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Note: This is a sequel to DESIRE IN DENIAL

Intro: In this episode of this romantic love story, Jared is caught in-between Brenda and Hannah. For peace to reign, one has to let go for the other to have him. 

Episode 11

"I'm very grateful for all that you have done for me and my baby. I was able to find an apartment, not too far from where I'm working. I will be leaving now,"

"Hannah, wait..."

"Jared, I understand Brenda sees me as a rival who wants to "steal her man". I have never been the reason for a broken relationship and I never want to be.

This is the time you should use to build your relationship. If you love her, work things out with her. I don't want to stand in between you and Brenda. I feel this is the best I can do to help you.

Though this isn't the main reason why I'm leaving, I had already told you about my intentions of leaving as soon as I make enough money to get a place for myself and my son.

As for what happened yesterday, I am really sorry that I slapped her, but I don't regret my actions because even if she said the same thing she said to me yesterday right now, I won't hesitate slapping her again..."

"What did she say to you?"

"What's the need when you already believed what she told you?"

"I'm sorry. I was just so angry because I never expected you to do a thing like that. I had a rethink last night and decided I was going to hear you out today, perhaps, you had a very good reason for doing it because I know you to be a very calm woman,"

"Jared, there's no need anymore. It all happened yesterday. And I have apologized, so let's forget about it. I have to go, it's almost time for me to go to work. Once again, thank you. Bye,"

Jared watched Hannah roll her box out of the house. When she was out of sight, he suddenly felt very empty as though a very important part of him had been taken away.

Brenda came out of the room, yawning. She met Jared still looking at the road, even though Hannah was out of sight.

"Jared, thought you had left for work... what're you staring at?" She asked, joining him to look at the road.

"Hannah is gone," he said.

This was the best news Brenda had ever heard. 

"Wow! That's actually the best news I've ever had in many years, you know!" Brenda said. 

She beamed a smile, walked past Jared and sat on the chair next to him and continued. 

"At least, we'd have a feel of fresh air around here"

"What's that supposed to mean? Are you alright?" Jared sparked at her.

"Oh! Really! You're shouting at me because of that low life bitch who beat me up? Jared, where  the hell was she when we started this journey together? 

Hey! Don't forget I was there before she came into the picture and I'm still here," she  got up from the chair and stood next to him, suddenly looking remorseful,

"I'm sorry I shouted. Look Jared, I love you and I can't bear the thought of losing you to another. Please try to understand, I'm just a woman who's fighting for her man. I'm sorry, please"

Jared looked at her and couldn't help forcing a smile just to make her feel secured. 

"It's okay... I'm just being concerned about her, that's all. I'll leave for work now. Take care of yourself," Jared pecked her before he hurried off.


Cecilia was lost in thoughts at the office such that, she didn't hear when Sarah, her secretary knocked on her door.

After waiting for a while without a response, Sarah walked in, looking worried.

"Good morning, Ma'am," she greeted without getting any response from her.

"Excuse me Ma'am," Sarah raised her voice, this time, to make sure she responded to her, and she did.

"Ye...s! Sarah, what is it? What're you doing here? Have you suddenly lost your manners? Why didn't you knock first before storming into my office?" Cecilia angrily asked when Sarah had successfully brought her back from her many thoughts.

"I'm so sorry Ma'am. It's just that, I've been knocking on your door for over fifteen minutes now without getting any response, I got scared and had to come in to see if you were alright," Sarah explained, trembling.

Cecilia figured out that she had been lost in thoughts and her Secretary wasn't at fault at all, so she became calm.

"Alright, it's fine. I'm sorry I shouted at you. So what's wrong?"

"Ma'am, there's a young man outside there. He said his name is Felix and he has an appointment with you. 

I checked your schedule for the day, but you don't have any fixed meeting with him. Though he said he urgently has to see you, for something very important," Said Sarah.

"Oh... Okay. Let him in immediately. I was actually expecting him. Thank you!" Cecilia announced happily.

"Okay Ma'am"

Cecilia ignited her wicked smile, she was happy Felix, her right hand man was able to make it to her office, despite his ever busy schedule. 

She was happy that her plans of getting rid of Jared and Hannah, whom she termed 'fools', was soon going to be executed. 

Her smile broadened as Felix, a young man in his late twenties, who was neatly dressed in a white polo, black jean and white with some spotted black sneakers and black shade glasses, walked into her office with her secretary.

"Good day, Ma'am," Felix greeted her and she responded with a head nod and turned to instruct Sarah on what to do.

