A Sweet Bitter Experience | Stories by Ima Udott
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INTRO: At a baby's naming ceremony, an encounter with a baby changed an almost perfect memory to a lesson filled experience. Read this short story and learn.

 I will not forget easily, the experience I encountered at my friend's party. She had invited me to her child's naming ceremony and I graciously honored the invitation.

It was a really big event, I guess it's because she had waited for more than six years before she was finally blessed with a baby boy. It was worth the celebration.

As soon as I arrived, I was ushered to a seat, with about three other guests already seated around the table. I greeted them and sat.

When I looked around the table, I noticed a lady beside me with a charming little girl of about two or three years old. She was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen.

The little girl looked bored, trying to arrest her mother's attention by constantly tapping her bosom or dragging her cloth, but the woman was too engrossed with her phone to notice it.

I thought of asking the woman to give me the baby to carry, even for a minute, but I felt she wouldn't because I was a stranger. So I did what I felt would help the baby a little. I started making a funny face and she looked at me and giggled.

The mother soon noticed that her baby was practically laughing because of me, so she smiled at me and went back to pressing her phone.

Soon, her phone rang and she stood up to go pick it outside since the hall was noisy with music. Surprisingly, the little girl lifted her two hands, a way of protesting to her mother that she wanted me to carry her.

“She likes you. Please watch over her, let me quickly pick this call outside,” the woman said and handed the little charming girl to me.

The girl was very happy, playing with me. She was full of life. I was so busy having fun with her that I forgot there were other guests seated there. 

She constantly babbled and we both laughed as though I knew what she was saying. I had a really good time with her.

I'm a Cream Crackers addict, I could finish a carton of the biscuit in two days. I had about five sachets of the cream crackers in my handbag

While the baby was playing with my phone, I brought out the biscuit and started to eat. She quickly dropped the phone and looked at me. Her facial expression told me she wanted the biscuit.

Without thinking twice, I allowed her to take from the one I was eating. She ate it as if her life depended on it. I loved the fact that she enjoyed it as much as I did.

We finished the first sachet and I brought out another one. She still indicated interest and I allowed her to eat. She suddenly started to cough, so I picked one of the bottled water from the table, opened it, and carefully made her drink it.

The coughing increased. I caressed her back, but it didn't look like she was going to stop any time soon. Just then, her mother came in.

She quickly got her child from me and caressed her, but instead, she vomited. This was when attention was drawn. I became very scared and started to pray silently for her to be fine.

“What did you give to my baby?” the mother asked me, furiously.

“Biscuit...we ate it together...” I stuttered.

“Is she your child? Why would you feed a child you do not even know?” the woman fired at me, still trying to revive her daughter.

“Who knows, maybe she has poisoned the baby,” one of the female guests whispered.

“Ladies of nowadays. Once they realize they can't have something, they will go around destroying other's. This world is a wicked place,” another guest said.

These statements sent a shiver down my spine. I was already sweating because I was very scared. I regretted feeding the child.

After some minutes, the child was back to normalcy. I was greatly relieved. The mother cleaned her up and the onlookers soon retired to their various seats.

After then, I didn't need anyone to tell me never to make the mistake of feeding a child I do not know, no matter how hungry he/she may look.

It isn't heartlessness, it is me being cautious. The world is a really wicked place, you have to be very careful with executing your intentions. They may be pure, but they may be used against you.

This single act could have ended me in prison, if not for God's intervention. It isn't bad to show concern, but be extra careful with the way you go about it.