UNSAID | A Short Story | Chapter 4 | Stories by Ima Udott

Intro: Truth can sometimes be so hard to believe, especially when it comes from the least expected source. It could be shocking too. Check it out in this short story.

 UNSAID - Chapter 4

Ben turned off the video and returned the cameras inside his bag, zipped it, and pushed it to a corner of the bed where it could not be seen, while Ray laid back on the bed.

“Who is it?” Ray asked the nurse.

“A certain Miss Sandra,” replied the nurse.

“That disgusting daughter of Jezeb...”

“Get a grip, bro,” Ray interrupted Ben, “Send her in,” he said to the nurse.

“Alright,” the nurse said and left.

“Quickly, get one of the cameras, turn it on and place it up there,” Ray said, pointing at a corner of the room.

Ben obeyed. He brought out the camera, turned it on, and hastily placed it where his brother had pointed.

“Are you sure she won't see it?” Ben asked.

“No, she won't,” Ray replied, confidently.

Sandra arrived with the nurse, though the nurse left after showing her to the ward.

“Mr. Ray! I'm so sorry this happened to you,” Sandra said, a way of greeting Ray.

“It’s fine. Thanks for coming to see me,” Ray said, feigning a smile.

Ben had to stand up on the chat for her to sit since that was the only chair available.

“Can you tell your brother to excuse us for a few minutes, there's something I'd like to tell you. It's confidential,” Sandra said, pleadingly.

“It’s alright. Ben, kindly excuse us. You should take a stroll and catch some fresh air, you've been in here for so long,” Ray said and winked at his brother - his only family.

“Are you sure you'll be fine, bro?” Ben didn't trust Sandra one bit.

“One hundred percent,” Ray assured him.

Ben carried his phone and left the ward. His brother was right, he hadn't stepped outside the ward for such a long time. So he strolled out to the reception, not sure of where he was going exactly.

“Ray,” Sandra began, “I know I don't have the right to interfere in your family issue, but I am your wife's best friend, I was her chief bride's maid and if I don't do this, my conscience will not let me have peace of mind,”

“What could that be?” Ray asked, showing full interest.

“I know the truth,” Sandra said.

“What truth?”

“I know that Helen has been the one stirring up trouble with you...”

“How did you know?”

“Because of what she tells me. Look, I'm sorry I'm opening up now. I should've done this earlier, but I was scared of intruding. She came to me one day and told me you had lost your job.

She said you were planning to start selling cement in the market and she was against it because she was ashamed. There's this circle of friends we have, all ladies. We're about ten in the group.

I don't know if you remember on your wedding day, some group of ladies in white who spread you foreign currency while you and Helen were dancing at the reception hall...”

“Oh yes, I remember. Something capacitated ladies...”

“Exactly! Independent and Capacitated Ladies - ICL. That's the group. Did you bother to ask your wife how she met them?” Sandra asked.

“Yes. She said they're her friends from her Alma mater”

“Partially true. It's a group of ladies who believe they can do without men. We are feminists. We dislike men, that's why we don't get married. We gain lots of money and other things, being in the circle.

Your wife was the first to get married in the group. Though some of the group members were strongly against it, we had to accept it because she was very stubborn.

Our leaders, Vicky and Tiwa accepted because you were very rich. They believed you'd take good care of her and as well give her money to contribute to the group. 

But then, they warned her that she'd be kicked out of the circle if her wealth finishes or her standard diminishes. That's why, when you lose your job, she started to hate you with everything in her.

She begged me not to tell the group members that you had lost your job, since I was the only one aware. She actually planned to kill you the day she stabbed you, but you survived.

The reason why I'm here is that she was at my place earlier today. She told me she heard you survived. Her innocent mother hates you because she doesn't know the truth. 

While her mother is looking for a lawyer to file for a divorce, Helen is planning to send hoodlums to kill you, any day you're discharged from here. They could be hanging around these premises. Even your brother should be careful because she wants to clear you both, I don't know why,”

“Why are you telling me all of these? Why do you want to save my life when you're supposed to be on her side?” Ray asked.

“Ray, I am a very terrible person. I have done things. I'm sorry to say this, I have been a lesbian all my life and your wife has been my partner. In fact, I was very angry and jealous when she announced that she was getting married.

Even while she's married to you, I still visit her and we still do things... because we had been doing it together since our university days. I really want to stop, heaven knows I want to, but I can't. I'm addicted to it,” she said, looking down.

Tears rolled down her face and she quickly cleaned it and continued.

“I want to save you because I don't want to extend my sin. I want to do something right, even if it's once. I know that you're a very good man. Your kind is rare.

I do feel like crying each time your wife tells me how you control yourself and refuse to touch her, even when she injures you and gets you arrested. She said you always look helpless.

I feel really terrible. You don't deserve any of what she did to you. You're a good man. I could be a feminist and all, but when I see a good man, I know it,”

Ray was speechless. He wondered how he got himself into this mess. He suddenly thought of his innocent brother and prayed he shouldn't wander outside since he was in as much danger as he was. He dialed Ben's number, but it was switched off.

“He had a full battery, just a few minutes ago. He charged his phone in that socket over there. It was fully charged, I saw it. Please go search for him for me, he's all I've got...

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