PAMELA | Short Didactic Story | Part Three | Stories By Ima Udott
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Intro: Pamela gets to experience the consequences of desperation . Maybe it has favor her, maybe it hasn't. Find out her end in this short didactic story.

                    Part Three

“Can't you explain to your dad to stay with her just for that Monday till you come? I believe he will understand it, knowing that your education matters a lot, especially when tests and exams are involved.
I'm saying this because we have three tests to write on that Monday. You know how Dr. Kingsley, Dr. Ben and Dr. Nathan do it, if you miss their tests, there'd be no make up test again,” Jane said, looking at her.
Pamela thought about the promise she had earlier made to Doctor Charles and the amount of money she would likely lose if she failed to keep to her promise. This was really tough for her.
She needed this money so badly. She thought she might not have this opportunity again and so, she had to forgo one thing to have the most important thing at that moment.
“Can you please write the tests for me? I promise to pay you...”
“You know that's not going to be possible. If I get caught, I'd be rusticated. I'm sorry, I can't take such risk” Jane said.
“It’s fine, I understand. Goodnight,” she said as she left Jane's room.
Back to her room, she was literally talking to herself as though she was going insane.
“I swear, after this last one, I won't do this again with Doctor Charles or any other man till I leave school. After getting myself an apartment and all the appliances I budgeted for, I will go to church and give my life to Christ and then concentrate fully in my academics,” she said, sitting on her bed.
“It’s just tests, not exams, right? Anyhow, I'll make it up joor. Oh, I can even tell Doctor Charles to help me talk to my lecturers, since he is very influential. Why on earth did I not think of this!” she kept soliloquizing.
On Monday morning, she left again without telling anyone her whereabout. In fact, she activated the Airplane mode on her phone so that nobody was able to reach out to her.
Just as she had promised Doctor Charles, she arrived before eight and was received warmly by the doctor.
He was dressed as though he was stepping out, so the curious girl asked where he was heading. She looked unhappy because they were supposed to spend the whole of that day together as planned, so she could get her money and get out of that place.
“My dear, you're too inquisitive, calm down. As a matter of fact, you are coming with me. I'm taking you around the world, name where you wanna go, Char-lee will take you there!” said the doctor.
Pamela smiled broadly. She wasn't only going to get a handsome amount of money from this man, she was also going to enjoy a ride with him to any fun place of her choice.
She completely forgot about the ongoing tests in school and hopped into the car, shyly telling the doctor where she'd love to go.
Doctor Charles first took her to one of the biggest eateries in town and they had their breakfast while his driver waited in the car for them. He later took her to a sophisticated boutique and told her to get as much clothes, shoes and bags as she wanted.
This was the kind of opportunity she had been waiting for all her life. She packed as much clothes as she desired, did same to the jewelries, shoes, bags and even wigs.
She couldn't wait to go back so she could show off her new stuffs. Sandra was going to beg to be friends with her, by the time she sees her in her new outfits, she thought.
After they left the boutique, she became really happy and relaxed. In fact, she didn't know when she unconsciously started calling Doctor Charles ”Baby”. She pecked him every now and then in the car, not minding the driver.
She was so carried away by the things that the doctor bought for her that she didn't know they had diverted from where they had agreed to go next.
When she later realized that the journey was becoming too far and they were driving into an isolated road filled with bushes, she started to ask where they were going to, but as usual, the doctor told her to relax.
After driving for about two hours or more, the driver finally halted the car and stepped out of the car. Pamela didn't understand why they had to stop in the middle of a forest.
She first thought that the driver wanted to ease himself, but when he opened the door and grabbed her two hands, she screamed at him, telling the doctor to stop him.
“My dear Pamela, don't be scared. Just do as my driver orders and everything will be okay” Doctor Charles said and nodded on his driver to go ahead.
The driver forcefully tied Pamela's hands and legs, despite all her struggle to free herself. He tied her mouth with a scarf so that she couldn't shout. He then carried her on his shoulder and walked into the forest, followed by Doctor Charles.
Pamela's eyes met with Doctor Charles’ she pleaded with her eyes, since she couldn't say a word, tears dropping from her eyes, but the old man smiled at her, obviously enjoying the tears and catarrh dropping from her nose.
They finally got to a place, decorated with red clothes and palm fronds. She didn't need to be told it was a shrine as the driver and Doctor Charles took off their shoes and walked in through their back. The driver laid her on the ground and stepped outside.
Pamela's heart pounded violently. Her head hurt so badly and her stomach rumbled as though she hadn't eaten for years. If regret was a person, then Pamela would have been the one.
She suddenly wished she was contented with what she had. She didn't know how to start praying because the arrival of the native doctor scared the life out of her.
She had only seen native doctors in movies, she had never dreamt of seeing one in reality and even if she did, she had never thought of being a victim.
“My son, I see you have brought your sacrifice to renew your riches. For always keeping to instructions, I shall add more riches to your riches and more power to your power,” the native doctor said to Doctor Charles who was now kneeling beside Pamela.
The native doctor looked at Pamela straight in the eyes and laughed so hard.
“Desperation! Greed! Hunger for more! More! More! This is what I see in your eyes. You want to have it all when you do not know its source. In your next life, you should learn your lesson. Hahahaha!” the native doctor laughed, exposing his black teeth.
He tore off Pamela's clothes so that she was completely naked, brought a bowl and sharp machete and sat down. He started to sing as he took hold of Pamela's right br**st and dismembered it, then threw it into the bowl.
He did same to her left br**st. Pamela screamed with everything in her, but her voice wasn't heard because of the scarf around her mouth. She rolled restlessly in pain, but there was no one to help her.
Done with that, the native doctor chopped off her two hands and legs and put them in a separate bowl. At this point, Pamela started to feel her life leaving her painfully.
She didn't bother shouting again when she saw the native doctor carving out her chest. She closed her eyes and surrendered to the very cold hands of death as the native doctor successfully butchered her.
Her blood was given to Doctor Charles to drink while her body parts were buried in different places in the forest, after a long incantation and libations by the native doctor.
“The deed is done, congratulations!” the native doctor told Doctor Charles who went back home, happy, richer and fulfilled.
It didn't take long before it was noticed that Pamela was missing. On her parents' arrival at her school, they were shocked when Jane told them of the lies Pamela had told her.
They didn't know where to start looking for their daughter because she told no one where she was going to. To worsen it, her phone was switched off.
There was no trace of Pamela till date. Of course, Doctor Charles got away with it and is even warming up for his next victim.
                                            The End