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 Note: This is a sequel to DESIRE IN DENIAL

Intro: In this episode of this romantic love story, the lovers seem to reunite and finally own up to feelings. everything seems to fall into place, great!

                                    Episode 19

Just then, Melvin stepped out of the mall with a very beautiful lady walking beside him and everything started to make sense to Melissa as she walked briskly towards them.
Hannah knew that Melissa meeting with Melvin and whoever he was with, in such fury wouldn't turn out well, in fact, it might end up giving the public the negative contents they had always been yearning for, to update on social medias.
And the result of this clash might bring down both Melvin's and Melissa's social standard and she didn't want it to happen, because they were both her good friends. Therefore, she grabbed Melissa just in time and pulled her back.
“Hannah what are you doing? Why are you stopping me? You're supposed to support me on this, not pull me back,” Melissa said, while Hannah was busy dragging her inside the salon.
“Sit here, Sis Mel,” Hannah said, when they finally got inside the salon.
Melissa was very furious, but extremely exhausted and she just realized it. Hannah knew that Melissa wouldn't only be exhausted, she'd feel fainty because of the emotional stress she had developed the moment she saw Melvin.
Hannah had felt this way many times when she was pregnant. She knew that if Melissa had gotten to Melvin, she would've fainted in the process of exchanging words with him.
Emotional stress as she believed, was sometimes more dangerous than physical stress and she didn't want Melissa to go through any of it.
She walked up to the hairdresser who had begun doing another lady's hair and asked her for a bottled water.
The concerned lady pointed at a fridge by the corner of the house and Hannah quickly rushed down, opened it and brought out a bottled water. She returned to Melissa, opened the water and handed it to her.
“Drink this,”
Melissa obeyed like a child and gulped the water down her throat, just then, she realized how dehydrated she was.
She finished the water and handed the bottle back to Hannah who got it, trashed it and thanked the hairdresser, before she went back to Melissa.
“Sis Mel, I'll drive us home...”
“But I drove us here and I'm capable...”
“You are very feeble at the moment. You might not know, but it is very dangerous to drive with your present condition...”
“Hannah, I'm only pregnant, not sick”
“I know. But at the moment, you are emotionally unstable and you need some rest. Don't worry, my late boyfriend taught me how to drive, so you needn't fear, I'll drive us home”
“Fine. Help me up,”
Hannah smiled and wondered how a woman who could barely stand up on her own would have been able to handle the steering.
She couldn't help but admit that Melissa was just as stubborn as she was, and she admired her the more.
She supported her with her hands as she stood up and they both walked to the car.
Melissa couldn't help turning to check if Melvin's car was still parked in front of the mall, but realized it wasn't.
When they got to Melissa's house, Hannah helped her out of the car. As soon as they got inside, Melissa sank on the couch.
Hannah brought two pillows from the other couches and supported her back.
“Thank you so much, Hannah. You're a really nice lady,” Melissa said.
“You were first nice to me even when you knew I was a nobody from the street. I feel I haven't done enough to show how much I appreciate you,” Hannah replied.
When Melissa yawned, Hannah didn't need to be told that she was hungry.
She asked her of what she wanted to eat and did not waste time in preparing it for her.
While they were eating, Hannah decided to check her WhatsApp messages. That was when she saw a message notification from Jared.
She opened it and laughed so hard when she saw the pictures and videos that Jared sent to her.
He had taken baby Jared to the amusement park and from the videos, they were having real fun.
She showed them to Melissa who joined her in laughing.
“Jared looks like a clown, here” Melissa said and they both laughed again.
“Look at my baby, jumping in excitement. I have never seen him this happy before,” Hannah said, pointing at baby Jared.
“You know, Hannah, Jared is the sweetest guy I have ever seen. If you love him, please don't leave him. He has never loved another woman the way he loves you.
And from the way it's going, Jared doesn't only wants you to spend days with him, he wants you to spend the rest of your life with him. Hannah, Jared loves you so much,” Melissa said.
“But he has never admitted to be in love with me...”
“That is because he's waiting for the right time to tell you,”
“Oh... you want some more chicken?” Hannah asked, changing the topic.
“No, I'm filled. Thank you so much, I enjoyed the meal,” Melissa said.
Hannah smiled, stood up and packed the plates to the kitchen. While washing them, she reminisced what Melissa just told her and couldn't help but smile the more.
She was happy that she was going to stay with Melissa till Jared arrived with baby Jared and hand him over to Melissa before leaving with her that evening.
With Melissa, she could chat all day and not get tired, and that was exactly what they were doing.
