UNTAMED DESIRE - Romantic Love Story - Episode 9  | Stories by Ima Udott
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Note: This is a sequel to DESIRE IN DENIAL

Intro: With Brenda in the picture, Jared has to make some unfavorable decisions which might likely affect Hannah. Find out how Hannah copes in this romantic love story.

Episode 9

Jared barely replied when she jumped on him and kissed him.

"Thank you, baby! I knew you still love me," she said and rolled her box to his room.

Jared ran his hands through his hair, lowered himself on the couch, closed his eyes and began to think deeply. He wondered why he accepted Brenda back so easily. 

He had had a really strong thing for Brenda. She was, in fact, the girl he had visualized spending the rest of his life with.

He did a mental elaboration of her misdeeds and scaled them one after the other, then concluded she was after all not completely bad, at least she was better than Kiva and Ricky.
Her father forced her into an arranged relationship with his friend's son so that he could protect the interest of his company.

She was willing to run away to Jared, but her father had threatened to disown her if she left. Though Jared was angry because he was willing to do anything for her, but she was in a state of dilemma.

She needed to choose between her father and Jared. Jared felt really unhappy when she told him she couldn't continue with the relationship because according to her, her father was very important to her.

Jared had always hoped she was going to return to him someday, but when he heard of her plan to get married, he became depressed and decided to move on.

A week to the wedding, her father died and everything changed. She immediately broke up with the man and after her father's burial, she found her way back to Jared's life.

Brenda had manipulative means of controlling Jared's mind, maybe because he had sincerely loved her.

He wondered if she would have remembered he even existed, talk more of visiting him to spend time with him if she was married to the man her father had arranged for her.

He wasn't even sure what her plans were, when they were dating she wanted a lot even when she had all and when she didn't get what she wanted, she would throw tantrums and break stuffs until he answered her. 

But she was fun too. They had had a healthy sexual appetite; he couldn't even count the number of times they had had hot action in his car, the bathroom and every other place he could think of. 

Maybe she being there wouldn't be so bad, sure he didn't feel anything for her anymore, but he also wasn't sure of where he stood with Hannah and he didn't want to hurt her so he'd just play along with Brenda until they both got tired.

"Jared, where're you? I wanna show you something," Brenda's voice brought him back from his thoughts.

He stood up and sluggishly strolled to the room where he met Brenda stripping her clothes off. She took off her last cloth when he locked the door behind him.

She threw the cloth on the bed and pulled Jared who seemed not to get over her attractive and extremely voluptuous body. She had spent so much to keep her body in a perfect shape.

Jared was speechless. He had missed this crazy lady. He suddenly realized he hadn't been with any woman ever since he took Hannah into his house. 

This was the longest period he had stayed without having sex and even thinking about it or desiring it and he wondered why.

He had missed having fun, making love and enjoying the sensations that comes with it. He really needed this badly and here was the woman he once loved, presenting it on a platter of gold for him.

He followed Brenda sheepishly as she pulled him to the bathroom as though he was hypnotized.

They barely entered the bathroom when Brenda began to kiss him. Her hands began to work on his shirt and before he knew it, his shirt was on the floor.

She didn't find it difficult taking off his trousers. She quickly squatted, took hold of Jared's hard cock, causing him to moan in pleasure.

She ran her tongue around the cap, watching his facial expression, then gradually took in his full cock and began to suck it.

Jared clenched his left fists, closed his eyes and suddenly visualized Hannah squatting before him, he pulled her head with his right hand so that she could take in everything.

"Oh Hannah, you're so good. I want you, all of you, Hannah," Jared said amidst his loud moan.

Brenda halted and stood up, making Jared to open his eyes and ask her why she had to stop.

She looked angrily at him, walked briskly out of the bathroom back to the room, carried her garment and threw it around herself.

Jared was confused. He didn't know why she suddenly changed her mind when she had successfully got him aroused.

He was still very hard, so even after he wore his shorts, his cock was stubbornly strong and straight as though it was pointing the way for him to follow.

"Brenda, what's wrong? Why the sudden change of mind?" He asked when he got to the room.

Brenda did not respond to him. She looked at him in disgust and went back to fiddling with her phone.

"Brenda, I'm talking to you. Why did..."

"Go and ask your Hannah, I think she has the best answer," she snapped.

"I don't understand. Where are all these coming from?"

"You know Jared, I was so stupid to believe you when you said she was just your friend. I was even more stupid not to ask what brought her here and whose child she's with.

How could you lie to me that she was just your friend? Even if you had to do it, did you have to do it with such a dirty looking thing like that?

Jared, I thought very highly of you. I never expected you to mingle with such a provincial and barbarous thing like Hannah. You're more than that..."

