Episode 8

Jared looked at her for another while before he gave her a reply that got her heart skipping.

"Yes, I have a girlfriend," he replied, studying her reaction. 

When he didn't say anything else, Hannah looked at him, trying to cover up whatever she was wrestling with within her.

"You've never brought her home... I don't mean to intrude, but..."

"Wait, why are you so bothered? Do you like me?" That came out too straight. Jared suddenly wished he didn't say it.

"No..no.. I'm really sorry, I shouldn't have asked"

"I'm sorry Hannah, I didn't mean to be rude. I was kidding when I said I had a girlfriend. I don't. Actually, I'm just too occupied to think of getting one,"

"Oh," Hannah didn't know why she felt heartbroken.

Why was she even interested anyway? He didn't even think about her. He only did all of what he did at the hospital out of pity and not because he had anything special for her, she thought.

Once again, she unconciously reminded herself of her position in his life. She was nothing but an uneducated street girl who was saved and sheltered out of pity by this kind-hearted man.

She had no right to fall in love with him. Why would she, when there were thousands of sophisticated ladies out there to meet up his taste?

It would be a disrespect for her to start nursing something for a man like Jared. He was too neat, educated, rich and very handsome to even be seen with a girl like her, talk more of getting into a relationship with her.

This wasn't a movie where the rich falls for the poor, reforms her, and gets married to her. This was reality where the rich only mingle with the rich and vice versa.

She promised herself never to think of such anymore. What she should be thinking of was how to get a job so she could make some money and get herself an apartment.

Jared had done more than enough, sheltering and feeding her for almost a year. If not for him, she would've been dead by now, so she owed him her life time appreciation.

She ate quietly while Jared sat beside her, watching her. She didn't know that while she was so completely engaged in her thoughts, Jared was also engrossed in his own thoughts.

Jared wondered why she asked him those questions. He didn't want to take any action that'd hurt her, if only she knew she meant so much to him.

He had never seen a girl as well-mannered as Hannah. She could be from the street, but she was so intelligent. 

She was a good conversation keeper. She could be uneducated, but she had a little idea on almost everything. She was an epitome of beauty, she was even more beautiful after putting to birth.

Jared saw himself unworthy of her. She was too good for him. He had played with ladies' heart and left them in the past, that's why he wanted to be careful not to do same to her. She deserved a better man.

He watched as she left to bed after she thanked him for the meal he prepared for her. 

He tried to take his eyes off her; her back; her curvy waist; her long straight legs; her long thick hair that dangled left and right as she walked; her whole body, but couldn't help staring till she completely disappeared.

He ran his hands through his hair, something he did whenever he was frustrated or needed something badly.


Cecilia tried to, but she wasn't still able to get over her father's death. He was the only one left for her. 

She was angry with him because of his many atrocities, in fact, she was ready to disown him but she didn't know his death was going to have such effect on her.

Despite the fact that he was responsible for the death of her mother, she still somehow missed him. Maybe it was because he had never been unnice to her before.

In fact, he had been the best father to her. He had protected her, written beautiful letters to her while at South Africa, surprised her with beautiful gifts on her birthdays.

She laid on her bed, hugging the big teddy bear he had bought for her on one of her birthdays. She cried uncontrollably, questioning him why he had to do all of what he did.

She had packed all her things, ready to go back to South Africa and start a new life. She had no one and she had lost them all here. So, staying here was only going to remind her of everything.

She cried the more when she remembered she couldn't get pregnant. She regretted the life she had lived in the past. It looked like she had lost everything. 

She suddenly sat up and cleaned off her tears. She was the one who brought Hannah to the picture. She picked her from the street and took care of her, only for Jared to take her away.

Everything that happened to her is linked to Jared. He first ruined her plan of getting Hannah's baby, which led to her inability to get Melvin, the man she had truly loved.

And now, he had exposed her father which led to his death. Jared was the root of all her problems. He was the reason for her sadness.

For that, she made up her mind that she was going to do anything to ruin his own happiness. Since he didn't want to see her happy, she was going to to make sure he suffered, just the way she was suffering.

This time, she wasn't going as an enemy anymore, she was in fact going to gather them all and ask for their forgiveness so that none of them could suspect her next action.

She was going to make them trust her so much that when she starts to revenge, they wouldn't even think of suspecting her. Jared thought he was smart, but she'd show him that she's way smarter than him. 

The thought of her new plan gave her the strength that she had never had before. She suddenly beamed a smile, stood up and walked to the bathroom to wash herself.

She wasn't going to South Africa anymore, not until her plans have been executed. This time, nothing will stop her from succeeding.


Melissa had fully resumed her work. She had employed Selena to take the position of Priscilla. Selena was much better than Priscilla in all ramifications.

She was full of ideas and intelligent suggestions towards the growth of the company. Because of this, Melissa often went to her for suggestions whenever she wanted to make a decision.

Melissa's clients increased everyday and she became the most talked about sex therapist on social media and real life.

Melvin never stopped loving his wife. The only problem he had with Melissa was that she was too stubborn.

Even after the doctor had warned her not to stress herself, she didn't heed to the advice. She was so busy with work that she sometimes forgot she wasn't supposed to do certain things.

Melvin kept reminding her of the doctor's warning, but she assured him she was doing just fine, though she always ended up having waist and back pain most nights when she returned from work.

Melvin wasn't tired of giving her the massage she needed, but he wasn't happy that she didn't listen to him and the doctor.

"You're stubborn, Melissa. I hope you know that?" He asked her one night when he was giving her a massage.

"Melvin, you have reminded me this for the umpteenth time," she said, amidst a groan.

"Very soon, I'll stop you from doing anything.  When I say anything, I mean it,"

Melissa laughed for a long time before she replied him.

"Including going to work?" She asked.


Melissa burst into another round of laughter.

"And you're gonna become my clients' new sex therapist?"

"Melissa, I'm serious,"

Melissa laughed again.

"Melvin, you take things too seriously. Okay, fine. I promise not to stress myself anymore. Melvin, I'm only pregnant, not sick. I am very strong..."

"Oh, I see how strong you are. You're so strong that I have to be giving you a massage every night, else you'd be crying like a baby by midnight"

Melissa chuckled.

"Am I not your baby?" 

"Sure, you are, but then, you have to..."

"Come here lover boy," Melissa shut him up with a kiss which led to love making.


Hannah was playing with her baby at the garden when she saw a very beautiful lady walked into the house with a box.

Jared was at home, but she still wanted to know who the lady was, so she carried her baby and went inside the house. She paused when she heard their conversations.

"Brenda, what do you want?" Jared asked the sophisticated lady.

"Jared, I'm really sorry. For how long are you going to be angry with me? I know I screwed up, but you can't just let go all the memories we shared together.

The good times we spent, the dreams we planned to bring to reality. The love we shared. Jared, please let's forget the past and try again. Please," Brenda said.

Just then, Hannah coughed and both Jared and Brenda realized her presence. Brenda gave Hannah a look that told her she didn't like her one bit.

"I believe she's your house help," Brenda said to Jared.

"You won't use such a language to address my friend," Jared said to Brenda.

Just a friend, Hannah thought, fighting back the tears in her eyes. Why was she even this emotional? He was right, she was just his friend. What else was she expecting him to say?

"Hannah, meet Brenda, my ex girlfriend. Brenda, Hannah...my friend,"

"It's nice to meet you, Brenda. I was just going to the room," Hannah said and left.

"Jared, please. Just give me a week and you'll see how different I have become,"

Jared barely replied when she jumped on him and kissed him.

"Thank you, baby! I knew you still love me," she said and rolled her box to his room, head high.

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