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: This is a sequel to DESIRE IN DENIAL

Intro: This is the grand finale of this intriguing romantic love story. here, resolutions are made and the lovers of course find themselves in their different webs of love.

                                         Episode 20 (FINALE)

    Every step she took seemed to match with her heart beat. Just then, Jared sighted her and couldn't keep his jaw from dropping.
In all their times of living together, he had never seen her this beautiful with make-up on and her hair all done into a semi different color.
    She had worn a strapless red dress which accentuated her curves and her globes in front were popped out in a decent but sexy way.
Melissa and everyone present watched as the duo stared at each other with Jared spluttering like a fish.
“Hannah, you look...you look different,” he managed to croak out, still staring at her.
Melissa cleared her throat noisily, smirking at her only brother,
“It better be different in a good way or else, I'll spank your head off” she threatened, holding up her purse to his head.
“Okay Melissa, that's enough. Let's go upstairs we don't want you ruining everything,” Melvin held his wife, pulling her gently to the stairs with baby Jared in her arms.
“Have fun you two. And Hannah, Jared jnr is safe with his godmother, so don't come back early,” She told her, smiling in a mischievous way.
Hannah smiled shyly, blushing red like a tomato. She was so excited to go out with Jared but at the same time, she was nervous about what would happen.
He looked so dapper in his suit and God! she wanted to kiss the daylight out of him. Jared cleared his throat, interrupting her dirty thoughts,
“You look really amazing, Hannah”
“Thank you”
“We should get going so we won't lose our reservation”
“Alright, I'll just grab my bag” She picked her purse and soon, they were out of sight.
“They look really good together,” Melissa said.
“Sure! Just like us” Melvin replied.
“Um, Mel?” Melissa called out to her husband, on their way to the room.
Melvin knew that whenever Melissa called him by that name, it's either she wanted something or she was going to taunt him.
“Yes?” he replied.
“I hope you know how to bath and change the baby's diapers?”
“Um...I think so,” he replied, scratching the back of his head.
“Right! Baby Jared just pooped. We need to clean him up,”
"Oh men!" Melvin exclaimed, when he perceived the smell of the poop.
"Did you say something?"
"No darling"
Melissa dropped the baby on the bed and told Melvin to look after him.
She went to the bathroom where she mixed the water in the tub and went back to the room.
She brought the bag containing the baby's things that Jared had handed to her and brought out a fresh diaper, wipes, cream, powder and clothes for the baby.
After then, she told Melvin to undress the baby and he did.
“Won’t you remove his diaper?” she asked when it didn't look like he was ready to undress the baby's old diaper.
“How about... you know...the poop,” he stuttered, making a funny face.
Melissa laughed and told him to step aside and watch her.
“Thought you said you could change his diaper,” she said, still laughing.
Melvin didn't say a word. He watched as she cleaned the baby's butt with the wipes before she carried him to the bathroom.
She lowered him inside the tub and asked Melvin to take over from her, with the excuse that her back was starting to ache.
Bathing the baby was a lot easier than Melvin had thought. The baby was having fun with the bubbles, while he bathed him. Melissa sat on the edge of the tub, watching them.
She rubbed her belly and smiled at the imagination of Melvin bathing their baby. She was almost due for birth. The thought of carrying her baby gave her a great joy.
“We're done” Melvin announced.
Melissa handed the baby's towel to him and he cleaned the baby, before they went back to the room.
Melvin watched as Melissa took over in dressing up the baby. She did it as if she had been doing it all her life and he wondered how she learnt it.
“Next time, you'll change his diaper,” Melissa said to her husband.
Melvin wanted to say ‘I'll definitely change it if he doesn't poop’ but instead, he said
“Sure! I will”
Jared took her to a really fancy hotel, Hannah had never been to one before so she was feeling a bit shy.
He noticed and held her hands and placed a kiss on her cheek, sending tingling sensations all over her.
“Relax Hannah, you're with me”
Just then a waiter came to meet them at the door,
“Good evening, sir”
“Good evening, a reservation under Jared?”
“Oh, right sir, come this way. Your private table's ready”
“Thank you”
They followed the waiter who led them to what looked like a private lounge, Hannah was awed by the beauty of the place.
Jared stared at her as she took everything all in. A waitress came in, holding a pen and pad with her,
“Good evening, I'm going to be your designated waitress for the evening, what would you like to order?” she asked them, smiling.
“A bottle of champagne would do for now, we'll order later,” Jared told her, also smiling.
“Alright sir, enjoy your evening,” She said, before she left.
The couple stared at each other until Hannah broke the silence by clearing her throat,
“So, how did your day go?”
“It went well. How did yours go?” He replied, smiling at her
“It went well too” she replied, taking a sip of her wine.
They looked at each other for a millisecond and burst into loud laughter, Hannah tried to wipe the tears off her face due to laughing.
“Oh sweet heavens, this is awkward,” Jared said, trying not to laugh anymore.
