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Note: this is  a sequel to DESIRE IN DENIAL

Intro: In this episode of this romantic story, Jared and Hannah are in a roller coaster while Cecilia enjoys watching them go through her organized phase. who gets to win in this battle? let's see.

Episode 17

    She quickly sat up when she saw on the CCTV camera, a man walking in through the gate, followed by three of her men who were pointing their guns at him. Then she smiled triumphantly before she stepped out of her office.

“Take him to the dark room, I'm heading there right away,” she ordered one of the men who called to tell her that Jared had been captured. 

When she got to the dark room, she met Jared already tied to a chair with his eyes blindfolded. She turned on the light and told one of her men to untie the cloth from his face.

She had expected Jared to be shocked when he saw her, but he wasn't anything close to it, rather, he smiled and she was very shocked, though she pretended not to show it.

“Why are you smiling, you dick head?” She asked, walking closer to him.

“Never knew you were this brave, Cecilia. But you only wasted your bravery on unnecessary things. Why are you doing this?” Jared asked.

“I thought you were smart? You should've figured out why I did what I did. I mean, was I supposed to throw a party after you ruined my life?

I brought Hannah from the street, fed, sheltered her and took great care of her so that I could get her baby which was a ticket to getting Melvin, but what did you do?

You came from nowhere and took Hannah away from me. I lost Hannah and her baby and most importantly, Melvin. I should have been married to Melvin by now, but for you.

As if that wasn't enough, you went ahead to expose my dad which led to his arrest and death and you expect me to let you go, just like that? You are certainly not as smart as I thought you were, Jared,”

“Our agreement was that you will set Hannah and her child free and take me instead, so please, allow them to go. They're innocent. I'm the cause of all your problems, not Hannah...”

Cecilia laughed loudly, 

“You know, I learnt an adage which says that a stubborn fly will always follow the corpse to the grave. That is exactly Hannah's fate. If she wasn't stubborn, she wouldn't have followed you.

She would have stayed with me. But she decided to run away with you and now, you're telling me she is innocent? You lie. I tricked you, Jared and you stupidly fell for it, how foolish of you to have thought that I'd release her.

I will make sure I watch all of you die. But you needn't get too worried, you will die together because I will take you to her. Maybe in there, you will hug her and her bastard son and die together,”

She turned to the guards and ordered them to take him to the van while she went back to her office to get the key to the basement where Hannah and her baby were locked in.

She first noticed that her office was open and scattered. It suddenly dawned on her that someone had tempered with her office.

She rushed in and saw that her CCTV camera had been destroyed. She opened the cupboard to check for the key, but found nothing. Cecilia had never been this scared before.

It was then that she noticed that aside from the men who followed her to the secret room, her other men were nowhere to be found.

She ran downstairs to tell the men to return Jared to the dark room, only to meet all of her men on the floor, dead. She looked at the floor and saw the handcuff that Jared was supposed to wear.

She was about running back inside when someone held her from behind at gunpoint. She had no option but to surrender.

“You actually thought you were smart, how funny,” he said to her.

“Jared, you can go ahead and shoot me,” she said when she faced him, with her two hands still up.

“Not yet,” Jared said, still pointing the gun at her.

Few minutes later, one of her vans drove in. Just when she was about to jubilate, thinking that perhaps her men had stepped out and now they were back, Jared stepped out of the car, followed by Hannah with her baby.

“Ho.. how is this possible? What's happening?” Cecilia asked when she saw two Jareds, one who was already pointing a gun at her and the other who just arrived.

“You needn't get confused, Cecilia. It's just one of the things I do as an FBI agent,” Jared said and told the other Jared to take off his face.

Cecilia and Hannah watched in bewilderment as the guy who was pointing a gun at her took hold of his face and carefully removed the realistic mask from his face.

Jared had a flashback to where he was driving slowly, confused on what to do, after Cecilia had called to tell him of the kidnap.

Just then, he remembered that he had a realistic face mask that looked exactly like him if worn by another. It was a mask that every one of the FBI agent had, but they were not allowed to take the masks home because it was meant for very important assignments.

So, he drove as fast as he could to the office and went straight to the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and explained everything to him.

The man who already had enough faith in Jared, permitted him to carry the realistic face mask and as well told Tom, a very powerful agent to go with him. He also gave them enough ammunitions.

