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Episode 6

"Dad, you have to run. They're coming for you..."

Just then, Martins' doorbell rang and he got hold of his gun and stood up.

"Cece, I'll talk to you later," Martins ended the call.

"Dad? Dad!" She screamed, but the phone went dead.
Martins stood behind the door, waiting to see what was going to happen. He wasn't sure how the police knew about him and what he had done. 

He breathed deeply then cocked his gun and pointed it at the door.

Outside, the cops had already spread round the house in order to prevent him from escaping.

The head cop gave signals to the sergents to open the door in case nobody comes out. 

He rang the doorbell again and waited for a few seconds before calling the occupant's name,

"Mr Martins Charles, open up! I know you're in there so open up before we break the door." 

Martins stood at his position behind the door and lighted a stick of cigarette. 

He was tensed at the moment and cigarettes were the only things that helped him calm down after a strong drink and Melissa's picture.

 But since none of them were available, the cigarettes would have to do for the time being. 

He inhaled the smoke deeply before exhaling. He peeped through the window and decided that there was no need to prolong the issue.

He stepped away from the door and began shooting at it. The cops outside quickly took cover and made a reformation; obviously they have been caught by surprise but they recovered quickly. 

The men quickly returned the favor and began shooting fiercely, Martins ducked and crawled to where he kept his other stash of ammunitions. 

He opened the drawer and began picking random guns, the men outside quickly used that opportunity to break through the door and enter the house.

By this time, Martins had already hidden in one of the rooms, silently waiting for the perfect time to strike. 

The cops stealthily walked around the house, searching cupboards and corners. 

One of the men saw pictures of Melissa on the wall of what looked like a walk-in closet, the pictures were a bit inappropriate and he quickly called in the attention of the head cop.

"Sir, look what I found," he alerted the man who was very shocked over what he had seen.

"Jesus Christ! This man is a f**king perv. Aren't those pictures of Dr. Walters?" He asked himself looking carefully at the pictures, then he turned to the cop beside him, " make sure you take photos of this".

They continued looking for Martins who by now had walked out of the room into the living room poised and ready to defend himself. 

One of the men walked back into the living room, not knowing that he was there. 

Martins watched the man with hooded eyes and cocked his gun, pointing it at the man.

The unlucky cop turned a little too late to see the gun in front of him before Martins pulled the trigger. 

The sound of the shot rang through the room and alerted the others, the police quickly ran towards the sound and found the cop on the floor with Martins pointing a gun at them. 

There was dead silence in the room and suddenly, he screamed and started shooting at them, the men returned the shots and soon enough the house was filled with bullet holes, smoke, and blood. 

The gun fight lasted for almost an hour, before Martins ran out of ammunition and was shot on the knee by a cop who had fallen down during the fight. 

Martins fell with a groan and was quickly overpowered by the men. He was cuffed and taken to the van. The house was sealed shut with yellow barricade tapes.

Back at home, Melvin and Melissa were still on the bed making out that morning. 

They had missed each other so much and as soon as they got home from the hospital the night before, they settled on the couch and showed each other just how much they missed each other, before Melvin carried her to the room to carefully make love to her. 

Melvin's phone rang on the bed, interrupting their make out session and he grudgingly picked it up after much prodding by Melissa who chuckled softly.

She had missed this side of her husband and she prayed that this would continue forever and that they would never have a reason to have an argument again. 

She watched lovingly as Melvin picked up the phone from the floor where he had thrown it while they were both drunk with passion and wondered why he was so serious with the call. 

She shrugged and stood up to drink some water when she heard him shout with excitement.

"What? Are you serious? Yes I'm on my way right now. No we won't take long, we'll be there at the time we planned...Yeah thanks bye."
He turned to Melissa smiling wildly, then he hugged her and pecked her on the cheek.

"Melvin are you okay? Did something happen? Why did you shout that way? Is everything alright?" She asked him worriedly not giving him a chance to say anything.

Melvin didn't even bother to say something as he was busy kissing her neck obviously creating a hickey on her neck.

"Melvin? Talk to me!"

"But I do not want to talk Melissa, I want to kiss you and show you just how much I love you"

"I know you love me Melvin but I want to know what's going on."

"Oh my goodness Melissa! Fine I'll tell you, but I won't tell you that right now. First we'll shower together, then I'll take you out for breakfast.

