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Note:  This is a sequel to DESIRE IN DENIAL

Intro: In this episode of this interesting romantic love story, Melvin is definitely up to something fishy and Melissa is so ready to find out what it is.  

                                                        Episode 18

    Melissa was surprised. She wondered what it was that Melvin was hiding from her as she walked to the window and watched him, restlessly talking on the phone as if he was either pleading or arguing with the caller.
When Melissa saw that he was done with the call and was walking back to the house, she hurried back to the couch and sat, waiting for his explanations.
When it was obvious that Melvin wasn't ready to tell her anything, her countenance changed and she demanded to go back home with the excuse that she needed to rest.
“But we agreed to stay for dinner...”
“And I just changed my mind, Melvin. I wanna go home,”
“Okay... slow down. Is everything alright?”
How could everything be alright when he was obviously hiding something from her? This was the first time he had to step away from her to pick a call and he didn't see anything wrong with it? She thought. But then, she has made up her mind not to ask him, he should tell her willingly.
“I’ll just tell Jared and Hannah we're leaving,” she said, ignoring his question.
Just then, Jared came out with the baby and without wasting time, Melissa announced that they'd be leaving. Jared was a bit surprised. He observed her and quickly got convinced that something was wrong.
“Are you alright, Melissa?” Jared asked.
“I am. I just need to rest. I'm sorry we can't stay for dinner, we will definitely make it some other time. Tell Hannah I'll see her soon,” she said and stepped outside.
When Melvin was about to follow her, Jared held him behind and asked him if they had had a misunderstanding while he was away, Melvin smiled and said no.
“Alright man, drive safely,” Jared said as he exchange handshakes with Melvin before he left.
When they got to the house, Melissa walked briskly inside, her protruding stomach wobbling to every step she took. Melvin followed her slowly, not knowing what to do.
He noticed that Melissa didn't want to talk to him nor to join in any conversation he tried to create. He tried everything he could to please her, he even offered to give her a massage, but she turned him down.
Frustrated, he carried his phone and began to fiddle. When she saw this, she got paranoid, carried her pillow and duvet and marched out of the room to the guest room.
Melvin wondered what could be wrong with his wife. And they had earlier that day, fantasized about making love in the jacuzzi tub. This was the time they were supposed to do it and he was really aroused.
They hadn't made love in a long while because Melissa was always complaining of either back ache or body ache and he didn't want to put pressure on her to do it.
He would not have thought of it if she didn't suggest it. She had told him that morning that she'd love him to make love to her in the jacuzzi tub that evening after they must've returned from Jared's house.
She had talked about how much she had missed it and he was very happy she was asking for it. He had fantasized it even at Jared's place.
While still there, a part of him really wanted to rush back home so they could get down to business; a business he had missed so much.
And now, this attitude? He wondered if he would ever understand women, because he didn't understand why his wife was acting this way.
He thought of going to the guest room to talk to her, but he knew she would not comply. So, he slept off after rolling restlessly from one end of the bed to the other.
Hannah's baby slept off, after Jared fed him that night with the baby food which Hannah had carefully prepared for him.
He was soon going to turn a year old and Hannah made sure to feed him with other recommended food so that it'd be easier for her when she was ready to stop him completely from suckling her breasts.
Hannah walked into the sitting room and met the baby asleep on Jared's bosom. She looked closely and realized that Jared had also dozed off.
She carried the feeding bottle and water bottle to the kitchen, and as she usually did, washed and rinsed them many times before she soaked them inside the hot water in a bowl and added Milton Sterilizing tablet into the water. She watched the tablet dissolve before she covered the bowl and left.
She went back to the sitting room, carefully carried the baby from Jared's arms and took him to the room where she dropped him inside his cot, closed it and went back to the sitting room.
She didn't know how to tell Jared to go to his room and sleep, without having to touch him to wake up.
She thought of leaving him there and rather covering him with duvet so he wouldn't be cold, but she realized he was very tired and needed a good rest in the room.
