Underneath | Horror | Part 7 | Stories by Ima Udott
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Info: A nightmare turned reality when Mercy found herself in a building that was the exact manifestation of her dreams. Find out what happened next in this interesting horror story.

 UNDERNEATH ~ part 7

Ima Udott

I locked the door and we walked down the street. I enjoyed the evening breeze and talked excitedly to Alex, while he just nodded.

We walked for about thirty minutes before we entered a bush path. Alex walked briskly such that, I had to run to keep Pace with him. He refused to talk to me, even when I tried severally to introduce a topic for conversation.

I wondered what I did wrong that warranted him to snub me. I felt alone and to worsen the situation, the sky began to rumble as though it was greatly vexed or irritating. 

The weather suddenly changed; it was obvious from the fierce breeze that pushed the leaves from each side of the bush that there was going to be a downpour.

The leaves kept slapping us as we walked and my body started to itch. The effect of the breeze on the big trees made me remember an American scary movie I once watched, where a group of students went on a road trip and their vehicle broke down in the middle of nowhere.

While trying to fix their vehicle, they were attacked by a strange creature which made them run into a thick, scary forest. I almost took this bush path to be the forest in the movie because the trees were familiar and they danced and waved, just like the ones here.

It was getting dark, yet, we were still walking as though we had no destination. I was cold, scared, exhausted, and lonely. I started to wish that I did not suggest for we go to Alex's house. I thought it was going to be a few miles from my house.

“How much longer do we have to walk, Alex? I am beginning to get scared and I'm cold” I broke the silence, and just then, it started to drizzle.

Alex stopped abruptly as if he just realized that he was walking with me. He turned to me and held my hands. I could not comprehend the expression on his face, but his eyes told me that he cared.

“I am sorry, Mercy, I'm really sorry. You should not have come” 

“It is my fault, you don't have to feel bad. It's just that, I wanted to know more about you and since we had started the journey already, it is too late to regret. Let's just get to your place; we can sleep over there since it's late and drizzling”

He took off his pullover and made me wear it, then, he took my hand in his and we walked that way till we got to a beautiful, but quiet street. We were the only ones on the street and it wasn't strange to me because it was night already and people must have rushed back to the comfort of their homes.

 The rain began to fall heavily and we had to run. We finally got to a big building that looked exactly like mine and as soon as we got inside, I was forced to ask Alex the owner of the building.

“Your landlord,” he said, and I quickly understood why the building was similar to mine.

“He must be a really wealthy man. I actually thought you lived in an unpresentable place and that was why you hesitated when I asked to visit your place. I didn't know your place was as beautiful as mine”

The location of his room was just like mine; the last room upstairs. In fact, it was as though we were in my compound. When he opened the door, everything in the house looked like mine and for a moment, I thought we were back in my room.

“Your room looks just like mine, this is crazy,” I said, smiling.

“You know, after I saw the setting and painting of your room, I loved it and told myself I must make my room look exactly like yours, especially after realizing that we both chose the same room number”

“Awwwn, that's great! So, you don't have a roommate?”

“No, I don't. I actually love quiet places, just like you and I always love to be alone” he paused and looked at me “Oh my, you are shivering. Take off your clothes, let me give you something to wear”

“Give me the cloth, I will change in the bathroom,” I said and watched him go through his wardrobe. 

He gave me a set of pyjamas that looked just like mine and since some pajamas are unisex, I didn't bother asking him why they looked similar. I got the clothes and entered the bathroom.

After bathing, I came back to meet an empty room. I sat on the bed, waiting for Alex, but it looked like he was not coming back anytime soon, so I decided to step out to look for him.

I met him on the balcony, weeping. I sat beside him and asked him what the problem was, but he said nothing.

Something was not right. Just a few minutes ago, Alex was all cheerful, but all of a sudden, he was crying as though he lost someone.

“Alex, what's wrong? Please, talk to me,” I was worried.

“I am sorry, Mercy, I'm sorry. You should not have come” 

This was the exact thing he said to me on our way here. I started to wonder why he was telling me he was sorry.

“Alex... you're beginning to get me scared. Why are you sorry?”

For a reply, he pulled me to himself and hugged me for a long while, then planted a kiss on my forehead before letting go of me.

“Alex, you are seriously scaring me. What's going on?”

He still said nothing. Rather, he looked at me, then looked behind me as though someone was right behind me with an axe, ready to smash my head into two.  Then slowly, I followed his eyes and...to be continued

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