UNSAID | A Short Story | Chapter 3 | Stories by Ima Udott
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Intro: A complete twist of the story plot occurs as a camera installed in the house tells a different story entirely in this short story.

UNSAID   - Chapter 3


The next evening, Ray got back from the market, very tired and hungry. He was done selling for the day. He needed to eat and rest because he hadn't eaten that morning before he left.

Helen was in the sitting room, trimming her fingernails when her husband entered the house. She looked up at him, hissed, and went back to manicuring.

Ray walked up to her and tried pecking her, but she slapped his face away so that his hand mistakenly hit the stool which she placed her nail polish. In the process, the nail polish fell and poured on the floor.

Helen became furious. She first landed a slap on his right cheek before she stood up and held his shirt, telling him to provide her nail polish with immediate effect.

Ray didn't like situations like this. First, he was too hungry, he needed to eat badly. So he was willing to do whatever he could to make his wife let go of him.

“Babe, I'm sorry. It was a mistake and you know it. I promise I will get you a new polish...”

“I want it now!” Helen interrupted.

“Okay fine, let me just eat. We'll go get it together as soon as I'm done...”

“Eat what? Did you cook anything? You think I was joking when I told you earlier I won't be cooking anymore? Abi you want me to spoil my nails abi? Your plan will not work”

“What! That means you deliberately refused to prepare me breakfast this morning and I ended up going to work in an empty stomach. You know how much I hate eating outside, why are you doing this, Helen?” 

“Oh please, stop trying to change the topic. Provide my nail polish this minute, you good for nothing man. Your mates are company owners, mansion owners, car owners but what do you do? Running from one local market to another, selling cement and then coming back, smelling like a rotten fish and asking for food from your servant...”

Ray raised his hand, but quickly put it down.

“No ooo, go ahead and hit me. Ray, I dare you to hit me. You will kill me today...” she screamed, pushing him back and forth.

Before Ray could say a thing, she ran straight to the kitchen and started throwing breakable plates on the floor. She brought some and threw on Ray who dodged them, trying to calm her down, all to no avail.

The neighbors were heard downstairs, screaming at Ray to stop beating his wife. Frustrated, Ray left her and went to the bedroom. But of course, she followed.

Ray paused the video when it looked like his brother was going crazy. He looked at Ben and smiled.

“Calm down, we're yet to watch the video from the room,” he told Ben.

Ben brought out the second camera which was installed in the room and turned it on.


The camera showed Helen in the room, selecting her clothes to wash while abandoning Ray's dirty clothes in the big basket.

“Whenever he returns from that his so-called work, he will come and wash his clothes. I'm not his servant,” she said as she carried her clothes to the bathroom.


“This was when I left her in the sitting room and she followed me to the room. Now this is what happened in the room,” Ray explained to Ben.

In the video, Ray walked into the room, followed by Helen who was busy screaming at the top of her voice, so that the neighbors thought that Ray was beating her.

Ray entered the bathroom and locked it so that she couldn't follow him inside. Helen paced up and down the room, thinking of what to do.

When she waited for minutes and it looked like her husband wasn't going to come out of the bathroom anytime soon, she left the room.

Ray, certain that his wife was out of the room, came out of the bathroom. He had taken his shower at once.

He laid down on the bed and started to think so deeply that he unconsciously fell asleep.

Helen came back to the room and saw Ray asleep. She thought of hitting him to wake up and get her nail polish, but a second thought came to her mind.

She gave herself some scratches on her face and brought the first aid kit. She then brought out a bandage and patched some parts of her face.

She returned the kit, dressed up, and looked at herself in the mirror before she carried her bag and left for the police station. She returned some minutes later with some policemen and got her husband arrested.

Ray paused the video when the nurse came in and announced that someone had come to visit him. He looked at Ben, then at the nurse.

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