Romantic Love Story - Episode 15 - UNTAMED DESIRE | Stories by Ima Udott
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 Note: This is a sequel to DESIRE IN DENIAL  

Intro: This episode of this incredible romantic love story expatiates on self realization, acceptability of inexplicable feelings of mutual affection by the lovebirds.

Episode 15

The police quickly swung into action. They rushed down to the sea shore and were soon able to find the car and the three dead bodies.

Melissa was relieved that Melvin came to her rescue, else she feared that the overwhelming hallucinations which she had unconciously inundated in, would have successfully derailed her.

When she felt she had regained herself, she sat up to face Melvin who was looking at her with a worried expression on his face. 

“What happened to me?” she finally found her voice.

“You were so restless, I'm sure you were struggling to wake up, Melissa. You kept calling on Jared and Hannah till tears started to drop from your eyes. I had to wake you up when you started to roll and stretch uncontrollably.

Melissa, I have never been this worried about you. What exactly happened to you? Can you remember what you saw your dream that got you this frightened?” Melvin asked.

“Melvin, do you think dreams...nightmares come true?”

“No, Melissa. Dreams are hallucinations, they're delusional, they only exist in the surreal world, not in the real world...”

“Thank goodness! Thank goodness it was all a dream. I don't know what I would've done if I had lost Jared, Hannah and her baby.

Melvin, I don't wanna sleep anymore. I don't wanna go back there, it was too real and scary. I think I should call Jared, I want to hear his voice to be assured that they're alright...”

Melvin drew her to himself and cuddled her like a baby. He wondered why God created dreams, especially the bad ones. He had never seen his wife this disoriented before.

“Melissa, the hour of the night is too ungodly for a call. I'm very sure they're doing just fine, but to satisfy your curiosity, I promise to drive you to Jared's house after work today, okay?”

“Okay. I'm dehydrated, can you get me a glass of water, please?”

“Definitely! Be right back,” he said and left.

He soon returned with a bottle of water and a glass. He handed the glass to Melissa and poured the water inside, so that she drank.

When she was satisfied, he got the glass from her and dropped it on the table, beside the bottle of water, then pulled her to himself and cuddled her till she finally fell asleep.


Brenda sat on the bed, having a rethink on the conversation she shared with Cecilia. She had agreed to eliminate Jared, not because she wanted to, but because she couldn't wait to get away from Cecilia.

She was so disturbed by the way Cecilia offered to help her destroy Hannah that she had decided to conduct an underground investigation about Cecilia.

In the course of her investigation, she got to find out a lot about her. She found out who she was and why she had voluntarily offered to help her.

It was during her investigation that she found out that Cecilia was a toxic woman who was trying to use her as a weapon to machinate her evil plans.

She suddenly regretted ever trying to kill Hannah and her baby. She knew she was arrogant and all, but she definitely would not have nursed the thought of murdering another human.

And to think of going as far as suggesting she should kill Jared all because of her selfish interest? No, Cecilia deserved to be detained. She knew she couldn't win Jared's love, but that didn't mean he deserved to die. 

Cecilia had so much injected her with negative thoughts that she didn't know she was gradually turning into a sadist. She was young, she had a lot of life to live, she was too beautiful to beg for love.

She deserved to be happy and therefore, she decided she was going to do the right thing. Hannah was right, she was too arrogant, she was too spoilt to see what others were going through.

She was going to make things right. She was going to turn a new leaf. She deserved to love and be loved.

The thought of walking away from the man she had truly loved made tears to run down her cheeks, but she was going to do this for the sake of her happiness. 

She needed a break and a space. She needed her life back and Miami was just the best option for a cool off, so she went to the wardrobe, brought her box to the bed and started to throw her things inside.

Jared came inside the room, just in time and met her wrestling with her clothes, as if she was transferring her aggressions on them.

“Jared, do you remember the fire incident at Hannah's place?” she asked, looking at him as he sat on the bed, looking undisturbed.

“Have you devised another means of killing her since that didn't work out as you planned with Cecilia, your new found ally?” Jared asked.

Brenda suddenly halted. The shock hit her such that the cloth she was holding fell from her hand. She walked up to where he was seated, not knowing what to say.

“What...what else do you know?” she stuttered.

“I also know that you both met at your usual garden and discussed on how to kill me since you could not get me to love you,” he said and smiled.

“Oh my God! Jared, you're...”