“I never knew you could ever have awkward moments, you're so lively, fun, sweet, handsome and oh...” she hurriedly kept quiet when she saw Jared stare at her.
“Why did you stop? Go on, tell me more...maybe then, I'll know what you actually think of me”
“Jared, you're a nice guy and any woman would be happy to be with you”
“Even you?”
“Um... Jared... this isn't really about me”
“But I want to know what you think”
“You already know what I think...but you've never told me what you think about me”
“I'm not sure you're ready to hear what I think”
“Is it that bad?” She asked, already feeling scared.
“I dunno, but I think you're beautiful, the most beautiful woman I've ever met and I don't know how to say this, but would you mind spending your entire life with someone who probably might not be your dream man?”
“What do you mean?”
“No, it's nothing, let's order first”
They ordered and after their meal, he held her hands, looking at her in a way she couldn't understand.
“Hannah, I really like you so much and I've never felt this way about anyone. I know I have a lot of bad histories with women, but I'm really serious about you, and I'll do whatever I can to prove that I love you so much”
Hannah couldn't believe her ears, she almost burst into tears, no man had ever made her feel the way she was feeling now and deep down, she knew that he was the one for her.
She speechlessly nodded at him. Then, he shocked her and went on his knee and brought out a box from his pocket,
“Hannah, would you do me the honor of making me the father of Jared and the man of your dreams by marrying me?”
She nodded her head, already crying profusely,
“Yes Jared, I will marry you”
Jared stood up, this time, with her in his arms. If this was what true love felt like, then Hannah thought everyone deserves to experience it, because it was the sweetest thing that had ever happened to her.
They got back to Melvin's house pretty late and as soon as they rang the bell, Melvin opened the door, smiling.
“You guys are back already,” he said.
“I have something to show you and Melissa. Where's Melissa?” Hannah asked, happily.
“I'm right here,” Melissa said, walking down the stairs. She had just put baby Jared to sleep.
She suddenly halted, when she felt something wet between her legs.
“Guys, I think my water has broken,” she screamed and everyone rushed to her aid immediately.
She was rushed to the hospital, straight to the labor room. Jared was with Melvin at the hospital, while Hannah had to stay back because of her child.
Few minutes later, the doctor came out and announced that Melissa had been delivered of a baby girl.
Melvin's joy knew no bound. It was the best news he had ever heard. He couldn't wait to behold his wife and daughter as the doctor told him he was free to go see her.
Before the end of the month, Melissa was strong enough to be discharged. She was very happy when she got home and was warmly welcomed by everyone.
She had learnt of Hannah's engagement while at the hospital, so as soon as she got home, she started the wedding preparations, even with her new born baby, Mia.
She had waited for so long to see Jared and Hannah together and it was finally going to happen, so nothing was going to hinder her from preparing for that great day.
Jared was able to get a nanny to take care of baby Jared, so that Hannah could be relieved a bit, trying to get things done for her wedding.
Even in front of the church, while Jared and Hannah were exchanging marital vows, Hannah still couldn't believe she would have such a handsome man for a husband.
A man who didn't only love her, but was willing to love and cherish her son as his. Jared looked at her without a blink, already visualizing what he was going to do to her immediately after the wedding.
This time, there'd be no Cecilia or Brenda to stop him from devouring this woman before him. Cecilia was cooling off in jail while Brenda had found her prince charming at Miami.
As soon as the pastor pronounced them husband and wife, he didn't wait to be told to kiss her, he enclosed her in his arms and kissed her, amidst applauds by the congregation.
They got into the car already fed up with good wishes and congratulations from all who had atttended the wedding.
They had entrusted baby Jared in the hands of the nanny who was under the watchful eyes of Melvin and Melissa and were on their way to the Bahamas for their honeymoon. They'd only spend a week there because of Jared's work and baby Jared.
In the car, they wasted no time in kissing each other. Luckily Jared had rented a limousine for the day, so they were pretty covered from the driver's view.
Jared lifted her up and kissed her like his life depended on it, his hands roamed around her body. Hannah moaned and returned the favor, making sure to kiss him with as much gusto as he did.
Since they couldn't go all the way, Jared attacked her breasts and licked them like they were lollipops, he sucked them like he was trying to draw milk from them.
Hannah moaned loudly, already wet in her pants. When the car stopped, they quickly arranged themselves and giggled loudly.
“Sire, we're here at the airport,” the driver announced
“Alright James, we'll be out shortly,” Jared answered from the back and turning to Hannah he whispered, "We will definitely finish this up real soon,"
“Another unfinished business to finish,” Hannah said and bit her lower lip, while trying to arrange her clothes and scattered hair.

                                                             The End.

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