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 Note: This is a sequel to DESIRE IN DENIAL 

Intro: Kelvin is up to something really fishy in this episode of this romantic love story. What exactly do you think he is up to this time around? find out.

Episode 14

As soon as she entered his room, he stood up from the bed where he was smoking and drinking, walked past her and locked the door.

Alerted and anxious, Hannah didn't need to be told that something bad was about to happen. Her heart started to pound as Kevin walked close to her, he smelled of whiskey when he opened his mouth to talk and she suddenly felt nauseated.

Kevin licked his lips and smiled again when he noticed that she was tensed. He was thankful that she hadn't crossed paths with any of his previous workers or victims, else they would've hinted her on why they resigned so early even with the handsome salaries he used to pay them.

“You needn't be afraid, I've got you. All I need is your cooperation. You know what I need...or do I need to tell you?” He asked, grinning.

“No sir, I don't know what you need,” Hannah said, shifting backward.

“Well then,” Kevin walked to the window and looked outside, though still talking to her. 

Hannah quickly brought out her phone and typed a message to Jared, telling him she was in danger at her work place. As soon as she returned the phone to her pocket, Kevin walked back to her, still talking,

“I don't need too much from you. I just want you to please me... you know... let's have fun... I promise to increase your salary if you cooperate...”

“With due respect, Mr. Kevin, I did not come here to "have fun" so I don't think I can have fun with you...”

“Oh...looks like you're not ready to cooperate. Hannah, I know that you sleep with all these classless guys for money...I even saw you with one today.

So, don't make it look like I'm asking for a strange thing... I mean, it's something you do everyday...and moreover, mine comes with so much benefit.

Those guys can't pay you what I'm going to pay you from henceforth. I don't need to remind you of how rich I am..look around.

Everything you can ever think of is in this house. So, why are you making things difficult for yourself? Just give me a good sex and everything you ask for will be yours...”

“I am not a prostitute, Mr. Kevin and I am not interested in your money. Please I need to go check on my son, he must be awake by now,” she walked up to the door, but was forcefully pulled back by Kevin.

Hannah landed on the bed and before she knew what Kevin was up to, he jumped on her and pinned her two hands so that she could not move any more.

Hannah started to plead with him not to rape her, but he seemed to have made up his mind a long time ago.

 Her eyes immediately spotted the bottle of whiskey on the table beside the bed, but he had already arrested her hands, so while he was trying to take off his trousers, she decided to make use of her teeth.

Kevin winced in pain after Hannah gave him the biting of his life on his right arm. This got him unstable and she was able to free her two hands, but unfortunately for her, he regained himself a little too fast.

Kevin looked at his hand which was already red with blood and out of anger clenched his left fist and released it on Hannah's forehead which got her instantly unconscious.

He smiled triumphantly, before he left her on the bed to get his First Aid box from the wardrobe. He sat on the bed and carefully treated his wounded hand, then returned the box before he took off his clothes.

When he returned, he climbed the bed to where Hannah laid and began to take off her clothes, not minding the fact that she had lost consciousness.

Just as he was about to climb on top of her, her phone rang. It was Jared. Kevin brought out the phone from her trousers which was now on the floor, looked at it and threw back the phone on the floor.

He went back to Hannah, manned her and began to fondle her breasts. He barely had enough of her breasts when her phone rang again, but he ignored it.

He was about to thrust his cock into her when a loud bang on the door forced him to halt.

“Her phone is ringing right in there...” Someone outside said. 

Kevin quickly retreated, but before he could put on his clothes, another bang got the door flinging open.

While the policemen went for Kevin, Jared rushed to Hannah who was still unconscious. Kevin was arrested immediately for sexually assaulting Hannah.

Jared without waiting to think, carried Hannah into his car, rushed back and carried her baby who was still asleep. He was thankful that he had brought a child safety seat, so he placed the baby inside the car seat, buckled it and drove off.

He drove as fast as he could to the hospital. Hannah was rushed to the emergency room and attended to immediately, while Jared sat at the reception hall with baby Jared beside him. 

He had brought him out in his car seat so that he wouldn't disturb his sleep. But unfortunately for him, the baby stretched and woke up. He was hungry, so he started to cry. 

Jared carried him out of the car seat and cuddled him in his arms, then started to work around the reception hall. Magically the baby stopped crying and seemed to enjoy his company.

He started showing the baby around places in the hall, he showed him pictures, and anything he felt would arrest his attention and it worked because the baby started to smile while steadily looking at his face.

"Aw, you've got such an adorable child and you're just a perfect father," an old woman said to him before walking off.

"Oh... thanks, ma'am," Jared replied.

"Honey, look how you're gonna take care of our baby when she arrives," a pregnant woman who was about to pass, said to her husband, looking admiringly at Jared.