“An FBI agent, you're right. It's one little secret I don't tell people, but you're smart enough to know. So, where are you going? Is it part of your plans with Cecilia?”

“No, Jared. I realized that I have been used by Cecilia all these while to achieve her plans. I know I could be so arrogant, but I swear to God, I have never thought of spilling blood. Cecilia influenced me.

Jared, I realized that Hannah doesn't deserve any of what I've done to her. You don't too. I was going to tell you everything right away before leaving. 

I am very sorry, Jared. I was so in love with you that I didn't know know that Cecilia was using me. I only realized it when I had a rethink of who she was and why she was trying to help me. Jared, will you and Hannah ever forgive me?”

If tears could turn into blood, then Brenda's tears would've been the first to transform. Jared had never seen her cry this way before. She sobbed loudly, not minding the tears that were running into her mouth.

Jared stood up and enclosed her in his arms. He caressed her back, assuring her that he had forgiven her.

“You have? Thank you! Thank you so much! Wait for me, I need to talk to Hannah,” She rushed off to Hannah's room and knocked before opening the door.

Hannah was very surprised to see her. Brenda hadn't been to her room all through her stay in the house. She became a bit scared, wondering why she came there.

If it was to stir an agitation, then she was in for a big mess because this time around, she wouldn't hesitate on bundling her out through the window.

“Hannah, um... I'm sorry. You did not deserve any of what I did to you, not even the names I called you. I was wrong about you, very wrong.

You're a good woman, the type that every man would fight to have. You may come from the the low class, but your intellect is second to none.

I regret everything I did and said to you. I'm ashamed of myself, Hannah. You made me realize that wealth isn't just the physical properties we inherit, but one filled with wisdom and intelligence is extremely rich. And that is you.Will you ever forgive me for my wrong?” Brenda asked.

Hannah was surprised and happy at the same time. For an answer, she walked up to Brenda and hugged her. They were enclosed in each other's arms for close to two minutes.

“I have never hated you, Brenda. I was only trying to protect myself and my son from your bullies. I'm also very sorry for the things I said to you, I really am.

I have always sincerely prayed for a day like this to come because I was tired of the whole thing. All I ever wanted was peace of mind, I never wanted to come between you and Jared,”

“I feel very relieved right now, Hannah. Cecilia almost erased the cheerfulness I once had. I was turning into a sadistic woman without even knowing.

Meanwhile, I know that you and Jared are crazily in love with each other. So, you need not be worried or scared of my reactions. In fact, I'm willing to fight with anyone who wants to come between you two. So, go get your man!” Brenda said, happily.

“Are you... are you for real? You will let go of Jared for me?” Hannah stuttered.

“You see? One thing I've learnt so far is that no matter how beautiful, curvy or sexy a woman may look, a man who doesn't love her will never love her.

No matter how she goes out of her way to please him, his body may sometimes want her, but his heart doesn't. Jared's heart yearns for you.

He calls your name every time when I tried making out with him. He calls your name even in his dreams. Jared doesn't only loves you, he wants you to be a part of his life, forever.

This is the best I can do to bring you both together. I will be leaving for Miami right away, I need to cool off my head. I have missed having fun,”

Hannah didn't know when the tears in her eyes started to roll. She hugged Brenda once again before letting go of her.

“Tell baby Jared I love him and will miss him, when he's awake,” Brenda said before she left Hanna's room.

Jared rode Brenda to the airport and waited till her flight took off before he went back to the house. As soon as he entered his house, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Just then, a call from Melissa came in. She informed him of her desire to visit him later that day.

Immediately after the call, he went to Hannah's room to inform her that he was ready to take her to her house so she could get her things as they had earlier agreed.

He also wanted to tell her that she didn't need to get just a few stuffs from her house anymore, she should pack all her things and come back to his house, where she belonged. He didn't want to lose her anymore, so he was going to break the news to her.

When he got to the room, he didn't see Hannah, nor her baby. He wondered where she might have gone to, leaving all the doors open which was unlike her.

He checked her bathroom, then rushed  to the kitchen, calling out her name, but there was no sight of Hannah. He didn't like the feeling he was having.

He was becoming scared. He searched the veranda, the swimming pool and then rushed back inside, but Hannah was no where to be found.

He quickly dialed her number, only to realize that her phone was ringing right inside the house. He traced it and found it on the dining table. A sudden fear gripped him as his heart started to beat very fast.

Anticipate episode sixteen soon.

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