Walk Away | Didactic Story | Stories by Ima Udott

Walk Away | Didactic Story | Stories by Ima Udott
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Intro: The deadliest weapon we do not know we possesse lies right inside our mouth. The way we use it determines our success or failure. 


I had a verbal dispute with one of my friends some days back and it metamorphosed into something really serious. Submerged in the heat of enragement, I said a lot of provoking things to him.

He walked away and I jubilated because I thought I had won the fight. I didn't know it was my utterances that drove him away.

I stayed for weeks and he never called nor visited again and I wasn't surprised because I thought he was still pained that I won the argument. He'd visit whenever he’s done fuming, I thought.

Two weeks elapsed, he never showed up nor called. I started to get worried because it was so unlike him. This wasn't the first time we quarreled, though it was the first time it got a little bit out of control. But he always called and still visited after those misunderstandings, why was this one different? I asked myself.

I finally killed my pride and called him to know what was wrong, but he refused to pick my calls. I dropped him series of messages but he never replied. I became very worried.

I decided to pay him a visit. On reaching his house, I heaved a deep relieving sigh because he was around, alive and fine. At least it wasn't what I had thought.

I hailed him with the usual slangs we normally used, but he didn't respond. He just gave me a cold glance and went back to fidgeting his laptop.

“Why are you behaving like this now? Is it because of that little quarrel?” I asked persistently.

“Little quarrel? Ima, that wasn't a little quarrel,” he finally replied.

“But this isn't the first time we've had a fight. Why's this one different?”

“You wanna know?”

“Yes,” said I

“Can you recall what you said to me in the course of our quarrel?”

“I said so many things to you, I can barely recall,”

“You can't recall because you said so many things. You can't recall when you repeatedly told me I was the worst thing that ever happened to you?”

“Did I say such a thing?”

“Can you recall when you told me I never gave you anything but headache?”

“No, I didn't...”

“Can you also recall when you called me names. You said I was an idiot and that God was going to punish me if I talked to you again. You even went as far as reminding me of my ugly past. Can you not recall?”

“I know I said a lot of things to you, but sincerely, I can't recall. I'm even shocked that all of what you've just told me came out of my mouth. I'm very sorry, I got overwhelmed by anger,”

“Did I insult you?” he asked

“No. I noticed that I was the only one raining abuses on you. You never reciprocated. You walked away and I thought I won,” 

“Of course, you won because my tongue was too heavy to tell you back hurtful things as you did to me. I could have easily told you all that I had in mind.

I could've as well brought back your past and haunt you. I could've cursed you as you did to me, but I chose to let you win by walking away.

I'm sure you wouldn't have been able to stand it if I had responded to you. You would never be here, looking for me if I was the one who told you those hurtful things you said to me.

I have forgiven you, but I'm afraid, the bond that tied our friendship is loose. It isn't as strong as it were anymore. I will have to filter what I share with you, so that you won't have what to use against me anymore.

Truth is, I no longer see you as my close friend. You've shaken me with the words of your mouth, so I'd have to keep you at arm's length,” he concluded.

 I went back home feeling very sad, regretful and unhappy. I wished I was able to guard my tongue while I was angry. But I allowed it control me and I ended up losing my best friend.

I feel it is worthy to share this story with you so that you can as well learn from my experience.

I beseech that you be very careful and watchful of what you say in your angry state, this year. If it gets out of control, please walk away. Learn to walk away.

You might not feel the intensity of your words, but the person you're referring to feels every bit of it and believe me, the trust and relationship you both once built might crash a big deal all because of your inability to control your tongue.

Yes, you may forget those poisonous words  your anger made you say earlier , but the one at the receiving end will never forget it. Not everyone has the grace to walk away like my best friend did, some may retaliate big time and it may cost your life. God forbid!

Your tongue can lead you to your destiny helpers. It can also give you the kind of wealth you never dreamed of. Your tongue can be a source of everlasting blessing to you.

Your tongue can as well push you far away from your destiny helpers. It can set relationships ablaze and it can as well destroy lives. Be careful.

This year, please intentionally watch your tongue as though your life depends on it. Your tongue is your life.

This is me wishing you a very blissful, fruitful and favourable New Year!




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