Episode 7

She screamed when she saw the person  in front of her. Suddenly, everything turned black and she fell to the ground, unconcious.

Jared carried her like a baby back into her house, laid her on the bed and went back to the trash she was supposed to burn.

He picked up one of the letters which Martins wrote to her while she was at South Africa and read it. He somehow felt pity for her.

He understood now why she acted the way she did when he exposed Martins through the audio he played.

But he needed to know why she willingly ran to them at the hospital to expose Priscilla.  

Because if he was in her shoes, maybe he wouldn't have exposed Priscilla, knowing very well that there's a possibility that once Priscilla is exposed, the true culprit would be exposed too.

He went back inside and just then, she woke up and found herself on her bed, covered with a duvet.

She looked up and saw Jared smiling at her. She quickly sat up. She didn't need to be told that he now knew she was Martins daughter. 

She had always known Jared was a very smart guy. She wondered what kind of work he was into that made him keep exposing her and ruining her plans.

"What do you want?" Cecilia asked.

Jared pulled a stool and sat beside her. He gave her a kind of look she couldn't comprehend, then smiled.

"Why are you tensed?" He finally asked.

"I am not..."

"Then why did you slump when you saw me?"

"I was tired,"

"Cecilia, you don't have to keep covering up the crime of your father. I understand you did it because you wanted to save his life, but justice has to prevail.

How would you feel if a man who was supposed to be your step father forcefully sleeps with you at a very tender age and threatens to kill you if you expose him?"

Cecilia broke down in tears.

"I couldn't tell Melissa. I couldn't show her the letter because I wanted to save dad. I'm so sorry, Jared"

Jared was confused. He didn't know about the letter because the cops were yet to go back to Martins' house for a thorough inspection.

"Do you have the letter with you?" 

"Yes. I took a picture of it," she opened her phone, scrolled to where the letter was and gave it to Jared.

Jared read it and his hands began to tremble as he realized that his instincts were actually not wrong. Melissa was his sister.

He had a flash back of a woman who once visited him at the orphanage home and whispered to him about a certain girl who had the same birthmark on the same spot as his. He had forgotten her name.

The woman had refused to admit she was his mother, because he was made to believe he was an orphan, but she had whispered to him that when he was old enough to leave the orphanage home, he should go look for his sister.

He didn't really understand what the woman meant by then because he was just three years old. 

He felt strangely attached to Melissa when he first went to her office as a client. After then, he didn't just know why something within him kept pushing him to be there for her.

It was when he first invited Melissa to his house and saw the birthmark on her shoulder when she was drunk that he began to wonder who she was and why he was so strongly bonded with her.

When he kept telling her she would soon know why he was helping her, he didn't even know why, but he believed she wasn't far from being his sister. 

All he needed was a good investigation for confirmation, but the traumas Melissa kept going through didn't give him the chance for the investigation because he was too busy trying to help her.

He didn't even know that he was busy helping his sister. And he didn't know when he had unconciously called her his sister while he was having an argument with Melvin at the hospital.

Blood indeed was so thick that it bonded him with his sister till the truth was finally unraveled. Jared had never been this emotional.

Cecilia watched as tears ran down Jared's eyes. She felt very guilty that she had to hide such a letter from him and Melissa.

"He killed my father and took his wealth. He made my mother give me out to an orphanage home. He molested my only sister. 

He killed my mother and as if that wasn't enough, he still went all out to torment my sister. What exactly was our crime?' Jared asked.

Cecilia couldn't help but also allow the tears she had been holding back to fall. She imagined what Jared must've been going through at the orphanage home. The loneliness.

She had no right to call him her step brother because she hadn't acted like a sister even when she found out the truth. She wished she told him.

"I'm sorry, Jared. I really am," she said, holding his hands.

"Today, everyone except Hannah will be at the station to interrogate your father and Priscilla. I want you to be there,"

He stood up to leave "And, I knew about what you wanted to do to Hannah. I will pardon you on one condition..."

