Underneath | Horror | Part 8 | Stories by Ima Udott
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Info: There is more to be discovered in the bathroom, especially when it is suddenly filled with an offensive smell. Find out in this horror story. 

Underneath ~ Part 8

                  Ima Udott

“Alex, you are seriously scaring me. What's going on?” 

He still said nothing. Rather, he looked at me, and then looked past me as though someone was right behind me with an axe, ready to smash my head into two.  Slowly, I followed his eyes and saw nothing. I became even more confused. 

The next minute, he jerked me up like a baby, took me inside, and dropped me on the bed. He locked the door and sat beside me without saying a word.

The only sound heard was that of the heavy rain, accompanied by thunder which struck angrily like it was going to break open the roof of the house. There was something really strange about this night, I could feel it. 

“Can you still remember the very first place we met?” I heard him ask and I was greatly relieved because I really needed us to talk.

“Yes, I remember,” I replied, facing him “You just appeared from nowhere and watched me relieve myself...it was embarrassing though,” 

“There is something different about you, Mercy. You are the first person who could see me, after four years of roaming the school, screaming for help. When I stood staring at you that day, I never believed you were going to see me. I thought you were like the others who came, relieved themselves, and even walked into me without feeling that someone else was there”

I felt goosebumps engulfing my whole body. I was suddenly cold. I did not want to believe what Alex was implying. Maybe, it was one of his games, I thought as I rushed and turned on the lamp that was beside the bed to look at him. 

“Alex, I don't like it when you play games like this. For goodness sake, I am not a fan of scary stories, especially at night. Please, stop it”

“Don't you want to know more about me anymore?”

“I want to, but do not tell me creepy stories, please. Be serious”

“It would be very unfair of me to hide this from you. If I tell you, perhaps, you may be lucky to escape with your life...”

“Alex, stop!”

Alex sat up, facing me. I pinched myself to be sure that I was not dreaming; this was real. I quickly brought out my phone, turned on the recorder, and dropped it on the bed. It was the only thing I could do at the moment. 

“Mercy, I am not playing games with you. I will tell you everything. Do you remember the answer I gave you when you asked about my darkest secret while we were playing truth or dare?”

“Yeah...You said that you used to masturbate...”

Alex giggled before he replied.

“No. I said something before that and I meant it. I was one of the unfortunate students whose blood was used to lay the foundation of this building. Mercy, whatever happens, tonight, promise me you won't freak out”

Before I could say a word, I started to perceive the same offensive smell I perceived in my room, some days back. 

I could hear the silence so clearly that I knew that something had changed. It suddenly felt like I was no longer in the physical realm.  

I heard strange chants from the bathroom and remembered the dream I once had.  Just then, the bathroom door burst open and about nineteen students rushed out, singing the same songs I heard in my dream. 

I stood up and made to run, but it was too late; they surrounded me and I froze. They walked around me and kept singing till I started to feel dizzy.

“What do you want from me?” I heard myself screaming in a shaky voice,

“Revenge!” they said in unison.

“I should have been defending my project by now, but he killed me” one of the students, a girl of about twenty-three years said. 

“I had no parent to put me through school; I suffered to sponsor myself. Just on the verge of graduating, he killed me,” another said. 

“It hurts that my struggling mother sold the only plot of land we had, just to pay my fees, only for him to kill me...worst of it, my mother died of a heart attack after she heard of my sudden death,”  yet another said.

“Help us! Help us! Help us!” they chanted in unison.

I looked out for Alex, but he was no longer on the bed, he had joined them in the circle. I felt nauseated, but I couldn't vomit. 

They looked harmless, at least, but whoever did this to them was definitely very dangerous. If he could singlehandedly kill over twenty students, then, there was every possibility that I was not going to be exempted. I then knew why Alex told me that I should not have come. 

“Who is he and how did he kill you?” I asked.  

They took turns talking:

“Our landlord; your landlord!”

“He comes like a caring father”

“He says he likes to be friends with his tenants”

“He talks with them and laughs with them”

“When he is about to leave, he takes out three thousand naira from his pocket and hands it to them”

“The money is in exchange for their lives without their knowledge”

“One week later, the student dies after a brief headache”

“He uses their blood to renew the foundation of this building and that is why the house looks new every time a student moves in. It is a very old house but our blood keeps renewing it” Alex did the final explanation.

“No! This is not real... I want to wake up! I can't be here!” I screamed. 

“Help us! they chanted once more, holding hands and going around me. 

I felt really dizzy as if I was going to faint. 

“I cannot help you, can't you see? If I make it out of this place alive, nobody will believe me...they will think I've gone crazy...I don't know how to pray...I cannot help you... I want to go...”

“To where?” One of them asked, angrily.

“To my house!” I screamed

“Are you so blind to see that this is your room? Don't you get it? We all died in this room and if you don't help us, you will also die right here!” another said.

I then realized why the room looked familiar. It meant that Alex actually took me back to my room; he once lived here.

“I want to leave. I don't want to die, please,” I said in tears.

“You can either help us or die with us,” one of them said.

“Yes!” the others, except Alex affirmed.  

“No! Have mercy on her...” Alex said but was interrupted 

“Did the landlord have mercy on us? She does not want to help us, so, what is the need for her living? She has to join us!” they said, angrily and started to come closer to me...to be continued.

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