PAMELA |  Short Didactic Story| Part One | Stories by Ima Udott
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Intro: This short didactic story brings to light, the life of a young beautiful Pamela who wants to explore her world, trying to justify her actions.

                  Part One

    At first, Pamela convinced herself she wasn't into it or even if she was, at least, she wasn't so completely into it like ‘the other girls’ were.
Hers was different. She was still able to attend all her classes; she had no complication in any of her courses; her grades were okay. Therefore, she was way better than ‘the other girls’.
Having successfully convincing her helplessly disturbed mind and coherently suppressing her guilty conscience, she picked up her phone and dallied her course mate's number.
“Jane, please help me write my name on the class attendance sheet...No, it's just this one class... I’ll be back before the next class commences...yeah, I’m going home to get food stuff... alright, thanks so much...bye”
She looked at the cloth she had purchased from the money she made and remembered how she ‘hustled’ it. She had seen Jessica wear the cloth to class days ago and she had immediately fallen in love with the cloth.
When she asked for the price of the cloth and realized she couldn't afford it, she had decided to reconsider Daniel’s offer. He had promised her heaven and earth if she accepted to do it with him.
What was even in this thing that she couldn’t just close her eyes and do it? After all, it’s all a ‘cruise’ and after that one night, she’d get her money and never go back to his place anymore. As simple as that, she had thought.
And so, she had gone to Daniel’s place, did it, got the money and purchased the cloth immediately. She smiled as she carried the cloth in admiration, pinned it on her body and looked at the mirror. She was going to wear it for today’s ‘hustle’.
Her reason for missing today’s class is surely justifiable, she convinced herself. She looked around her room. It was too empty. Aside from the mirror, her scanty clothes on the wardrobe and her reading table and chair, she had nothing in the room.
She could hear her neighbour’s television booming. She didn't like the fact that she had nothing in her room while her neighbour, Sandra had a generator, television set, standing fan, boom player, in fact everything in her room. Sandra's room was a haven!
If Sandra, a student like her could get all of those things, why couldn't she? She had asked herself. This was her justifiable reason for missing today's class.
She had thought about Doctor Charles’ offer for quite some time now. She had heard of how rich and influential he was. Even though she had initially promised herself never to do it with a married man, she had reconsidered her decision.
She wasn't the one who went after him, after all, he was the one who picked interest in her and started stalking her. Though she had earlier avoided him, but right now, she was in urgent need of money and he was rich enough to get her just what she wanted.
After stocking her room with all of what Sandra had and more, she promised herself she wasn't going to ‘do it’ anymore. She was going to fully concentrate on her studies and everything will go back to the way they used to be.
She picked her phone, fiddled with it a little while before she dialled Doctor Charles’ number. He had given her his number a long time ago and asked her to call him whenever she had a change of mind.
Obviously, today was the day the doctor was looking forward to. The phone barely rang when his voice came through. He was very excited when he realized it was Pamela.
Without wasting time, he told her where to meet up with him. After the call, she gave a deep breath, walked to the bathroom and took her bath.
She came out a few minutes later and started to dress up. If she must appear before such a highly influential personality, she needed to package herself very well.
She looked at her hair and realized it looked unkempt. Her wig wasn't fine enough in her eyes. She thought of Sandra who had almost all types of wigs, shoes, bags and clothes and decided to go borrow one of her wigs.
So she went to Sandra's room and knocked. When Sandra opened the door, she meekly asked for her wig and Sandra gave her after a brief orientation.
As soon as got back to her room, she locked her door and began to brush the wig, talking to herself.
“Don’t worry, very soon, I'll have all of these wigs, shoes, clothes and bags in excess, such that, you'll also come to beg me for mine,” She said, referring to Sandra.
She looked at the heels she intended wearing and noticed they were kind of substandard. She thought of going back to ask Sandra for one of her fine shoes, but changed her mind because she wasn't ready for another round of orientation.
After she was done dressing up, she picked her phone, walked out of her room and locked her door. She didn't find it difficult getting a cab. When she approached the address given to her by Doctor Charles, she called him and he assured her he was waiting for her.
After the cab driver dropped her in front of the big building, she called the doctor again and he told her to look behind her. When she did, she saw a big, fine Jeep behind and she smiled.
“Hop in baby girl!” Doctor Charles said as he opened the door for her.
“Good afternoon, Doc,” she greeted when she entered the car. She briefly studied the man beside her and concluded he was old enough to be her father.
“Oh baby, stop being official with me, it's so unromantic,” he said as he began to drive.
“I’m sorry...”
“Char-lee. Call me Char-lee” he said, tossing his protruding stomach to the rhythm of Patoranking’s ‘Abule’.
“Char-lee” she said, shyly.
“That sounds so sweet in your mouth, just like you,” he said, grinning.
She became suddenly confused when she noticed that they were completely out of the address he had given her. It suddenly dawned on her that nobody knew her whereabout. She didn't tell anyone.
To be continued...

Expect the part 2 soon.