Underneath | Horror | Part 10 | Stories by Ima Udott
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Info: One of the most dangerous sceneries is the inability to remember previous and important information, especially when one’s life is at stake. Enjoy this interesting horror story.


        Ima Udott

Before he could reply, the door began to vibrate as though someone was trying to force it open. I was confused and scared. Maybe, the landlord had sensed our plans and decided to attack me even before I took a step. 

I looked around and realized that none of the ghosts, not even Alex was scared. They looked at me as though they had expected the vibration.  

“What is going on?” I asked in a shaky voice.

“You do not hear that sound?” one of them asked me

“I am not a ghost!” I snapped.

“Oh, yeah, I forgot,” he said and Alex giggled.

“Oh, I am now funny?” I asked in anger.

“Mercy, calm down. That is a reminder that the day is almost breaking and we need to go. Please, do not disappoint us and leave us restless forever; we are hoping on you. I will be with you, shortly. For now, we have to go” Alex said.

With that, they chanted Aluta songs and walked in a single line into the bathroom. As soon as the bathroom door closed, a fierce breeze blew me such that, I landed on the bed and that was the last thing I remembered because I blacked out. 

I woke up on my bed in the morning and looked around me. I was under my blanket, like every other night; I had on my pyjamas, and I felt peaceful as though nothing happened the previous night. Truth was that I had forgotten everything that happened the previous night.

I stood up, dressed my bed, and started doing the house chores. The last thing I remembered was that Alex visited me the previous day and we played the truth or dare game.

I wondered how we ended the game and how he left. I tried to remember the last conversation we had, but could not. I picked up my phone to call him, and then, I remembered that once more, I had forgotten to get his number.

“How did I even fall asleep? How did he leave? What was our last conversation? Did I really sleep off while conversing with him? Alex, should better come and explain to me why he left without telling me o” I soliloquized.

I waited for Alex to come, but he did not. so, I decided to make a video call with Mom. She was going to sure keep me company because she always reassured me that I was not alone.

“Baby, do you know that I have missed you so much?” Mom said when I called.

She was in the dining room, eating breakfast of home-made Akara with bread and pap. She deliberately made me see the food so that I salivated. 

Mom looked younger and more beautiful than I last saw her. I really missed her.

“I miss you so much, Mom. Is that a new nightie?” I asked.

She was fond of eating breakfast with her nightwear on. I knew all her nightwear; green, red, blue, and black. This was certainly new because it was pink and Mom never had pink nightwear before I left.

“I miss you too, baby. Yes, I could not take my eyes off it when I saw it. I just had to buy it. How are you doing, baby? Have you made new friends already? Do you still have those funny hallucinations? Please gist me, I want to hear everything” She said, packing the plates with one hand.

Mom liked to gossip with me a lot while I was home. She was obviously missing her gossip partner. I laughed before I responded.

“Which one should I even answer first? Okay, yes, I still hallucinate, but not as often as before. And yes, I have made a new friend. His name is Alex. He is…”

“Oh, it’s a boy,” Mom asked, making a funny face that told me I needed to explain further to convince her that whatever she had in mind wasn’t true.

“Mom, I know what it means when you give me that look. Alex is just a good friend who I met on my first day in school and that is all”

“Has he visited you before? What are his discipline and level?”

“He is a final year student of History and International Studies. And yes, he has visited me before…but nothing happened”

“I never asked if anything happened. I just want you to be careful. You are all I have; I want you to be careful with the kind of friends you make. As much as I do not believe in dreams, I had one, last night and it looked so real and scary”

I was surprised because Mom never believed in dreams. So, for her to be affected by this particular one, then it must really be important.

“Please, share the dream, I want to hear it,” I said.

“In the dream, you and a lot of other students were tied to a tree in the middle of a forest. I was able to get to you, but as soon as I was about to untie you, a man stabbed me and I woke up. I am really worried”

“Did you get to see the man’s face?” I asked.

Just when Mom was about to respond, I heard a knock on my door.

“I will call you back, Mom, let me get the door”

“Alright, baby. I am waiting for you”

I got to the door, excited. I opened the door, expecting to see Alex, but then, I saw a tall, handsome man, about fifty years old or thereabout. He smelled nice and looked nice as well.

“Good morning, sir. Please, may I help you?” I asked.

“Good morning, my dear. Oh, pardon my manners; my name is Mr. George. I know you only know the agent of this house and not the landlord” he said, smiling.

“Oh, you are the landlord?” I asked in surprise.

“Yes, I am”

“Oh, it's good to see you, sir. My name is Mercy” I said, smiling.

“Thank you. I just came around, to see the new occupants. But from the look of things, you are the only one for now”

“Yes, sir, I am the only one”

“It’s okay. I believe others will come, with time. My agent forgot to include the NEPA bill in your house rent, I don't know what is wrong with him. But not to worry, since you are a student and my first tenant, I will pay for you. What I need you to do is keep this money, so that whenever those NEPA people come around, you give it to them” he brought out about five thousand naira from his pocket and stretched it to me.

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