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Intro: Helen gets to experience a shock she'd never forget in her life. It's her turn to enjoy what Ray had been enjoying - the police cell. Enjoy this interesting short story.


Sandra stood up and rushed outside to look for Ben while Ray said a silent prayer for the safety of his brother. He wouldn't mind leaping outside to look for Ben, if not for the deep bruises on his right leg. It was frustrating.

Sandra met Ben at the reception hall. He was seated amid three beautiful children, a boy and two girls of about eight, six, and four years old, respectively. He was so engrossed, playing with them that he didn't notice Sandra's presence.

“Ben, there you are!” Sandra said, startling him.

“Are you done with my brother?” he asked as he stood up.

“Yes, but he needs to see you. Your number wasn't going through and he's dead worried about you”

“Oh. These children insisted on playing with my phone, so I had to put it on Airplane mode so they won't dial numbers by mistake,” he turned to one of the children who were with the phone, “KayKay, uncle wants to use the phone,” he got the phone from the little boy and KayKay looked sad.

“Where is their mother? We can't just leave them like that” Sandra said.

“I’m here. Thank you so much Ben for watching over them for me. These nurses are so careless. Can you believe that they still haven't found my file?” a woman in her late thirties said, approaching. Her protruding stomach announced she was pregnant.

“Na wa o. How could they be so careless about something so important?” Ben asked nobody in particular.

Just then, a nurse rushed in and approached the woman.

“Ma'am, we've found the file. It was mistakenly placed in a wrong shelf. We are so sorry for the inconveniences...” 

Ben excused himself and left with Sandra while the woman continued to banter words with the nurse. Ben and Sandra could still hear her angry voice even when they were approaching Ray's ward.

Ray heaved deeply when he saw Ben. His mind was now calm.

“Bro where in the world were you and why was your number not reachable?” Ray asked as soon as Ben stepped inside the ward.

“I was at the reception hall. Just when I wanted to stroll outside the premises to catch some fresh air as you advised, I saw a pregnant woman who was trying to calm her crying children down.

She wanted them to sit and wait for her so that she'd go look for her missing file, but they insisted on going with her.

I had to step in. I told her to go that I'd watch over them till she returned. I don't know why she trusted me so easily. When she left, I had to entertain her three children.

The boy wanted to play with my phone, that was when I activated airplane mode before giving it to him. I'm so sorry, I didn't know you'd call since you were talking to Sandra. Is everything okay?” Ben asked.

“We aren't safe. We need to call the police...”

“The same police who concluded that you beat up Helen without trying to find out the truth?”

“Evidence, that's the only thing that will speak for a man in a world where domestic violence is concluded to be a crime committed by the man and never the woman,” Ray said.

“Wait a minute, how did you get in here if truly the bad guys are hanging around to kill us?” Ray asked Sandra.

For a reply, she brought out a black veil from her bag and showed it to him,

“I covered my face with this and snuck in. And then, those guys have your pictures, not mine,” she replied.


“Ray, if you trust me, I could get the police,” she said.

Ben was about to scream that they didn't trust her one bit, but Ray gave him a look that made him shut up.

“Alright, go ahead and get the police,” Ray said, much to his brother's surprise.

“Okay, I will be right back,” Sandra said and left.

“Bro, why do you trust her, after everything she did with your wife?” Ben asked.

“Remove that camera, bring it and watch it,” Ray said and Ben did as he said.

After watching the video of Sandra's confession, Ben became speechless.

Sandra arrived some minutes later with a police detective and he recognized Ray because he was a constant visitor to the police station, all thanks to his wife, Helen.

“Mr. Ray, I'm sorry you ended up here but there was nothing we could do. Your wife was only defending herself and...”

“Detective, I have something for you,” Ray said.

Ben brought the videos and the detective and Sandra watched them all. They were both speechless. Sandra was a bit thankful that what she earlier confessed wasn't different from what they just finished watching.

The detective was almost moved to tears when he watched where Ray knelt to beg his wife for sex because they hadn't made love for a very long time, but she refused.

“I must say, Mr. Ray, you're a very good man,” the detective said, after watching the video.

“Thank you,” Ray replied.

“From what Miss. Sandra just confessed, you aren't safe here. We have to get those hoodlums arrested before we attend to other issue,” the detective said, dialing a number.

He assured Ray he would get the situation under control. He told them not to step outside until he returns. With that, he left.

It was almost nightfall when the detective returned with relieving news. All the hoodlums had been arrested and they confessed that they were truly sent by Helen to kill Ray and his brother. They even had their pictures.

“How about Helen?” Ben asked.

“I need to do something first, before the law decides her fate. Please don't arrest her yet,” Ray pleaded.

“As you wish. But you should be very careful, Mr. Ray. She is very dangerous. We'd be hanging around, in case she tries anything funny,” the detective said before he left.

Sandra announced she was also leaving. She had spent the whole day with Ray and she needed to rest.

“Ray, please be very careful. Ben, take care of your brother,” she said, standing up to leave.

“Sandra,” Ray called her back as she was about to step out of the ward.

“Yes,” she turned

“Thank you,” Ray said.

“She looked at him for a while and nodded before she finally left.

