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Intro: It is true that when two elephants fight, the ground suffers. But it looks like it is one of the elephants who suffer in this short story.

UNSAID  - Chapter 2

UNSAID - Chapter 2

Confused about what to do, Helen's mother quickly stepped outside to reorganize herself. She finally got a grip and dialed the hospital before she went back inside.

Helen, stained with blood, watched as the ambulance drove her husband's lifeless body out. She looked at the blood-stained knife she had dropped on the floor and then at her mother who stood, speechless.

“Clean up this mess and wash up quickly. The police will be here soon to interrogate you,” her mother said.

The police arrived some hours later and took her and her mother to the police station for drilling.

“Ray wanted to stab me. I would've been the dead one, but I defended myself,” Helen said when she was asked why she stabbed her husband.

“Yes! Self defense, that was what my daughter applied. I'm happy a lot of complain and report have been made here, regarding Ray's consistent misconduct and domestic violence. So, you can't blame my daughter for anything,” Helen's mother said.

Since there were several reports against Ray already, Helen was allowed to go home. The case was dead instantly.

“I’m filing for a divorce if he survives,” Helen said to her mother when they got home.

“Exactly what you should do! I don't want to lose you, my only daughter. So, if that monster survives, I will personally get a lawyer to work on your divorce” affirmed her mother.


Ben couldn't sleep all through his stay in the hospital. His only brother, Ray was groaning in pain, how was he supposed to sleep?

Ray's wounds were stitched and patched. He was lucky to have been rushed early enough, else he wouldn't have stood a chance of living. He was stabbed in his shoulder and hands.

“Ben,” he whispered to his brother when he finally woke up. His eyes were swollen.

“Finally, you're awake, bro!” Ben said, relieved.

“Go to my house. Tell my wife you want to get my clothes and toiletries for me. Make sure she doesn't follow you. I will tell you what to do,”

Ray described the corners of the room where he had installed cameras so that Ben could remove them and return to the hospital.

It was easier for Ben when he got to his brother's house that afternoon because Helen wasn't around. It was her mother who attended to him.

She knew he was Ray's brother, so she didn't pay much attention to him. Rather, she was irritated when Ben told her that Ray was alive.

“He should've died,” she said under her breath as she was about to walk back to her room after opening the door for him.

“Did you say something, ma'am?” Ben asked her.

“I said you should be fast, you're disrupting my siesta,” She replied.

“Okay ma'am, I'll be as fast as I can,” Before he finished his last word, she was already out of sight, allowing him to execute his plan.

Ben went around and carried the cameras as ordered by his brother with some clothes and went back to the hospital. Ray was happy he was successful.

“I can't believe you've been here for almost two weeks now and neither your wife nor her mother cared to pay you a visit,” Ben said when he returned.

“Turn on the camera, let's watch,” Ray said, ignoring his statement. He had managed to sit up with the help of his brother.

Ben turned on the camera and they both watched closely as the activities in Ray's house unfolded on the camera.


Helen arrived home, one afternoon with her best friend, Sandra. They both sat on the couch in the sitting room and Sandra started a conversation, while Helen went to the fridge to get her a drink.

“What of your husband?” Sandra asked.

“That one? I had already told you that marrying that man was a mistake. I just wish I could kill him. I hate him with passion,” Helen said.

Ray paused the camera and turned to Ben who was already in shock.

“Whenever we fight, she tells me she'd kill me and no one will believe that she's the one who killed me because already, the world believes that it is always the man who harasses the woman. That was why I installed the cameras,” Ray said.

“This wasn't the Helen that I knew back then. Helen was always very meek and friendly,” Ben said, still in shock.

“Let’s see how meek and friendly she is. Play the video,” Ray said and Ben played it from where they stopped.

Helen paced the house like an angry lion, describing how much she hates her husband, while Sandra crossed her legs, sipping her drink and listening.

“Babe calm down. I know you had expected him to be richer than this, but instead, he lost his job and you guys are back to square one. Me sef, the thing dey pain me.

Do you see why I told you that being single is the best? When you were rushing to get married, remember I asked you if you're ready for marriage wahala, you said yes” Sandra said.

“But he was filthy rich by then. We weren't this way. Till now, Tiwa and Vicki don't know that my husband now sells Cement in the market else, they'd kick me out of the circle,”

“So, what are you going to do now?”

“I said I hate him. His presence disgusts me and I will make sure I kill him. I have already started something. These days, we fight everyday and guess who starts the fight?”

“You,” Sandra said, smiling.

“Yes. You know he's a true definition of a perfect gentleman, so no matter how I hit him, he doesn't hit me back. Instead, the idiot will be begging me like a baby, but then, I'd scream, run to the kitchen, break the plates and glasses, and throw some on him.

After then, I'd give myself a little scratch on my face and bandage it, so that it'd look like he was the one who beat me up. And I love my feminist neighbors, they always conclude he's the one beating me up.

Of course, why wouldn't they when the world only recognizes domestic violence as the crime committed by just the men, because we women are seen as the weaker gender,” Helen concluded and they both threw their heads back and laughed.

“I hope you know you're still mine. I have missed you so much,” Sandra said, dropping the glass on the table.

She walked up to Helen and started to rub her chin.

“I still can't resist you. I've missed you too. I don't even know why I married the bastard in the first place...”

“The more reason you should cut him off so he won't come between us ever again,”

Sandra wrapped her hands around her neck and started to kiss her. Helen reciprocated and they both fell on the couch, devouring each other.

Ray paused the camera when he noticed his brother had started to cry. Tears rolled out of Ben's eyes as he looked at his brother. Even if he was told, he wouldn't have believed that Helen, as fragile as she looked could do such a thing to her husband.

“Why are you crying? Clean your tears, we have to watch it to the end, okay?” Ray said.

“Can you please fast forward it? I don't want to watch this abominable act. It's heartbreaking” Ben said.

Ray fast-forwarded the video and they continued watching.


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