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Note: This is a sequel to DESIRE IN DENIAL

Intro: In this interesting episode of this romantic love story, it looks like Kelvin wants something from our poor Hannah, what could it be?

Episode 12

"Well, if you don't want to be fired, then you have to do exactly as I will tell you," Kevin said, grinning in a way that irritated Hannah.

"What's that?" Hannah asked, already scared.

Kevin thought for a while, looking at her. He seemed to be battling with his mind. He buried his two hands in his pockets, before he finally replied to her.

"Never mind, just don't get on my nerves again, you might not like my reaction next time. Come on, get to work.

Make brunch for dad, he needs to take his medicines, and for me too, I'm starving. You know where the cookbook is," he said before leaving.

Hannah breathed a deep sigh of relief before starting the day's activities. She wondered what Kevin wanted her to do and why he changed his mind.

Whatever it was that he wanted her to do, there was a possibility that he'd want her to do it without a change of mind the next time she gets him angry, she thought.

She had perceived it to be something that'd be unfavorable to her, so she made up her mind she wouldn't give him that opportunity to push her to any tight corner. So, she'd do everything she could not to get him angry again.

Hannah noticed something unusual about Kevin that day. He started stealing glances at her whenever he walked past her.

Sometimes, he just strolled to the kitchen and opened the fridge without getting anything. Then he'd use that opportunity, staring at her, not saying a word. This made her feel uncomfortable.

She didn't know what he was trying to do, but she did not like it at all. In fact, she suddenly wished she went to school, surly, she wouldn't have been working as a cook and cleaner.

That evening, when she was done and about leaving, Kevin offered for the first time to drive her home, but she insisted.

He insisted too with the excuse that it was already late and she was with a baby. She agreed, after a rethink.

When they got to her place, he helped her carry baby Jared inside, while she followed behind.

She opened the door and they both walked in, silently. He then handed the baby to her, buried his hands in his pockets again before he asked her the question he had been battling to ask.

"You have a nice place," he started

"Thank you"

"Are you married?" He finally asked.

"No," she quickly answered.

"Well then, I guess you're in a relationship," he said, waiting for her response.

"Yes, I,"

He smiled.

"Which should I believe?"

"I'm not in a relationship. My boyfriend passed away,"

"Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that...I should not have asked," he said when he noticed that she had become moody.

"It's fine,"

"I'll take my leave. Please take care of yourself and your baby and don't be late for work tomorrow," he said before he left.

Hannah looked at her ever cheerful son, he was growing into a very handsome boy. She kissed him and he giggled and took hold of her hair that had fallen around her face.

"What exactly does Kevin wants?" She asked the innocent baby who had now engaged himself, busy dragging her hair as though none of what she said concerned him.

Then he beamed a smile that got saliva dripping from his mouth and babbled something, then giggled at Hannah again.

"Exactly my point! He can't just be nice all of a sudden. There is a reason. Do you think he's beginning to develop likeness for me or it's something else?" She asked the baby again.

This time, the baby didn't mumble a word. He was so busy trying to drag her hair into his mouth. When Hannah noticed this, she carefully waved her hair to her back so that he couldn't reach out to it again.

When he noticed this, his countenance changed and as he was about to protest by waving his hands and legs, she brought out her breast and on sighting it, he began to jubilate before he took hold of it and began to suck it happily.

After bathing her baby and putting him to sleep, she showered and was about making dinner for herself when her phone started to beep.

She rushed to get it and realized it was Jared who was calling her. She watched as the phone rang till it ended. When the call ended, she suddenly wished she picked it.

She was about dropping the phone on the table to continue with what she was doing when she saw a message notification. She opened the message, it was Jared's.

"I really want to see you, Hannah. I've missed you so much. Please just tell me your house address, I want to talk to you"

She read the message over and over again and thought of ignoring it, but on a second thought, she felt she hadn't been treating him really nice by snubbing his calls.

So, she typed her house address and sent it to him.

"Thank you so much" he messaged back immediately.


Cecilia was able to gather all the information she needed to know about Brenda from Felix.

She monitored Brenda's movement till she knew exactly how she was going to get her to achieve her plans.

When she realized she was very active on social media, she started to follow her.

She noticed she loved being praised and decided to compliment one of her pictures and it worked because they started chatting immediately.

"Your outfit is splendid! I'm sure Jared must be so proud to have you as his girlfriend," she messaged her.

The message arrested Brenda's attention because she hadn't disclosed to anyone about Jared.

"How did you know about Jared?" She asked.

Cecilia smiled.

"Because I am a close friend and I want to help you. I know what you're going through because of Hannah.