Then, we'll go to the police station to have a little chat with your secretary then we'll go to the mall to get some stuffs for Hannah. 

After that, I'll have a surprise ready for you," He said to her tapping her nose lightly.

"Why do I feel that you're going to make me wait all day for your surprise?" She asked him, raising her perfectly shaped brows at him, "and what does that have to do with the call you just received?"

"Oh my my Melissa, you never told me you were this jealous. Well if you had told me I'd have done this sooner, but do not worry everything will be sorted out in due time.

For now, just do as I say and come with me so I'll draw us a bath." With that, he carried her bridal style into the jacuzzi tub in their bathroom. 

He drew them both a bath and added scented bath bombs into the tub. Soon, the whole place smelt of strawberries and almonds just the way Melissa liked it. 

The couples made love again in the tub before they finally got dressed for breakfast. 

At the dinner, Melvin ordered a glass of orange juice and toast smeared with peanut butter for Melissa, then ordered a cup of coffee and banana pancakes for himself. 

He watched her as she took a bite out of the toast and smiled at her, she looked up to see him staring at her, she shyly looked back at her plate and blushed like a tomato, 

"Melvin stop looking at me that way, I'm eating"

"Why should I stop looking when there's a treasure sitting right in front of me? Besides, I want to make sure you finish everything on your plate, you need a lot of strength, especially now that you're eating for three..."

"...three? Melvin who's the third person?"

"Melvin jnr of course"

"You're joking right?"

"Nope I'm really serious, well last night while you were busy sleeping after out long rump session, I thought about everything and then I figured out that if we both want different sexes, then we need to make another one to add with Melissa jnr inside you. Pretty smart right?"

"Melvin you do know taking care of one child is hardwork and two? Seriously do you want to kill me?"

"Babe, relax I'm here. I'll help you in anyway I can, infact I'll stay home if you want"

"No that's not necessary"

"Okay, since that's settled, hurry up. We we need to start our activities for the day and you need strength for the surprise I have planned for you"

"Fine, I'll finish everything if you promise to stop looking at me while I eat, you'll make me self conscious"

At that, Melvin laughed loudly, "I can't do that now, you already eat like someone who hasn't seen food in a while so this wouldn't make a difference. 

Okay, how about we do this, you finish this and then another plate, I'll take you wherever you want to go tomorrow. Is that okay?"

"Fine I will. I want to eat ice cream later today though"

"After we leave here, I'll get you anything you want. That's how much I love you Dr. Melissa Walters," he winked at her, smirking cheekily.

"And I'll eat all of your money and time, that's how much I love you, Barrister Melvin Walters."

After she had finished the food, Melvin paid and then they left to the mall to get stuffs for Hannah.

Melvin told her to stay in the car since the sun was hot. He bought everything that was on the list and then bought a lot of ice cream for his wife. 

Melissa ate as he drove to the hospital, singing along to their new favorite song which Melissa had discovered, DJ Khaled's Only One.

When they got to the hospital, Melvin held his wife's hands and kissed it. They walked hand in hand to Hannah's ward.

Jared and Hannah didn't notice them coming, they were so engrossed in their conversations that they had no idea that they were being watched by the duo.

Jared held Hannah's hand and caressed it then placed a kiss on it much to everyone's astonishment including Hannah's.

"Jared what... what're you doing?" She asked him pulling her hands away from his.

"Relax Hannah, it's nothing to be shy or afraid of. Besides, everyone here thinks we're married, so there's absolutely nothing to worry about okay?"

"But there's no one here right now, so there's no need for this. I don't think it's inappropriate and..."

"...and what Hannah? Just stop thinking too much about all of this okay? I'm not going to hurt you or make you feel uneasy about anything. I'm sorry if you feel that way Okay?"

She nodded, "okay". 

It wasn't like she didn't like it, but she didn't understand what his intentions were and she didn't even know if he liked her or not and she didn't want to get her hopes up over what had happened. 

Just as she was about checking her baby, she saw Melvin and Melissa standing by the door.

"Oh you're here?" She asked in surprise, Jared turned to see who she was looking at before he stood up to greet the couple.

"How are you doing Hannah and how's our little boy doing?" Melvin asked Hannah who was smiling shyly.

"He's okay." She answered looking at Melissa who had already carried the baby and had begun to rock the child. 