Plus, she wanted to help get her thoughts off Melvin, even though she knew he was still going to return and they were still going to argue, but somehow, she knew they would settle their differences very soon.
She unconsciously prayed for the evening to approach real fast, because she couldn't wait to step out with Jared.
She played the videos he sent to her, over and over again and giggled as though she hadn't seen them before
Towards the evening, Melvin got back home from work. He looked very tired.
He met Melissa dressing Hannah up and he smiled because he knew why.
He walked up to Melissa and pecked her on her cheek, but she didn't say a word.
Hannah knew she needed to give them space to solve their problem, so she took an excuse and left the room.
“Melissa, what's wrong? You've been giving me cold shoulders lately and I have been really disturbed. Can you please tell me my wrong?” Melvin pleaded, but Melissa didn't respond.
Just then, Hannah knocked on the door
“You have a guest,” she said, before she went back to the sitting room.
Melvin and Melissa had to pause and go see whoever the guest was.
Getting to the sitting room, Melissa saw the same lady she saw with Melvin earlier that day and before she could say a word, the lady rushed and hugged her.
“Doctor Walter! I'm so happy to meet you! I'm sorry if my coming has inconvenienced you, but I just had to do this,” she brought out a basket of different kinds of fruits and stretched it to Melissa, but Hannah collected it.
“I know your husband already told me there was no need of coming, but I just couldn't help, especially when I found out you are pregnant.
I said to myself, what do I get for Doctor Walter to show how happy I am for the help her husband rendered me?
All I could think of was fruits. Please, take it, it's from my heart. That's all that matters.
Back to the good news. Today, I just got officially dissolved from a toxic marriage, with the help of your husband.
I can proudly say that he is my lawyer because he won the case for me. I have been married to my ex husband for three years.
I didn't know I was married to a beast, until he started to beat me up. He'd step out, get himself drunk and come back, punching me as he desired.
I have had three miscarriages, all because of domestic violence. I lost my job, happiness, peace of mind, everything.
I was going insane without even knowing. I had thought of a divorce after my first two miscarriages, but didn't have the guts to do it because I didn't want to go back to being single.
After my last miscarriage which almost took my life, I had no other choice but to run down to your husband and he was willing to help me.
But my husband refused to sign the divorce papers, that was how we found ourselves in the court room and I won! Your husband helped me win. Thank you so much,” the lady concluded in tears.
“Wait, was that why you stepped out the other day to make some calls?” Melissa asked Melvin and he nodded.
“I’m really sorry Melissa, if that was your anger. I didn't want to get you involved because I did not want to remind you that there was a time in our live that we almost dissolved our marriage too, though with a different reason” Melvin said.
For a response, Melissa embraced her husband, before she kissed him briefly and said:
“I’m sorry for the attitude I gave you. I should have asked you first before jumping into conclusion and suspecting you. I'm really sorry,” she said.
Hannah and the lady looked at the couple and smiled in admiration.
“So sorry for all that your ex husband made you go through. You're indeed a strong woman. I pray God to give you a man who'd love and treat you better,” Melissa said to the lady.
“Thank you so much Doctor Walter. And once again, thank you, Barrister Walter for your help. I'll take your leave now,” the lady said before she left.
Melvin and Melissa turned and looked at Hannah who was still smiling, partly because she was happy that the couple had settled their differences, but mostly because she couldn't wait for Jared's arrival.
“Okay, why are both of you staring at me now?” she couldn't help but asked.
“Can’t we admire you again?” Melvin asked and they all laughed.
“You look so stunning! I pray Jared recognizes you,” Melissa said jokingly.
“I love your gown! Wow! This is magnificent!” Melvin added.
“You guys are making me blush already. Thank you so much. Isn't he here already?” Hannah said.
“He will soon be here, just go upstairs and relax, alright?” Melissa said.
Hannah went upstairs to the guest room and once again, looked herself up in the mirror.
She was tensed all of a sudden, as though she was going to meet Jared for the first time.
She started to rehearse what she was going to say to him when she steps out with him, but her brain seemed not to magnet any of what she rehearsed, so she gave up trying.
Just then, she heard the doorbell and knew that it couldn't be any other person, but Jared.
She gave a deep breath, before she stepped out of the room.
She spotted Jared who was waiting for her down the stairs and was agape at how handsome he looked.
Every step she took seemed to match with her heart beat. Just then, Jared sighted her and...

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