, he might try another way, and we do not know what he is planning. But we know how you can expose him. Ours is to tell you how to expose and kill him, yours is to protect yourself. We cannot protect nor save you, but we can tell you how to expose him”

“You all are very selfish! You only want me to help you kill him, but you don't care if I die in the process” I said

“We are not selfish; we just need justice so that our spirits can finally rest. If you were one of us, you would have wanted the same. Mercy, please do just this last wish for us, I promise to go with you on this battle,” Alex said. 

I was touched by his words. I was suddenly overwhelmed by anger and pity. I braced up myself and felt a kind of strength I had never felt before; I was going to do this. I was going to free these innocent souls even though my life was going to be at stake.  

“What do I do?” I asked in an angry tone. 

“Everything is in his bedroom; you have to get access to the room,”

“Where is his house?” 

“I will take you there, but you have to be careful because he might be anywhere,” Alex said.

“Are you implying that he might be here as well?”

Before he could reply, the door began to vibrate as though someone was trying to force it open...to be continued.

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