"Stop it, Brenda! How dare you refer to Hannah as a thing? I won't have you call her names anymore, else..."

"Else you will send me away and welcome her to come do it the way she has always done to you, huh? You couldn't even pretend I was here, Jared. 

You had the guts to call me Hannah while I was having a moment with you. I thought you loved me, Jared," she broke into tears.

Jared knew he had to do something, else she was going to throw her usual tantrums and everything in the room would be landed on the floor and she could even end up hurting herself with any sharp object she could lay her hands on. She was good at doing that.

He quickly climbed the bed when he noticed she had started to drag the bedsheets off and took hold of her.

He needed to tell her exactly what she needed to hear if he was ready to have a peaceful night rest. This was a situation he never liked. How was he to tell her he didn't feel a thing for her anymore?

"I'm sorry, Brenda. I didn't know I mention Hannah... I didn't even hear myself say it. I'm really sorry..."

"Jared, who exactly is she? I wanna know. Tell me now," she said, still crying.

Jared watched as she dragged the diaper beside the bed and blew her nose in it, then continued crying. He wished she could just not talk about this.

"She is my friend..."

"And the baby?"

"It's her baby,"

"You mean, your baby?"

"No. I'm not the father. Brenda, Hannah is a lady I help. She named her baby after me because I saved her. She has no where to go to and that's why I accommodated her, that's all," Jared said.

"Why not get her a flat instead? If you really wanna help her, get her a flat and let her go stay there and take care of her baby"

"I will, but for now, you have to calm down okay? You know we haven't talked about you. There are certain things we need to talk about tomorrow, but now, let's just sleep. I'm sorry for everything," 

He cuddled her till she fell asleep then stepped out to cool down his head. He met Hannah in the kitchen, making pancakes.

He knew her baby had once again sucked everything out of her. He suddenly wished he was there to make the food for her, but she was already almost done.

She turned and saw him staring at her. She was surprised because she was expecting him to be asleep since it was already late into the night.

"Thought you'd be asleep by now," she said and brought out a saucer, "I made pancakes, care for some?"

Her calmness and  ever cheerful appearance got Jared wondering if she ever gets angry. Being around her always gave him an innermost peace that he couldn't comprehend.

He was just too comfortable with her. He sometimes wished they never end their conversations because he found himself always wanted to be around her, to talk to her, to watch her laugh melodiously.

He wished he could tell her she had the most beautiful laughter. And even with the amorphous clothes she wore and her usual unkempt hair, she still had a very strong effect on him, the type he couldn't comprehend.

"Sure, I'll just take one, thanks," he said and made to pick the pancake from the saucer.

"Wait. Let me quickly make tea so we can drink together with the pancakes,"

She didn't wait for him to respond, she quickly got the mugs and started to make tea. Jared just sat there, watching her in great admiration.

She brought the tea and dropped them on the table, then sat adjacent to him and they both began to eat and drink.

Jared loved the tea and the pancake. She did it exactly the way he loved. He soon finished his pancake and Hannah smiled when she noticed he wanted more but couldn't say it.

She carried her plate and stretched it for him to take more and he did, thanked her and began to devour it once again.

"I'm very sorry for what happened earlier today," he finally said.

"It's fine. You don't have to be sorry. Is she alright?" Hannah asked, looking sincerely concerned.

Jared wondered what kind of a lady Hannah was to still care about the health of a woman who had earlier been so rude to her. Something inside of him melted as he looked at Hannah.

"Sure... she's okay. She's asleep,"

"Oh, that's okay. I'm very sorry if I am in anyway inconveniencing you, I'm planning to go look for a job. As soon as I'm able to find one, I'll be able to get an apartment," she said.

"No Hannah, you can stay here for as long as you want..."

"I know. You have shown me nothing but kindness, I will forever be grateful to you but you know I can't stay here forever, I need to do something for myself...I need to get a job so I can take care of my baby,"
"It's okay, I understand. But even if you leave here, I want you to know that you're always welcome to visit me any time. This is your home too," Jared said.

"Thank you."

They were both done eating, so Hannah packed her plate and turned to go carry Jared's. His eyes helplessly rested on her as she carried the plates to the sink.

After washing the dishes, she turned to leave and realized Jared was behind her. He wasn't just behind, he was close. Too close that if she took any further step, she'd walk straight into him.

Her heart began to beat fast as he got closer to her. It looked like her legs were paralyzed so that she could not retrieve her steps even as he was drawing nearer to her.

Jared didn't want to listen to anything else that night, except his heart. He was acting according to the instructions of his heart not mind.

He had tried, but couldn't stop himself anymore. He was going crazy and he needed to take his heart to where it was yearning to be, else he would just go insane.

His hands found their way to Hannah's beautiful face and his eyes hungrily roamed her already parted  pink lips. 

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