Underneath | Horror | Part 5 | Stories by Ima Udott
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Info: His deepest and darkest secret might be the beginning of her misadventures journey. Will she be able to survive the battles accompanying the revelation? Find out in their interesting horror episode.


        Ima Udott

I came back to find an empty room. I wondered where Alex could go within a twinkle of an eye. I shouted his name but got no response. Suddenly, I heard some whispers on the balcony and quickly opened the door to behold a space.

I could swear with my life that I heard some whispers before opening the door, though I couldn't decipher whatever the whisperer was saying. It just did not make sense that one minute, the balcony was filled with some incomprehensible voices, and the next minute, it was as quiet as a graveyard.

I was about to go look for Alex when he approached from the staircase. When he walked up to me, it was as though he read my mind on the exact question I was going to throw at him, so he answered even before I asked.

“I’m sorry I didn't inform you before stepping out, I needed to ease myself downstairs. Hope I didn't waste much of your time?”

I looked at him for a while and wondered if he was telling me the truth. He was too quick to leave the room and I was tempted to think that he knew about the whispers, and probably was the whisperer.

“Why didn't you use my restroom?” my tone was a bit harsh.

“I felt kind of shy...and, I didn't want to waste your water when I could just use the bush. Believe me, I didn't see it as a big deal,” he said and held my hands.

How stupid I was to have suspected Alex. He looked too innocent and blunt to play pranks on me and these strange things had started to occur even before I met him. So, I erased the thought of suspecting Alex.

“It’s fine. But don't leave without telling me, next time”

I locked the door and we left for the market. 

This was my first time going to the market. Mom had always been the one going to the market. Each time I insisted on going with her, she gave me excuses that looked like she was scared that I would vanish in the crowd if I followed her.

I felt a bit independent, being in school, because, I had the opportunity to make lists of what I needed and as well go to the market to purchase as much as I wanted. I really enjoyed the feeling of liberation that came with my admission.

Alex showed me to the slaughterhouse, a big, dirty building, situated in the interior part of the market. I then understood why Mom had special slippers for the market and whenever she returns, the slippers looked really dirty. She would dump them outside and tell me to wash them before bringing them inside.

I looked at my fine sandals and wished I didn't wear them to the market. Alex should have told me that the market was a really dirty place and that the rainy season worsened the state of the market. I folded my trousers and followed Alex slowly and carefully as we made for the slaughterhouse.

Alex waited for me at the entrance to the slaughterhouse while I walked inside to buy the goat meat. The meat sellers lining up the hall all tried to arrest my attention with funny names to come to patronize them. 

I was confused about which table to buy from, but then, I spotted a man who had about five customers, waiting to buy from him and I concluded that he would be the best seller since he had the most customers.

I waited till it was my turn to buy. I had never had the opportunity to bargain prices before, this was going to be my first time and I knew I was going to do it very well because I was watching and paying attention to how the other customers negotiated with the seller.

I finally bought the meat and went to meet Alex. We walked to another part of the market and were conversing and laughing when a short, plump woman pushed me aside and hissed;

“Abeg comot for road make I pass. Dis one wey you dey talk to yourself dey waka like say na you get dis market, no be so madness dey take start?” she said and walked past us with her ‘K’ legs.

“Some people are just naturally troublesome. Was she blind to notice that I was talking to you and not myself?” I said to Alex who was laughing.

“Don’t mind her, that is market for you. Here, you will see everything. People will just come with their family problems and transfer the aggression to innocent people in the market. What else are you getting cos we have spent so much time already here?” Alex asked.

I looked at my list and told him the other things to get and we soon got them and went back to my apartment. 

I took off my sandals and asked Alex to take off his shoes as well so I could wash them with mine, and he did. While I was in the bathroom washing, Alex took the meat to the kitchen where he washed and steamed it.

I took the shoes to the balcony and rested them on the wall. On returning to the room, I met Alex on my bed, going through one of my favourite novels, ‘Purple Hibiscus’. I sat beside him and he dropped the book and looked at me without saying a word.

I felt that this was the best opportunity for me to get to know more about him. I did not have his phone number nor did I have his social media handle. I decided to introduce the truth or dare game so I could get to know all I needed to know about him.

“Great! I'm in. So, who's going first?” he asked

“I will. Truth or dare?" I asked him


“Where do you stay?” I asked, waiting eagerly for his response

“124, Yellow street,” he said. I didn't know the street, but I said okay.

“I choose truth,” I said

“Alright. Do you think I can harm you?”

I laughed and wondered why he would ask me such a question. He looked very harmless and I could vouch he had never hurt anyone, even though I didn't really know much about him.

“No! I may not know all about you, but I trust you” I said and he beamed a smile that made him look more attractive.

“Okay, I choose dare,” he said and I thought for a little while before spilling out the dare I had for him.

“Alex, I dare you to tell me your deepest and darkest secret without hiding anything” I blurted out.

His smile was suddenly overshadowed by an unfathomable expression and it got me startled, as though I asked him to do the most dreadful thing in the world. But, I wasn't about to change my mind, I wanted to hear it, after all, that was the purpose of the game.

“Are you sure you want to hear it?” he asked, still wearing the awkward expression.

“Yes, I want to hear it, all of it!” ... To be continued.

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