I'm sure you didn't know that it's because of Hannah that Jared is avoiding you. Hannah has a dangerous plan and I thought I should let you know," Cecilia said, waiting for her reply.

"Who exactly are you and what is Hannah planning to do?" Brenda asked.

"My name is Cecilia. As I said earlier, I am a friend and I want to help you..."

"Then spit it out already!"

"No darling, not too fast. if I must tell you, then I have to do it vis-à-vis..."

"When and where do we meet?" Brenda asked.

"Your favorite spot, Wendy's Garden, by 4pm tomorrow. Deal?"

Brenda wondered how she knew that Wendy's Garden was her favorite spot.

"Deal," she said.

And so, the next day, they met at the garden as agreed. Cecilia ordered for drinks and Brenda's favourite meal. This made Brenda to like her already.

Cecilia saw how free Brenda suddenly became with her, this was exactly what she wanted and she succeeded.

"So, how did you know so much about my private life?" Brenda popped up the question again in the middle of the drinks they were having.

"Your question should be, what is Hannah planning to do?" Cecilia said, crossing her legs.

"I want to know everything, I'm desperate to know,"

"Good. After Hannah left Jared's house, she decided since she couldn't have Jared, she wouldn't let you have him. So, she's planning to kill you.

Meanwhile, Jared is crazy about her. He wants her, but since you're already there, he's pretending to get over her. But he hasn't.

So, I think you need to do something before Hannah becomes faster than you. She needs to be eliminated," Cecilia said.

Brenda was shocked. She didn't like Hannah, but she also didn't think Hannah was that evil to start thinking of how to kill her.

But on a second thought, she believed Cecilia. Hannah had never liked her. She was in love with Jared and Brenda knew that any desperate woman would do anything to have a man.

"How do I do it? How do I end that good for nothing low life bitch?" Brenda asked.

"Good question. I know where she lives, so I'll show you on our way back,"

"Okay, what do I do?"

"You will set her house ablaze with her and her baby locked inside,"

"How do I go about that? I wanna do it real quick!"

You need not worry, I'll tell you how to do it without anyone suspecting you," Cecilia said, smiling within herself.

On their way back, Cecilia showed Hannah's house to Brenda before they drove off.

That same evening, Jared decided to visit Hannah after he learnt that she was back from work.

He was very happy to see her baby, he had missed him so much. While he was playing with the baby at the sitting room, Hannah decided to use that opportunity to make dinner.

But then, she was really exhausted. From the way she yawned and stretched, Jared didn't need anyone to tell him that she was tired.

He told her to watch over baby Jared while he went to the kitchen to help her make dinner.

She watched him as he made the food and remembered the scenario that happened in his kitchen some days back.

After dinner, Jared offered to bath the baby and she couldn't insist because she was really tired. She assisted him till he was done bathing the happy child.

When she put the baby to sleep, she was expecting him to leave since it was already getting late, but he told her he came to spend the night at her place.

"What if Brenda gets worried about you?" Hannah asked.

Just then, Brenda's call came in and he looked at Hannah and refused to pick the call.

"Why aren't you picking your call? She will be worried that something must have happened to you. Pick up, at least tell her you are okay," Hannah suggested.

"Why do you care so much about people who don't even care about you?" He asked.

They were seated in the living room, but it seemed to Jared they were too far away from each other, so he left his chair and joined Hannah on the couch.

He was now too close that Hannah suddenly became uncomfortable. Why was she always having this feeling whenever he was around her. She thought.

And now, he just held her hands and was too close to her. A part of her wanted to push him away, while the other part wanted him to stay.

"Hum,... I... dunno..." She stuttered.

"Hannah, I just want to know one thing and I will be fine,"

"What's that?" She quickly asked.

"Are you in love with me?"

Hannah suddenly looked down. What was the need to tell him the truth when there was another woman in his life who was even ready to kill to have him? She thought.

She stood up, abruptly.

"Jared, there's no need. You have Brenda. I do not fit into your class. I am not sophisticated. I am not rich. I never went to school. I..."

"Hannah, you haven't answered my question," Jared also stood up, facing her.

"Yes Jared, I am in love with you, but it doesn't..."

Jared released all the abandonment, the craving, the yearning, the hunger for this woman and all the heated passion he had held for so long, into the kiss that Hannah never saw coming.

Hannah melted on him. Her legs were trembling such that, she couldn't stand again. Jared supported her, while devouring her at the same time.

No woman had ever gotten him this crazy before. When he noticed that she didn't want to let go of him at all, he lowered her to the couch and deepened the kiss.

They were so engaged in the kiss that they didn't notice the smoke that had begun to engulf the house.

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