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Episode 5

Just when he decided to go sit down, the doctor finally came out, looking sad. Melvin's heart skipped as the man walked up to him.

The sad looking doctor walked past him to the man who was also eagerly waiting. His daughter who had engaged in a car accident earlier that day had been rushed there too.

"I'm so sorry Mr. Greg, she couldn't make it," the doctor said and gently caressed the sad man before he went back to Melvin whose eyeballs had bulged as a result of the bad news the doctor broke to the man.

"Doctor please tell me my wife is okay," he quickly said, holding the doctor's hand.

Surprisingly, the once sad looking doctor beamed a smile before breaking the news.

"Congratulations, Mr?"

"Walter" Melvin completed it.

"Mr. Walter, Your wife has been delivered of a baby boy!"

Melvin jumped up in excitement, before his brain reinterpreted what the doctor just told him.

"Wait, what?" Melvin was confused for a second, then it dawned on him he could be talking about Hannah.

"You mean Hannah?" He asked

"Yes," the doctor said, still smiling.

"Oh, she's my friend's wife, not mine. All the same, thank you so much, doctor. How about Melissa? She's the one... she's my wife...how is she?"

"Oh, I'm sorry for the mistake. Melissa is doing very well. She is a week gone, congregations!"

Melvin was surprised.

"You mean my wife, Melissa is one week pregnant?"

"Yes! Congratulations once again, Mr. Walter. Meanwhile, you need to call your friend. His wife and the baby needs him.

You can as well go see your wife. She is very okay now. But then, it seems she had been overly stressed out. She needs to rest.

Please, she should not be made to undergo any form of stress. It isn't healthy for her and the baby," the doctor advised.

"Definitely doctor! I will make sure she gets enough rest. Thank you so much doctor," Melvin said, excitedly before rushing to go see his wife.

On his way to his Melissa's ward, he called Jared and broke the good news to him. Jared was very excited. He promised to be there for Hannah very soon.

Melvin's heart began to pound as he approached his wife who was on the bed and being attended to by a nurse.

He remembered the misunderstanding they had had at home which led to her being rushed here.

He wished he could take back those hurtful words he had said to her. She didn't deserve any of them.

But he was sorry, very sorry. His remorseful look while he approached could tell the nurse that there were things he needed to iron out with his wife.

Without being told, the nurse smiled and excused herself out of the room, leaving Melvin alone with Melissa.

Melvin knelt beside the bed, held Melissa's hand and before he could say anything, he was first of all betrayed by the stubborn tears which he had tried blinking back, but they wouldn't adhere.

He gave up trying to stop the tears, so they rushed as they desired and he didn't care anymore.

All that mattered to him at the moment was Melissa. All he needed was her forgiveness.

"Melissa, I'm sorry for letting my anger take control of me. You mean more to me than anything in the world.

I know I was wrong. I know my words made you cry, but trust me, I never meant to hurt you. I don't know what happened to me at that time.

I never meant to insult you, I never meant to hurt you. I never meant to put you through pain, and I promise to never do this again.

I'm really very sorry for being so rude and hurting you. I am the one who has started the fight and right now feeling so down. Please, lift me up with your love, forgive me Melissa, please,"

When Melissa didn't reply to him, he went on,

"Melissa, I promise never to doubt you anymore. I promise to stand by you, shield you, fight for you, be your hero..."

"Kiss me, Melvin," Melissa interrupted weakly, with a smile.

As if he had been longing for this all his life, he stood up, climbed the bed and without any more word, devoured every corner of her mouth like a man in search of gold.

After the kiss which lasted almost forever, he stepped down, sat beside her and held her hand.

"I'm sorry too Melvin. I shouldn't have raised my hands on you. I had no right to do that. I'm really sorry," Melissa said.

"Shh, you don't have to. Your son was being stupid and you disciplined him.

I'm not justifying the beatings though because my cheeks still hurt. Seems you were a WWE wrestler in your previous life" Melvin said and they both laughed.

"I didn't even know I was a week gone but people call me doctor, what an irony of life," Melissa said.

Melvin smiled "It simply means you're a fake doctor," he said teasingly.

"At least I'm not fake when it comes to giving sex therapy to my clients," she said, also smiling.