Melvin looked at his wife and he suddenly wished time would fly fast enough so he could carry his own child.

He gave Hannah the things which they had gotten for herself and the baby. She was really grateful and couldn't hold back her tears at all the love she was receiving from the couple. 

Melvin looked at her and possibly understood why her eyes were already glassy with tears, he held her hands and squeezed it, 

"Hey, there's no need to feel overwhelmed by all of the love, we're here for you and we'll make sure you're well taken care of okay?" 

Hannah saw the sincerity in his eyes and nodded quietly. She did not know what to say to show how grateful she was for everything that they had been doing for her even when they barely knew her.

Jared came into the room silently, he had gone out to answer his phone, he cleared his throat, interrupting the teary moments and motioned for Melvin to join him outside. Melvin quickly stood up and followed him outside.

"Jared what's up?"

"Melvin it's about the surprise dinner, I just called the restaurant and they can only keep customers away for three hours, that's from 7 till 9. 

So, if you're interested and still want to meet up then I think it's better if you get going. Remember how long women take while dressing up and I don't think Mel's an exception."

"Yeah you're right, she wanted to get ice cream this morning. I think I'd better take her to the park else she'll get cranky. 

Thank you so much Jared for everything you do for my wife and my I. I admit at first I was wary about you but these past months you've proven to be a good person, a good friend and possibly a good boyfriend to Hannah," 

He winked at him and continued, "though I still don't understand why you're doing all of this but I trust you'll let us know one day, but until then, do accept my invitation for dinner when Hannah is discharged".

"Melvin you do not have to thank me, at least not yet. I want everyone around me to be happy and I want you and Melissa to have a blissful marriage.

There's no ulterior motive. Maybe one day we'll talk extensively about this but right now, you have a queen to take care of, and I'll accept your invitation wholeheartedly if you promise to give me the honour of cooking for everyone."

Melvin laughed loud, "You got it man, I don't exactly know my way around the kitchen but with a fellow guy around, I think we might just surprise the ladies"

"It's a deal then. Now hurry up man, don't keep the lady waiting"

After they left the hospital, they went to the park and Melvin got her the ice cream she wanted. 

He watched her as she licked it with so much gusto, he laughed when some of it smeared her face, he kissed it off her face and pecked her forehead, 

"I love you so much Melissa and I can't wait to watch you give birth to my kids".

"I love you too Melvin, now shut up and let me finish this ice cream" she told him, laughing and feeding him some of the ice cream. 

They both shared the ice cream until Melvin couldn't eat anymore, "Mel come on you need to hurry up remember I told you I had a surprise for you."

"Oh...I'm done already, let's go!".

Melvin laughed at her childishness and carried her to the car. When they got home, he told her to get dressed and meet him at the living room in thirty minutes.

Forty-five minutes later, Melissa was yet to come down, Melvin sat down on the couch, wishing he had listened to his mind when it suggested that he should have skipped the park treat, maybe then he wouldn't have to sit on the couch waiting for Melissa to come down.

After lots of waiting, Melissa finally came down, looking beautiful in her purple tube gown which was slitted by the side.

The gown accentuented her curves, she had packed her hair up and had worn the butterfly pendant that he had gifted her which made her neck look slender, she had worn a silver pair of heels that made her look like a supermodel. 

Melvin looked at her with his mouth agape for some minutes until she cleared her throat and smirked at him.

"Melvin close your mouth or else flies would find their way inside it".

He smiled and winked at her. Then, he kissed her on the cheek and led her to the car.


Cecilia frantically scattered her room, trying to get rid of incriminating evidence that could link her to he father's crime.

She angrily wiped the tears in her eyes as she bundled letters and post cards which they had shared  while she had gone for her masters in South Africa. 

They weren't bad but she knew they could easily put her into trouble, she quickly packed up everything and took them outside to the garden where she set them ablaze. 

She collapsed on the ground, sobbed loudly, now she regretted everything she had done, including being the daughter of a murderer.

She had let her love for her father cloud her sense of judgement and now everything would come back to haunt her. 

Just as she was wiping her tears, she heard footsteps behind her. She quickly wiped her tears and turned to see who was behind her.

She screamed when she saw the person  in front of her. Suddenly, everything turned black and she fell to the ground, unconcious.

Anticipate episode seven.

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