"I definitely will...he's so cute, damn!" The husband complimented baby Jared before he followed his wife off.

"Look how everyone is admiring us," Jared said to baby Jared who beamed a smile that got Jared wondering what exactly was in his mind.

Jared turned around and was about going back to check on Hannah when he saw her standing right behind him. He became startled all of a sudden.

"How... I mean why...are you alright?" He finally found the right word.

"Sure! I'm very fine now. Thank you so much Jared... you have saved my life, once again..."

Jared smiled. She looked so beautiful. He wanted to take her in his arms and kiss her. He wanted her so badly. Instead of replying to her appreciation, he waved it away as if it was his responsibility.

"He's starving. You should feed him, I need to talk to the doctor. I'll be right back," Jared said and handed the baby to her.

Hannah sat right there and began to feed her baby who happily welcomed her breast into his mouth and sucked it as if he was preparing for a battle.

Jared returned few minutes after and they left the hospital.

"I'm famished," Hannah said, softly.

"What would you like to eat?"

"You needn't stress yourself anymore. Just drop me in my house and I'll make something for myself..."

"I'm sorry, but you can't go back to your house till I'm done with my investigation..."

"What kinda investigation?"

"Someone meddled with your circuit breaker box and I'm in the process of finding out the culprit and why.

So, it won't be safe for you to go back there, who knows, you may not survive their next attack,"

"What exactly have I done to deserve all of these?"

"You needn't do anything wrong to attract enemies. I hope you know you will not be working for Kevin anymore?"


“Are you kidding me? He attempted to rape you and even hit you and you wanna go back there?”

“Jared, I know you have helped and saved my life on several occasions, but you can't just stop me from doing certain things I need to do. This is my life...I have things under control...”

“Exactly the way you had things under control at Kevin's house and ended up on the hospital bed. Hannah, can you for once not be stubborn and do as I say please?”

“Jared, I sincerely am not comfortable putting up with Brenda. I want to go back to my house, I need a peace of mind. And for me to be able to pay my house rent, I need to work, so...”

“Okay, I want to employ you. I want you to work for me,”

They got to Jared's house and walked inside, still talking.

“Work for you? As what?”

“As a cook... I will pay you times two of what Kevin paid you,”


"Yes, but you have to come stay here until your house is safe..."

“I can’t. Brenda...”

“Brenda will do nothing. This is my house, not Brenda’s. If she tries to intimidate you, I give you the right to do to her whatever pleases you. I trust you, Hannah,”

“Where is she?”? Hannah asked.

“I guess she went to work,”


“Is that a yes?” he asked.

Hannah smiled, “Yeah, but I have to go get my stuff in my house,” she said and yawned.

“You needn't worry, we will go and get them by tomorrow morning. I forgot to add, whenever you're tired, I'll take over in making the dishes. So, go freshen up, I'll make us dinner,” he said, winked at her before he left.


Cecilia laughed within herself when she knew she was gradually using Brenda to achieve her aim. Though she wasn't happy that her first plan to kill Hannah was ruined, she decided to come up with another plan.

But she knew that for her to achieve this particular plan, she must convince Brenda to be on her side.

“Brenda, I hope you know that Hannah has completely stolen Jared's heart from you,” she started off during one of their hangouts.

“Yeah and I'm getting tired, trying to force Jared to love me. It seems I'll never get him anymore. It's so painful that I'm losing him to that low life bitch," Brenda said, bitterly.

"Don't tell me you're giving up so soon,”

“What would you have me do? My plan to kill Hannah failed and now, she's back to Jared's house. Everytime I plan to destroy her, it rather brings them even more closer. I'm tired,"

“Then since it is certain that you can't have Jared, why should you let Hannah have him? You should destroy him. Once you do that, you can easily get Hannah,"

“You have a point, but how do I achieve this?”

Cecilia whispered something into Brenda's ear and she beamed a smile and gave her thumbs up before they both left.


Jared and Hannah left early the next morning as agreed, so that Hannah could get the things she'd need from her house.

On the highway on one of the longest bridges, Jared sped on as usual. He had increased the volume of Justin Bieber's 'Intentions' that was streaming and Hannah sang along, happily. 

It was when he was about to slow down at the traffic that he realized his breaks were not functioning. Hannah on seeing that he was losing control  screamed in fear when she saw the vehicle which was speeding towards them

Before Jared could get over the shock of his break failure and regain control over the car, it was too late as his car collided with the impatient caravan, somersaulted so many times till it landed straight inside the big ocean.

The road was in no time filled with sympathizers as they began to lament about the drastic accident.

The police quickly swung into action. They rushed down to the sea shore and were soon able to find the car and the three dead bodies.

Anticipate episode fifteen soon.

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