"You could win in a debate, we all know so don't crucify me. Melissa, you have made me the happiest man in the world.

I couldn't have asked for a better wife. You are my everything. Thank you for making me a father.

Melissa tried to sit up, but he stopped her. He didn't want her to do anything but rest like she was supposed to, he wanted her to know that she wasn't alone,

"Mel what're you doing? Relax you're not supposed to stress yourself..."

"Melvin I'm tired of lying down, I want to sit up. Now you're making me feel like a baby"

"But you're my baby and you're carrying a little Melissa in you, so you're going to listen to everything I tell you okay?"

Melissa laughed loudly, the sound was like music to his ears,

"Melvin, how sure are you that it's going to be a girl? I want a boy...we can name him Melvin jnr. and he's going to be a cute little guy who's going to have a lot of girl fans"

"No it's going to be a girl and she's not allowed to have any male friends until I carefully scrutinize all of them," Melvin said pouting like a baby.

They both laughed again before Melvin told her that Hannah had put to birth.

Melissa's joy knew no bound. When the doctor came in to examine her, she assured him she was strong enough to be discharged because she wanted to go see Hannah.

After a careful examination, she was discharged. With Melvin holding her hand, they walked to Hannah's ward and realized Jared was already back and sitting beside her.

Melissa and Melvin congratulated Hannah, looked through the cot and beheld the baby who was peacefully asleep.

Hannah, though very weak, managed to smile. She felt very happy realizing that Jared was holding on to her hand.

It made her remember her late boyfriend. It saddened her heart that he wasn't there to witness a joyous day like this. Tears ran down the corners of her eyes.

As if Jared knew what was in her mind, he caressed her hand and assured her he was going to be there for her and of course her baby.

Just then, the doctor came in and demanded to see the father of the baby in his office.

All eyes rested on Jared as he stood up and followed the doctor.

Jared returned few minutes after to meet Hannah asleep, while Melissa and Melvin were conversing in whispers.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't get to ask you how you are doing?" Jared said to Melissa.

Melissa smiled "I'm very fine. Thank you so much," she replied cheerfully.

"Why don't we talk outside so we don't wake mother and baby up," Melvin suggested.

The trio walked outside to the reception hall where they sat and talked.

"How did it go?" Melvin asked Jared.

"She's been arrested. Though she denied the accusations, but after I played the audio conversation I recorded, she had no choice but to admit.

But she still refused to tell us what she knows about Martins and his reasons for trying to get Melissa," Jared said.

Melissa was confused. First, she didn't understand who they were talking about and second, the name Martins sounded so familiar that she was forced to ask what was going on.

Jared explained to her how her secretary, Priscilla was trying to bring her downfall by working with a certain Mr. Martins to kidnap her.

"She said he was the one who sent those pictures and letters to you," Jared said.

"I need to talk to her! I need to interrogate her. If it's what I'm thinking, then....no..my late father died in plane crash with Mom, right?...no...it can't be..."

"Melissa, calm down. We will get to the root of all of these. Priscilla has been arrested, you can get to interrogate her anytime.

For now, we have to go home so you can rest. We will go to the police station by tomorrow. Just try and be strong," Melvin said.

"Yes Melissa, you have to be strong. There are a lot of things yet to be uncovered and with the way Cecilia acted when Priscilla admitted that she was working for Martins, I feel she knows something and she's hiding it.

She gave me a very scary look after I played the audio conversation, like she was angry with me or something.

Then, she left the police station with the excuse that she was needed urgently at the office. I want to investigate her, she's hiding something," Jared said.

"It's okay. I'll just take Melissa home. We'll check on Hannah later. Make sure to take good care of her," Melvin said.

"I'll get her something to eat. You should get her toiletries, the baby's clothings and other things she'd be needing.

Don't worry, we'll stop by to help you so we'll come see her together this evening," Melissa assured Jared before they left.


Cecilia became very scared and restless when she got to her house. She had lied to Jared that she was needed at work because she wanted to get out of that place to think.

She needed to save her father because she knew his life was in danger. She brought out her phone and quickly dialled his number.

Martins' croaky voice came through.

"Cece, how's it going?" He asked.

"Dad, you have to run. They're coming for you..."

Just then, Martins' doorbell rang and he got hold of his gun...

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