Ray was discharged three days later. Though he was a bit scared of going back home, he had to, with the help of his brother.

They met Helen and her mother, watching a movie in the sitting room. When he entered the house, they were a bit surprised to see him because they hadn't expected him to be discharged that soon.

Ben helped him carry his things to his room before he left. Though he wasn't feeling comfortable with Ray staying in the same house as Helen, since he had a good reason, he had to let him do it.

When Ben left, Ray heaved a deep sigh, greeted his mother-in-law and his wife as though nothing had happened, and walked to his room.

Later that evening, he came out of the room, screaming joyously. His mother-in-law who was about to break the news that Helen had filed for a divorce had to pause and ask him why he was screaming.

Helen was also itching to know why he was screaming. She was wondering why the men she had paid hadn't executed her plan already. Ray shouldn't be alive till now, she thought, angrily looking at him. 

She had called them earlier, but none of their numbers was going through. She prayed they hadn't betrayed her. She believed they'd do it the next day, she consoled herself.

“Are we supposed to beg you to tell us why you're screaming?” Helen's mother asked Ray.

“Oh! Actually, I've been given back my job. This time around, with a promotion. I'm asked to resume tomorrow,” he said happily.

“Shit!” Helen said, unconsciously.

“What?” Ray asked.

“I mean congratulations! I'm so happy for you. Please excuse me,” Helen said and quickly rushed to the room.

She kept trying the hoodlums' numbers, but they weren't going through. She started to pray they shouldn't kill him anymore since he had gotten back his job.

Just then, her mother opened the door and entered, asking her if everything was okay.

“Mom, I don't want to divorce my husband anymore...”

“Oh, so because he's gotten back his job, you don't want a divorce again. What if he kills you the next time he beats you up? Have you considered your health or you prefer money over good health?” asked the woman

“Mummy, when there's money, health isn't a problem. I love my husband and he loves me too. Don't worry about the divorce anymore. I'll endure, it's my marriage,” Helen said, much to the surprise of her mother.

“Next time, don't involve me with your family issues again o. See how you're suddenly making it look like I'm the bad person here. I've learnt my lesson, I will never interfere in your marital affairs anymore,” her mother said and left.

That evening, Helen offered to cook for Ray, something she hadn't done for a very long time, but he told her he wasn't hungry.

In the night, she took her clothes off and laid naked beside him, caressing him, but he refused to touch her. He pretended to be asleep.

The next morning, Ray told Helen he was going to celebrate his promotion. He told her to invite her family members and friends to join in the celebration since it was going to be a big one.

This was exactly what Helen had always wanted from her husband, not selling cement in the market and returning home stinking from sweat.

Her mother was already around, so she invited her father and other family members she was close to. She didn't fail to invite her circle of friends - the ICL. They needed to come to witness how wealthy her husband was.

On the day of the party, when everyone had arrived and was having fun, Ray stepped out and announced that there was a video he'd love them to watch.

Everyone relaxed in their seats, including Helen who thought it was a business-related video. She kept smiling and feeling proud of the man she was married to.

The hall was thrown into disarray when the videos of all the things that Helen had been doing to her husband began to play, including Sandra's confession at the hospital.

Helen's mother fainted, while her father had a heart attack. It was indeed a terrible evening for Helen as all her invited family members and circle of friends watched the video.

She couldn't take it anymore. She picked a glass and was about to throw it on Sandra for betraying her, but she was stopped by the policemen who were on standby.

She was handcuffed and dragged out of the hall, while Ray smiled at her. She then understood why she wasn't able to reach the hoodlums - they had all been arrested.

Ray waved as Helen was thrown into the police van and driven away. Everyone left the hall with what to talk about at home. Helen was going to face the law and of course sentenced for attempting to murder her husband.

The news of Ray's experience with Helen went viral. A lot of people tweeted about it with the hashtag - Men Also Need to be Protected or Men Go Through Domestic Violence Too.

Ray was invited for interviews both by TV and radio presenters. Presently, he was being interviewed on Star FM, by one of the well-known presenters - John Bull.

“So, Mr. Ray, what do you have to say about the trending news on social media? Is it really true that men also go through domestic violence and harassment by the women?” John Bull asked.

“Of course, it's happening everyday. Just as women suffer harassment and domestic violence, men also suffer them,” Ray replied.

“But it looks like the men don't say it. They tend to keep quiet and suffer in silence, why is that?” asked the curious presenter.

Ray smiled briefly before he replied:

“I think it's because we men don't want to be seen as weakeners. You know, we live in a society where almost all the negative attributes are being ascribed to men.

Men also suffer sexual harassment but they can't open up because society won't believe them. Rather, they'd laugh at them and see them as being weak. Forgetting that they're also human beings and need to be protected, too.

Men suffer in silence because it is believed that it's only the women who go through domestic violence. Imagine if I hadn't installed the CCTV in my house, who would've believed my story?

If you get to hear the stories of some men out there, you'd wonder how they survive. But because you find it difficult to believe that men go through such in the hands of women, they'd rather not tell you. If you had asked me this when I had no evidence, I would've simply told you some things should rather be left UNSAID”


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