Underneath | Horror | 4 | Stories by Ima Udott
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Info: It is either her mind is playing games with her or it is real. What do you think? Find out in this horrific short and interesting story.


           Ima Udott

I bit my lower lip and closed my eyes to imagine the effect his touch would have on me. The sensations I got became stronger when I suddenly felt a hand, softly caressing my back. My body stiffened immediately. I was helpless and unable to move as I felt the hand strolling slowly down my panties.

There was no way anyone, not even Mom was going to convince me that this was not real. Though I hadn't been in any intimate relationship before, I had watched some erotic movies and the same effect those movies had on me was the exact way I was feeling at the moment, only that I wasn't the only one here, someone was doing things to me.

As much as I did not want the hands to stop because the sensation was too real, my heart was beating violently. I was scared because this was not a dream. I tried to sit up, but I could not.

I tried to shout, but I couldn't. It was as if my whole body was being controlled by an unseen force. I lay, helplessly, like a log of wood, and wondered what next was going to happen. Amidst my fear, I was feeling some real pleasure from whatever the invisible hand was doing in between my legs. I felt my panties being pulled down and a finger going inside of me. I was wet.

I felt a sudden weight on top of me as though someone just climbed on top of me. Two hands pinned my hands down and started to caress my breasts, then, I felt a tongue licking my nipple. It was real and I couldn't help but moan in pleasure.

I felt my legs parting, and the invisible being had its way and made love to me. I could feel him inside of me and I was enjoying every moment of the lovemaking. I had never felt this way before.

I did not want it to end, even when I didn't know what was happening to me and who was behind it. But when I reached my climax, it felt like the weight disappeared. I couldn't feel the hands or the extra weight on me anymore. It was gone.

I sat up immediately and realized I was sweating. I felt in between my legs and realized my panties were on and I wasn't even wet. I turned on my lamp and looked around, it did not look like there was anyone there with me. In fact, my bed was not scattered. The only sign that something had happened to me was the fact that I was sweating profusely.

I picked up my phone and was about to call Mom, but I had to drop it back, after wondering what I was going to tell her. She wouldn't believe me, she would say I was hallucinating. And, how was I going to tell her that I was thinking about some guy I just met in school before the creepy thing happened to me? I discarded the idea of telling Mom and decided I was rather going to tell Alex the next day.

The next day, I decided I would go to the market with Alex when he comes. I made a list of what I needed and just then, I heard a knock on the door and rushed to open it. 

Alex walked in, looking even more handsome than before. He had on a face cap with a blue t-shirt and black jean trousers. He looked smart and smelled really nice. I hugged him and we stayed tangled for almost a minute before he pulled away and smiled at me.

“Looks like someone was missing me,” he said, holding my hands.

“Missing is an understatement. I was wishing you did not go...”

“But, I didn't go”

I was taken aback by his words.

“What do you mean?” I asked, looking at him.

“Haba, why the serious face? I was just pulling your legs,” he laughed.

“Actually, something creepy happened to me when you left, yesterday. I first saw some scary footprints leading to my room, and then, my fan started to rotate without the aid of a power supply. As if that wasn't enough, I came back to the room to perceive some really bad smell, and at night, some invisible being made love to me...”

“Calm down. I’m trying to take in all that you've told me because it's sounding like you're narrating a horror movie to me. Are you really sure of what you've told me?”

“Yes! It was very real...”

“Do you have any evidence...did you take any picture of the footprint?”

“Oh my! I never thought of that! But I swear, it was all real, believe me...”

Alex looked at me for a while, I didn't know whether he believed me or not, but he hugged and pecked me, and I felt something melt inside of me. I didn't want him to leave anymore.

“I wish I didn't leave. The lovemaking...was it real? Like, did you...?

“Yes! I was actually thinking about you when it happened. An invisible being made love to me”

“I have never heard of a thing like that before, but I believe you. I will find out from my grandma what could be the cause of it. But I'm not too comfortable with this house, I wish you didn't move in here...”

“But I needed a quiet place. I love it here”

“It’s cool. So, what's up for today?” he asked, cheerfully.

“Okay, I don't know anywhere around here, so, I was thinking, why don't we go to the market together? I feel like eating goat meat pepper soup and rice, prepared by you. I already made a list,” I said.

“So, you had planned to make me cook for you, interesting. Okay, task accepted. When are we going to the market?”

“Right away. Let me get the bag,” I said and went inside the kitchen.

I came back to find an empty room. I wondered where Alex could go within a twinkle of an eye. I shouted his name but got no response. Suddenly, I heard some whispers on the balcony and quickly opened the door to behold..to be continued.

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