"Please, what's the condition?" Cecilia asked, already scared.

"I want you to arrest Doctor Fred, the evil man who has been deceiving women by selling their babies for money.

Get him and all his staff arrested. That is the only task I'm giving to you. When you are the one arresting him, there's nothing he will tell the police about you that they'll believe,"

"I will. I definitely will get him arrested. Thank you so much Jared for not exposing me, I promise to turn a new leaf," Cecilia said.

Jared nodded and left. He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he almost walked past his car.


At the police station, Priscilla was first brought to the interrogation room where Melissa, Melvin, Jared and Cecilia were waiting.

Melissa first gave Priscilla the kind of slap she had never gotten before in her entire life. When she was made to sit, Melissa started off immediately.

"Why did you betray me, after all the things I did for you, Priscilla?"

"I'm sorry ma'am. I don't know what came over me...I was just being greedy... I'm really sorry," Priscilla stuttered.

"So you would've felt very comfortable giving out your boss to be killed because of your greediness" Jared chipped in.

"I asked him why he was doing it. I swear to God, I didn't know he was planning to kill her. I only did it because he promised to give me a job and a huge amount of money"

Melvin gave her another slap, "So you were ready to trade your boss, my wife for money? How wicked of you!" He screamed.

"I'm really sorry..."

"Shut the f**k up! You aren't sorry for any shit! If you weren't caught, would you have been sorry? By the time we're done with you, if you survive it, you will learn your lesson. Idiot," Jared said.

After the interrogation, she was taken out and Martins was brought into the interrogation room.

"Here's the surprise," Melvin whispered to Melissa.

"He was caught?" Melissa said in astonishment.

Nobody told her Martins was caught. It was supposed to be a surprise and she was indeed surprised to see her step father.

Despite being cuffed, Martins still looked at Melissa lustfully. He seemed not to be afraid of anyone and obviously didn't regret any of his actions.

Melvin squeezed Melissa's hand to assure her he was there for her. She had already started remembering the things Martins had made her do, merely staring at him.

When tears began to fall from her eyes, Martins laughed so hard that he started to cough as hard as he laughed.

"It's so sweet to know that I still have the same effect on you the way I did back then.

You know, I didn't regret killing my wife and your father just to destroy your family. I hated Tony, your father, despite the fact that he was my best friend.

I hated him so much because he was more successful than I was. I hated the way things went with him.

He had money and he was going to get married to a very beautiful woman, being your mother, Monica.

I made sure I first robbed him of his wealth without his knowledge. Yes, I was the one who swindled his money and took over his company after I killed him.

I didn't get married to Monica because I loved her, I wanted to take over everything. That was why I made her send her baby boy away. 

I intended killing him, but she came back one day crying and told me he died at the orphanage home. That gave me the strength to do whatever pleased me.

I thought of killing you, Melissa, but another thought came to my mind and that was to use you as my sex doll to satisfy my sexual urge.

I didn't know I was going to enjoy you that much, till I became obsessed with you. Before I killed your mom, I promised her I was gonna find you and taadaa! I did!

I feel so good to know that my presence still has the same effect on you the way it did when you were a child.

And those present pictures were framed. Your husband was so stupid to easily believe it was you. I was actually having fun, imagining your naked body on my bed, so I decided to make it a reality. Hahaha, am I not a genius?" Martins said, laughing.

"You.... you killed mom?" Cecilia asked amidst tears.

"Yes! Cece, your mom was too good. When I planned to kill Tony, your mom wasn't in support and so, I feared she would expose me. So, I killed her"

"You're wicked! There I was, trying to save you, not knowing you were a beast! You deserve a death sentence," Cecilia screamed.

"You might want to see this, Doctor Walter," one of the policemen said, walking into the room, "we just got back from Mr. Martins' house. We saw this," he gave a big envelope to Melissa.

Melissa opened the envelope and found her pictures. She brought them all out and a letter fell out too.

