Daniel | A Short Piece | Stories by Ima Udott

Daniel | A Short Piece | Stories by Ima Udott
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Intro: This short piece is dedicated to all the men out there. Let out your emotions; allow those tears flow. You're a human.



 When Daniel failed his first exam, he didn't cry;

When Daniel's mother left him, he didn't cry;

When Daniel's sister died, he didn't cry;

When Daniel committed suicide,

He wondered who would cry.


Because Daniel was made to believe that as a man, crying is a taboo.

Because Daniel was brought up in a society where a man is unmasculine, unmanly and “feminine” if he sheds tears.

Because men don't cry; Daniel has no right to shed tears.

Because Daniel has to be strong for his family; He is a man.

Because Daniel has to protect his people;  It's a man's job to protect his family.

So, Dear Society,

Who will protect Daniel?

Since Daniel doesn't have the right to cry, how should Daniel take out his frustrations, sorrows and pains? Through drinking? Punching the glasses?  Hitting his head on the window? Tell me, I'm listening.

Is Daniel not a human being? Or did he commit any crime being a man?

Do you not know that there are situations where crying those eyes out is the only medicine that gives Daniel total relief?

Daniel! Break free from those shackles of societal constraints.

Daniel! Let out those tears and be free!

Daniel! Express yourself outrightly!

Man! You are a HUman being. You deserve all the protection you can ever think of. All of it!

Ima Udott


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