A Different Taste | Short Story |  Stories by Ima Udott

 Intro: If you're running a business, or inted to start one, please kindly read this short story. It might be a story but I bet you, it'll be helpful.


Since I got my new job, I've been really busy trying to meet up with time.

Everyday, I wake up very early to prepare for work and sometimes, I could not eat before leaving.

At work, there's a restaurant close by where I go to eat whenever I'm hungry. I enjoy their meal and that was what gave me the confidence that I had a good and clean place to eat if I didn't eat at home.

Recently, I noticed new faces at the restaurant and got to realize that the lady that owns the place has hired three girls to help her sell.

After employing the three girls, I barely saw the lady around. Maybe she had something else she needed to attend to and that was why she hired those girls to help her.

The first day I went to the restaurant to eat after those girls started running the business, I noticed a great difference such that I was forced to ask one of them when their madam would be coming back.

I noticed that the quality and quantity of the food had greatly reduced. When the woman was in charge, one could eat a plate of food, enjoy it and get satisfied.

But when these girls took over, the taste of the food changed and it wasn't funny. The food was watery, tasted badly and sometimes salty.

The bones in the food, if gathered, were enough to store in a museum. They were also fond of leaving the table dirty. They only packed the plates from the table when a customer wants to eat.

Compared to when the lady was around. She made sure a customer didn't meet a plate or dirty table. She cleaned the table as soon as a customer was done eating.

Aside from the bad food and dirty environment, these girls had really bad characters. While serving food, they'd tighten their faces in a way that, a customer couldn't even ask them questions. It was like a military rule.

They were the direct opposite of the lady. This lady's smile could make a customer to buy more than they intended to buy. Whenever customers arrived, she would rush to them cheerfully, welcome them and ask of what they'd like to eat.

If the food demanded by the customer wasn't ready, she'd plead with them to wait a little while and even teasingly tell them she was taking time to prepare it so that they'd enjoy it. 

And it always worked. They'd wait. I had waited several times, not because I enjoyed waiting, but because of her warmness and friendliness. Every now and then, she'd rush out and announce that the food was almost ready, until it was finally ready.

But the arrival of those girls changed everything. I soon stopped going to that restaurant to eat. I thought I was the only one who noticed the changes, I didn't know my colleagues also did.

Very soon, the restaurant looked like a graveyard. Nobody visited it to eat. A restaurant that once had a lot of customers that sometimes had to wait for others to finish eating because of lack of space was the same restaurant that was now looking empty and deserted.

When the lady returned, she noticed that she had lost all her customers and decided to find out what happened. After she was told, she fired the three girls, but she didn't get back her customers so quickly.

Though she managed to get back  a few of those who were close by, but she couldn't get back those who came from faraway places to buy her food. Maybe they had probably found another alternative.

I sat down and had a deep thought of the lady's predicament. I wondered how she was going to win back her customers and change the negative news about her restaurant that had escalated.

Personally, I was forced to start cooking food and taking it to work so that I'd eat during lunch break. I stopped going to the restaurant and I couldn't think of any other one because of my previous experience.

It was her story that made me realize that one of the ways a business can fold up drastically is poor/bad/wrong management.

A business you use years to set up can crash in one day because of wrong management. And it might take you a lot to be able to reset it or if care is not taken, you might not be able to set it again.

If you're running a business, please don't just emply people because you're desperate. Make sure they're qualified in character and otherwise.

Make person no come spoil business wey you don suffer to set up. E better make you run am alone if you no dey sure of who to employ than to employ person wey go run down your business.