As planned, Tom wore the mask and drove to the address that Cecilia had texted, while Jared hid outside. As soon as he entered, he was captured by Cecilia's men and taken to the dark room.

When Jared was sure that Cecilia's attention was on Tom in the dark room, he shot the security guard and entered the building.

He was able to kill all the guards, except one whom he captured at gunpoint to get information about Hannah's whereabouts.

The fearful guard told him where Hannah was kept, Cecilia's office and where he could find the key to the basement. After the confession, Jared had no option but to kill the guard and throw him inside one of the rooms. 

He then rushed to Cecilia's office where he destroyed the CCTV camera, got the key and drove with one of Cecilia's Vans to the basement. There, he brought Hannah and her baby out and drove back to the building.

Tom also had a flashback of what he did to Cecilia's men when she left to get the key to the basement. He had seized that opportunity to display his fighting prowess.

He didn't know it was going to be so easy for him. He first attacked the one who was behind him with his elbow, took his gun and before the other two knew what was happening, he shot them all.

He uncuffed himself and hid in a corner with his gun, waiting for Cecilia. As soon as she got down, he captured her and that was how he walked with Jared to bring down Cecilia.

“Peew! It feels so good to get back my face. This thing is so sticky, men! It almost sucked the hell out of me,” Tom said and handed the mask to Jared, “hey, lift your hands very well, I wanna see them, he said to Cecilia who was speechless.

“You can shoot me already...” Cecilia said, frustrated.

“Not too fast, Cecilia. You know, I had warned you to end all of these madness, but I didn't know I was wasting my time because it's obvious that you're a complete replica of your father in character and otherwise.

I'm not sure you will be able to get away with this anymore. Maybe next time...if you survive it, you will learn your lesson,” Jared said, looking at Cecilia.

Just then, the police siren blew close and within a minute, the building was filled with policemen. Cecilia was immediately arrested while Melvin who had come with the police rushed to Hannah and Jared and hugged them.

“Thank you so much, man! You're the best!” Jared said to Tom, hugging him.

“You are welcome, man!” Tom replied, before he looked at Hannah and asked Jared.

“She’s beautiful. Is she your wife?”

“Yes,” Jared replied and winked at Hannah, before they all left.


Melissa arrived Jared's  house as soon as Melvin called to break the news to her. She rushed to Jared, hugged him for such a long time, then to Hannah and also hugged her.

She carried baby Jared and tears dropped from her eyes when she imagined what the innocent boy must have been through in the basement.

“I wish Cecilia could be burnt alive,” Melissa said, unconsciously while hugging the baby.

“The law will take care of her punishment,” Melvin said and she realized he was standing beside her.

“I am so glad this whole thing has finally ended. Hannah dear, go freshen up, I will help you bath the baby. You both need to eat and rest. You must be really really tired,” Melissa said.

“Don't worry Melissa, I'll take care of the baby,” Jared said.

“Why? You just had a very stressful day...” Melissa protested.

“I know, but you can barely bend. Look at your big stomach,” Jared said and everyone laughed.

“Can you even bath a baby?” Melissa asked.

“Oh yes! As a matter of fact, baby Jared has gotten used to me bathing him...”

Just then, the baby became really excited when he saw Jared stretching his hands to carry him. He almost leaped from Melissa's hands. This made Melissa and Melvin to be surprised at how much the baby had become fond of Jared.

Hannah hadn't forgotten the reply Jared gave to Tom. She was going to ask him why he lied to him that they were married. This was the same thing he did at the hospital and now, even the neighbors think that they're a couple.

She remembered that she had admitted to be in love with him, but she hadn't heard him say he loved or was in love with her before. She stated to wonder what his aim was as she watched him walked past them with the baby.

She followed him behind so that she could dress up the baby after he must have bathed him. Melissa and Melvin looked at them in admiration as they disappeared.

“They look so good together,” Melissa said in aw.

“They sure do,” Melvin affirmed, fiddling with his phone.

Melissa observed Melvin who sat adjacent to her. She knew from the way he was so focused on his phone that something wasn't right.

“Melvin, what's up? Is everything alright?”

“Huh?... yeah, everything is fine...” he stuttered.

Just then, his phone rang and he stood up and rushed outside to pick the call, something he hadn't done before.

Melissa was surprised. She wondered what it was that Melvin was hiding from her as she walked to the window and watched him, restlessly talking on the phone as if he was either pleading or arguing with the caller.

Anticipate episode eighteen soon.

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