The Height Of Self Love | Short Story | Stories by Ima Udott
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Intro: How do you expect others to appreciate you when you can't appreciate yourself? This lesson filled short story explains what self love and appreciation is all about.

The Height Of Self Love | Short Story | Stories by Ima Udott

 In the Keke I boarded home this evening, I noticed that the driver kept glancing at one of his passengers, a lady who sat beside me at the back of his Keke. I wondered why he kept doing that.

Thoughts started running through my mind and I began to pray silently, in case he had another plan. A second thought came to my mind as well. Maybe he liked her.

My curiosity to know why the Keke driver glanced at her every now and then pushed me to stylishly look at her with my peripheral vision. 

There was indeed something outstanding about her which made me glace again. This time, I had to turn as though I was looking at the passers-by so I could have a perfect view of her. She was hairy.

Her dress exposed her chest area a little bit and I marveled at the hair that covered the area exposed. Coming back to her face...she had beard all over her chin. 

“You don't need to steal glances, I know you both are looking at me and I know why,” the lady finally said.

I was a bit embarrassed that she caught me in the act and the Keke driver smiled sheepishly because he couldn't deny that he was glancing at her.

“You no dey shave am?” the curious driver finally asked.

“The beard used to be very scanty. When I shaved it, I noticed that it spread and rapidly grew more than before. It continued this way till I couldn't help but leave it. I got tired,” she explained.

I was dying to ask her if she liked the way she was, but I didn't know how she'd take the question, so I kept quiet. But then, it looked like the driver read my mind. He shot my question.

“No vex say I dey ask you question too much o, but you like yourself like that? As in, the bear bear and the hair, e no dey make you hate your body sometimes?”

She smiled before she replied.

“If I don't appreciate myself, who will do it for me? Actually, I have been body shamed by a lot of people. They laughed at me and called me an unfortunate man in a woman's body.

Right now, I don't have friends because of my body features. Not that I didn't want to, but the few I had were more like sympathizers and I hate to be pitied. So I had to end the friendship.

Truth is, I stand in front of my mirror and appreciate myself every day. I never did this before. In fact, I used to cry and ask God why he gave me the features of a man.

But I later realized that I could never change it and so, I started to appreciate it. Now, I wear any kind of cloth that pleases me to wear. I don't care about the hairs anymore. I got tired of hiding it, just like the beard.

I realized I'm the most unique creature God has ever created. So, my body features do not make me hate my body, they make me love and appreciate me more than I ever did. I love the beard like that sef. Sometimes, I sit and twist it” she said and laughed.

The Keke driver was speechless and so was I. It looked like he still had some more questions to ask and the way she smiled while replying to him made him very free to ask more.

“E get some men shaa wey no like women with bear bear. Dem feel say those kind women dey do things strong strong, come wicked join. Na person tell me shaa,” the man said.

“That is why God created different varieties of women and men. If one man no like woman wey get bear bear, another one go like am. Him fit wan even kill himself for that same woman wey the other man no like. Na so life just dey. Actually, my wedding is next month,” she concluded and I quickly looked at her finger and beheld a shiny silver ring. She was indeed engaged.

I pondered on her words and learnt a great lesson from her. When I first looked at her, all I saw was her beard and hair, but after what she said, I saw a very beautiful lady beside me. The most beautiful creature of God.

I alighted the Keke loving myself more than I ever did. I'm proud of every part of my body. If any part of my body looks too big in your eyes, learn to deal with it. If to you, it's too small, hello, it's my body, not yours so get used to it.

When last did you even look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate the full package that your Maker molded? If you don't appreciate yourself, how do you expect others to see the sparkling beauty in you?

Overcome whatsoever is making you to look down on yourself, today. Conquer inferiority complex and appreciate that body that God gave you. No one else can do it better than you.

Happy First Sunday of the year!