She picked the letter and read it out loud so that everyone could hear it. Jared and Cecilia were not surprised because they had seen it earlier.

Melissa looked at Jared and remembered how he had been there for her and how he kept telling her she'd soon get to know why he was helping her and Melvin suddenly remembered when Jared called Melissa his sister at the hospital.

"Did you know?" Melissa and Melvin asked Jared in unison.

"I didn't, but somehow, I felt I did. I was going to look for my sister, but something kept drawing me to you, Melissa and I believe that thing is the blood ties we share. Now, I know that you are my sister," Jared said.

Melissa rushed to Jared and he embraced her in his arms for a very long while. The others just looked at them, some shedding tears of joy.

"My mother told you I was dead because she didn't want you to come to the orphanage and kill me. So, as you can see, I am not dead, Mr. Martins," Jared said to Martins who was now confused.

Oh, I see. She was smart, I must commend," Martins said.

Melvin was very happy with the way things turned out. This was the best day of his life. Melissa was finally going to have a peace of mind.


Martins and Priscilla were charged to court. For blackmailing and being an accomplice to a deadly crime, Priscilla was sentenced to ten years imprisonment.

Martins was sentenced to death by electrocution. Jared took over his father's properties, though he still worked as an FBI. No one knew until he 
told them.

With the help of Cecilia, Doctor Fred and his accomplice were arrested and given due punishment for their crime. The hospital where they carried out their evil act was locked down.


Back at the hospital where Hannah was, Jared arrived just in time to take her and her baby home.

He told her everything that happened at the police station. She was very happy to know that Melissa was finally okay and that she had a brother as kind as Jared.

The doctor had announced to them that Hannah was strong enough to be discharged. Hannah was very excited because she was already tired of the smell of the hospital.

When they got home, Hannah was very surprised when Melvin and Melissa welcomed them in a grand style.

They had thrown a surprise party to welcome her and her baby home. It was Melissa who suggested the plan to Jared and he immediately adopted it.

After the party, Melvin left with Melissa. In the car, the lovers chatted about Jared and Hannah.

"I think Jared likes Hannah," Melissa started.

"No, I think it's the other way around," Melvin said.


"Didn't you see the way Hannah kept stealing glances at Jared? She obviously likes him"

"And you think Jared doesn't like her?"

"Hm... I don't really know. But what I'm wondering is why he acted as the father of the baby at the hospital," Melvin said.

"It's because he likes her,"

"What if it's because he was just pitying her?"

"Well, we will soon know," Melissa replied with a smile.

Back at Jared's house, Hannah had just put the baby to bed when Jared walked into the room to check on her.

"He's already asleep," Jared said, admiring the baby who was peacefully asleep in the cot.

"Shh... let's go outside, I don't want us to wake him up," Hannah said in a whisper.

Jared smiled. When they got out of the room, Hannah yawned.

"I bet you're very tired," Jared said.

"And hungry too. He sucked all the food I ate out of me. I feel lightheaded..."

"So sorry about that. Come sit here, I'll prepare something for you," Jared said, pulling out a chair in the kitchen for her.

Hannah sat and watched as Jared got himself busy. She couldn't help admiring everything about him.

She had been meaning to ask him why he stood in as the father of her child at the hospital. She felt this was the best time to ask him and she did.

Jared looked at her for a while before he replied to her.

"Because I didn't want the doctor to ask you too many questions,"

"Oh. Thanks. I want to name him after you," Hannah said.


"Because you saved me. You saved us"

"I...I don't know what to say. This will mean so much to me. He will grow to become my very good friend," Jared said, smiling.

"Can I ask you one more question?" Hannah asked.

"Sure," Jared replied, lighting the gas cooker.

"Why don't you have a girlfriend?"

"Did I tell you I don't?"

"Yes, you did while we were chatting at the garden"

"Oh. That was a long time ago"

"Oh, so you do now?"

Jared looked at her for another while before he gave her a reply that got her heart skipping.

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