PAMELA | Short Didactic Story | Part Two | Stories By Ima Udott
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Intro: This short didactic story, Pamela is ready to miss classes for some justifiable reasons. But then, how justifiable are these reasons? and will these reasons be of any help to her?

                                     Part Two

She became suddenly confused when she noticed that they were completely out of the address he had given her. It suddenly dawned on her that nobody knew her whereabouts. She didn't tell anyone.
“Where are we going?” she asked
“You don't have to be afraid, you're in a safe hand,” he replied, still grinning.
She tried sending a message to Jane, but the reception around the area they were was extremely poor.
She started to adjust uncomfortably, until Doctor Charles noticed this. He placed his right hand on her lap, caressed her briefly, then he smiled and told her they had arrived their destination.
She sighed, looked up and beheld a big, beautiful building before her. The gate was pushed open by the gate man and Doctor Charles drove in.
Pamela had never seen a place as beautiful as this in her entire life. When they stepped down from the car, she couldn't help but feed her curious eyes on the magnificent building.
Her mouth was unconsciously agape as she followed him into the house. He led her to a spacious room and told her to make herself comfortable, then, he exited the room.
He came back a few minutes later with a bottle of whiskey and two glasses. He met her still dressed and cuddled up in a corner of the bed.
He had changed into a pair of boxers and no top, so that his protruding stomach was now very visible like that of a pregnant woman.
“Why are you acting as if you haven't done this before?” he asked, dropping the bottle on the table.
“Umm...not that...I’ve been trying to get through to my friend, but the network is poor in this area,” She said.
“Oh, sorry about that. Don't worry, as soon as we're done, you'll get to meet her and tell her whatever you want to tell her. Let's get to work, Char-lee has been yearning for you for too long,” he said, looking down at his boxers.
He dragged her up and pulled her to himself, ready for business. Pamela, though irritated because this was the first time she was going to do it with an older man, reciprocated greedily when she thought about the money she'd make afterward.
She suddenly pulled away when she realized she couldn't do it with clear eyes,
“Can I have a glass, please?”
“Oh, sure! You can even have the whole bottle,” he poured the drink inside the glass and handed it to her.
Without thinking twice, she gulped it down her throat and asked for more and more and more till she became intoxicated. Then, she pushed Doctor Charles to the bed and he loved it.
He watched in amazement as she mounted him and was surprised at the nasty things she did while riding him.
When they were finally done, the impressive man paid her bountifully, more than enough to get all the appliances she had budgeted for.
She leaped in excitement because she had never made such amount of money before.
The doctor watched her as she clung the money to her chest and danced in excitement.
“Looks like my baby hasn't made this kind of money before,” he said, smiling.
“Ah! This is my first time o! I'll finally buy a television, generator, shoes, clo...”
“This is nothing. I can give you more, enough to get you a neat, conducive flat, instead of those face me I face you rooms you students are living in”
“Ah! Doctor, you can do that?”
“Sure! You were really sweet. You know what I mean. Sweet in the middle. At first, I thought you were a newbie when you were acting as though you have never done this before. But when you rode me, ah! I realized I was wrong. In fact, you're a pro! I want to keep you”
Pamela blushed. She had completely forgotten that she was supposed to hasten up so she could meet up with the last class since she had missed the first two classes already.
“Yes! Char-lee enjoyed you, all of you! I want to see you again by next week. Hope it'll be possible?”
Pamela thought of what the doctor said about giving her money, enough to get her a better apartment. She wasn't only going to be richer than Sandra, she was going to be among the richest girls in school.
“Sure, it will be very possible. When will that be?”
“On Monday,” he replied, still grinning.
“Oh, I have four classes on Monday. Can you please reschedule it?” she asked.
“No baby, that's the most suitable day for me. But if you can't make it, we can forget about...”
“ I will try and make it. What time?”
“I want to have you the whole day to myself. So you'll have to come in the morning, say by eight”
Pamela thought of the three classes she had already missed that day and the four she was going to miss on Monday.
“I’ll pay Jane to help me copy my notes and stand in for me,” she whispered to herself and to the doctor, she said “It’s a deal. I'll be here even before eight,”
“That’s my girl!” exclaimed the doctor.
When Pamela got home that evening, she called Jane to get an update on the activities that took place in school that day. Since Jane's place wasn't far from hers, she strolled to her room to meet her.
“You said you were going to miss just one class. I tried calling you but your number wasn't reachable. You have a lot of notes to copy! What happened?” Asked Jane
“My dear, it's a long story o. My mom has been really sick, I didn't even know. When I got home, my dad insisted I stay with her and I had to, because there was no other person in the house,”
“Ehya. You're such a good person. How is she doing now?” Jane asked.
“She’s still very sick. I'm even supposed to visit her again on Monday because she's been admitted in the hospital. I need to stay with her,”
“What a pity. Dr. Emem gave an impromptu test today. I don't know if she’d agree to give you a make up test. You should go to her office on Monday and explain things to her, maybe she will give you, although she kept saying that no student should come to her office to beg her for any make up test,” Jane said.
“I pray she changes her mind. But can't I meet her on Tuesday morning? Dad insisted I should stay with Mom all through Monday. I don't know what to do now,” Pamela lied.
”Can't you explain to your dad to stay with her just for that Monday till you come? I believe he will understand it, knowing that your education matters a lot, especially when tests and exams are involved.
I'm saying this because we have three tests to write on that Monday. You know how Dr. Kingsley, Dr. Ben and Dr. Nathan do it, if you miss their tests, there'd be no make up test again,” Jane said, looking at her.

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