He had had a really tough and long day, all because of her and it would be very unnice of her not to make sure he had a good night rest.
“Jared... you should go get some rest in your room,” She said, avoiding to touch him, but there was no response.
She had no other choice but to do the needful. She tapped him gently, calling his name. Jared stretched and she sighed in relief, thinking he had woken up, only to realize that he was only changing sleeping posture.
“Jared, please wake up,” she tapped his shoulder again.
Jared finally woke up, but not fully.
“You need to go to your room and sleep, you won't feel comfortable on the couch,” Hannah said.
“My legs hurt badly. Please will you help me with a massage?” he asked when he stood up.
From the way he leaped, Hannah could tell that he was really in pains. She supported her hands around him till he got to his room.
As soon as he laid down, Hannah sat at the edge of the bed and started to massage his legs.
“Please help me take off my trousers, will you?” he asked.
“Have you anything underneath?” she asked, and he laughed. He was now fully awake.
“Are you scared of seeing my...”
“I am not... just that the room is cold... you might get cold if you don't...”
“You needn't be scared, I have something underneath. But if you wanna take off everything, you have my permission,”
Hannah didn't say a word again. She dragged the trousers off and kept it on one side of the bed.
Her eyes couldn't help but spot the giant cock under his tight boxers. It was so visible that she shifted uncomfortably.
Hannah tried as much as she could, but couldn't help remembering the kiss they had shared. It was the sweetest thing she had ever had.
She avoided his gaze as she massaged him and wished she could leave as fast as she could, but at the same time, she didn't want to leave.
He said they had an unfinished business to finish, so when were they going to finish this up? She had never desired a man this way before.
Jared on the other side closed his eyes and captured every of her touch on his legs. Being with Hannah felt so right, as if this was where she rightfully belonged.
He bit his lower lip when her hands wandered to his feet. He really wanted to finish up the kiss they had started, but he didn't want to do it against her will.
Though she had agreed to be in love with him, but he still feared she was too perfect for him. He had never had a lasting relationship before because he didn't know how to maintain them.
But then, how would he know if he could embark on a lasting relationship if he didn't give it a try? He didn't want to be fickly anymore, so no matter what, he was going to make things right this time around.
“I should be going back to my room,” Hannah said, bringing him back from his thoughts.
“Oh...okay..Thank you so much. I feel better,” he said as she stood up to leave.
“Can I ask you a question?” she asked.
“Why did you tell Tom that I'm your wife?”
“Because... I wasn't ready for his many questions,”
“But you know you've made a lot of people to think that we're a couple”
“Don’t we look good together?” he asked, observing her.
Hannah smiled and he watched her. He didn't know she had such a beautiful smile. He realized there were so much about her that he was yet to discover.
“I... don't know,” she replied.
“Can I take you somewhere, tomorrow evening?”
“I would have loved to go with you, but...”
“Melissa will take care of the baby. Please, I really wanna show you something,”
“Okay... goodnight,” she finally stepped out of the room.
“Good night”
The next day, Jared called Melissa and told her of his plan to take Hannah out. He didn't even conclude when Melissa offered to take care of the baby.
After the call, Melissa dialed Hannah and told her to dress up so she could take her shopping for new clothes and hair.
Hannah had never taken time to care for herself. She had first insisted that she wasn't used to makeups and all of what Melissa listed, but Melissa wouldn't listen to her.
After shopping, they drove to the hair dressing salon where Hannah's hair was made. When the hairdresser was done, Hannah looked at the mirror and couldn't help but admire herself.
She never knew she could be this "sophisticated". She thought it was only meant for the rich. She hugged Melissa to show how much she appreciated her for everything.
On their way out of the salon, Melissa spotted a car that looked exactly like Melvin's parked outside a mall.
“My husband told me he'd be really busy at work today, but I can swear with everything in me that that car over there is his and I'm wondering what it's doing there,” Melissa said to Hannah.
“Okay, you need to calm down Melissa. Let's linger for a while and see who'd drive off the car” Hannah said.
Just then, Melvin stepped out of the mall with a very beautiful lady walking beside him and everything started to make sense to Melissa as she walked briskly towards them.

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