"Sarah, reschedule any appointments I was supposed to be engaged in at the moment. I do not want to be disturbed, this is a very important meeting. Am I understood?"

"Yes Ma'am," Sarah left the office immediately.

Cecilia turned to Felix and ushered him to a chair. Without wasting time, they  got talking about the main business of the day.

"Boss, you sounded so disturbed on the phone, that I had to cancel all my appointments just to attend to you. I hope all is well?" Felix started.

"All is not well. You're aware of how Jared played a major role in helping Hannah escape from my custody. 

She was to be my ticket to getting Melvin. But, no, Jared just had to meddle with my plans. Now look where we are. My dad is gone. And you expect me to be alright? 

Hell no! All isn't well. I'm very, very furious right now, Felix, I want Jared be taught a lesson of his life and that low life bitch who calls herself Hannah needs to have a taste of my wrath. So, what information do you have for me?" Cecilia expressed herself angrily as she paced around her office.

"Well, you asked me to keep a close eye on Jared and Hannah, and that I have done. Jared and Hannah seem to be getting farther away from each other ever since..." 

"Ever since what? Don't keep me in suspense, you know how much I hate it!" She roared at him like a hungry lion.

"Ever since his ex came into the picture," Felix said.

"Wow! That's a good news. So I hope you've got some information about this  lady because she might be of a great help to us?" She inquired

"Yes, I did some digging up. Her name is Brenda...she happens to come from a very wealthy home. 

According to the story, she and Jared were good, until her dad forced her into a relationship she wasn't interested in, all for the purpose of expanding his business wings. 

After her father's death, she seized the opportunity and ran back to Jared. She's actually one of those typical rich and spoilt brats in town. 

And I know you'd love this part, she hates and sees Hannah as a rival. I learnt from one or two neighbors that they've had some arguments that led to them raising their voices at each other and exchanging some unpleasant words," Felix concluded the juicy story.

Cecilia's face lit up with a smile, as she envisioned Brenda as a perfect ally for getting rid of Jared and Hannah. 

But from the information Felix had just provided, she would have to start with dealing with Hannah first, and Brenda would be the perfect tool for her mission.

"Okay... Good! You've really done a good job. Now I want you to dig up more information about Brenda. 

I want to know her likes and dislikes, her favorite locations and other valuable information about her. I want to be close to her. 

I want to use her to get rid of Hannah at least for now. I want to use her hatred for Hannah as a fuel to get rid of her. 

And then, we'd think of how to get rid of Jared without raising the brows of the Police Force, we have to quietly execute our plans. Get to work boy!" Cecilia  ordered.

"Alright Boss!" Felix left the office while Cecilia sat down, laughing annoyingly while watching Felix leave.


At the office, Melissa was worried because she had been dialling Hannah without a response. She decided to call Jared since she wasn't picking up.

"Hello, most beautiful woman..." Jared's voice went through, causing his sister to beam a smile from the other end.

"Jared, you know just how to make a woman feel special. I'm so glad I have a brother like you, it feels so good!" Melissa said, still smiling.

"It feels so good, having you as a sister too. You know, I had always wanted to occupy a special place in your heart, even when I didn't know we were siblings,"

"Aw, that's so sweet.  Now, you need to see the room you're occupying in my heart. I labeled it "the special room". No one can temper with that particular room,"

"Oh...I never knew there are rooms in the heart. If so, that means, I had already built a mansion in my heart and you're the one occupying it..."

"If I'm the one occupying the whole mansion, where will your woman occupy?"

"I'm still in the process of erecting another mansion..."

Melissa burst into a hearty laughter, causing Jared to join her.

"How about Hannah, I've been calling her the whole day without her picking up," Melissa introduced her main reason for calling him.

"Oh... she packed out of my house..."

"Why? Did you guys have a fight?"

"No. She found a cooking and cleaning job where she earns from. She was able to gather enough money and get an apartment.

So, she packed out early this morning. I'm sure she should be at work by now. When she's less busy, she will return your call,"

"Jared, something still doesn't sound right. Are you sure there isn't another reason why she left?" Melissa insisted.

Jared felt he needed to confided in his sister because she was in the best position to help him, being a therapist. He needed to tell her about Brenda. 

"Can I come see you this evening? I need to talk to you plus, I have missed you and Melvin,"

"Sure. As soon as I'm home, I will definitely let you know," 

"Alright then. See you soon," Jared said before the call ended.

That evening, Jared visited her as planned and they got to talk, after he had a brief and hilarious chats with Melvin.

"Mehn, you look healthy! Wait, are you competing with your wife?" Jared asked Melvin.

"I wish I could, but you know, they're two and I'm just one. So I can't compete with them, except you wanna label me a loser," Melvin said and they all laughed.

"She's kicking in excitement. Come feel it," Melissa said, caressing her now protruding stomach.

Both Melvin and Jared touched her stomach and felt the baby kicking, just as Melissa said.

"How do you women even do it, carrying another living being inside of you for almost a year?" Jared asked in amazement.

"It's the mighty works of God," Melissa said.

"Maybe you didn't know that women are the most powerful beings on earth. The more reason why we men should not underrate their capabilities," Melvin said and they all laughed again.

"Baby, I need to work on the file I told you about, I'll be in the room in case you need me," Melvin said to Melissa and turned to Jared "Alright man, we'll talk later," he left Jared and Melissa and went inside.

"So, what's going on?" Melissa asked her brother, sipping a glass of wine.

Jared told her about Brenda and what had been happening lately when she arrived. 

"I don't blame Brenda one bit, you know why?" Melissa asked.


"Because you are the one giving her the wings to fly,"


"Jared, you can never be in the same house with two women who like you and expect everything to be fine,"

"But I don't want to hurt any of them..."

"Then, I think Hannah did the right thing by leaving. Jared, from what you've told me, it is crystal clear that you are in love with just one of them, while you are scared of how to discard the other.

I have always known you to be a very smart and intelligent guy. This is your decision to make, I can't make it for you.

But I'd advise you to discard the one you do not love so that she wouldn't turn out to be harmful to you after realizing you had been wasting her time.

This is the time you should tell her your mind. Don't you ever go into a relationship with someone because of the fear of how she'd act if you reject her.

Don't waste her time anymore, tell her your mind, she has to know, so that you won't end up regretting why you kept her," Melissa concluded.

Jared felt uneasy. How was he going to tell Brenda he was no longer interested in her?

He was always scared of her reactions whenever she was angry and now, he was going to walk to her and tell her he didn't want her again? What if she kills herself? He thought.

Though he thanked Melissa and left, but he wasn't sure he was ready for Brenda's tantrums. He'd just give himself some time to brave up, then he'd tell her, only when he's ready.


After work, Hannah got to her new apartment, very exhausted. She didn't have the time to arrange it earlier because she was late for work.

She knew that the only time she had for herself was at nights, so when baby Jared slept off after sucking everything out of her, she put him in his cot which she had fixed before leaving that morning.

She started to arrange the house. It was a one bedroom flat with a kitchen and living room. The house was spacious and she loved it.

She soon arranged it to her taste. She had ordered for a refrigerator, television and other appliances she'd be in need of. 

They were going to arrive the next day, so she'd have no option but to take permission from Kevin so she could get them.

After successfully putting everything in place, she then realized she hadn't had time to check her phone. So she immediately brought it out and saw about twenty missed calls.

When she realized that most of the calls were from Melissa while majority were from Jared, she became worried. 

It was already too late into the night to return their calls, so she made up her mind she'd call them the next day.

The next day, she called Kevin to tell him she'd be coming late to work because of the stuffs she was expecting to arrive.

Though Kevin did not fully agree with her, she kept begging him until she thought she heard him say "It's fine," so she ended the call.

She returned Melissa's call. The worried woman wanted to know how she was faring and where she stayed.

She told Melissa her house address and she promised to pay her a visit. She wanted to return Jared's call, but on a second thought, she changed her mind.

 She waited for a while before the appliances she ordered for, arrived. With the help of the electrician, the appliances were fixed in their different positions.

Hannah left very late to work, after she was able to put everything in her house in place.

She met Kevin very furious. She became scared because it looked like she was the cause of his anger.

"Good day, sir," she greeted him without getting a response.

"What time is it?" Kevin asked, facing her.

"It's some minutes after one, sir," she replied.

"Good. So you took almost the whole day, fixing shits in your house and you're here with your silly greetings?

Did you not know that my father was on medication and needed some specially recommended recipes before taking his drugs?"

"I knew, I'm very sorry...I did not know I was going to take that long, it..."

"Shut the fuck up! Maybe you didn't know you're fired..."

"No sir, you can't fire me, please..."

"Well, if you don't want to be fired, then you have to do exactly as I will tell you," Kevin said, grinning in a way that irritated Hannah.

Anticipate episode twelve.

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