Episode 4

Melvin suddenly regretted everything he said to his wife. He could've thought carefully before accusing her of being a prostitute.

Even after Jared had advised him through the phone the previous night to give Melissa some time before calmly talking to her, knowing that she had been through a lot, but he allowed his anger to overpower him.

He had rushed her to the hospital. Now pacing up and down the hall, he wished he could take back those words he had said to her. 

It might not have been as deep to him as it was to Melissa because he had never seen her in such a fury before.

They had had series of misunderstandings in the past, but none had ever led to Melissa raising her hands to hit him and vice versa.

It meant his words had really pierced her. He prayed silently nothing happened to her, else he wouldn't forgive himself.

He crossed his mind that if God saved Melissa, he was going to forget about everything he saw in the box and build his marriage.

He was still pacing the hall when Jared and Hannah arrived. Hannah looked very worried.

"Hannah, you aren't strong enough, you should not have come..."

"I had to. I don't want anything to happen to aunt Mel, she's been nothing but nice to me" Hannah interrupted Melvin.

"What did you do to her?"Jared asked in anger.

"We had a misunderstanding...it was my fault. I allowed my anger overpower me...I accused her of once being a call girl.... I didn't..."

"How dare you call my sister a call girl?" Jared made to punch Melvin, but Hannah quickly stepped in to stop him, but unfortunately, the blow landed on her forehead.

Hannah drifted slowly to the floor, but both Melvin and Jared caught her instantly. They didn't need anyone to tell them she had become unconscious.

Hannah was rushed to the emergency room, left with Jared and Melvin. 

While Jared was praying that Hannah and the baby should be alright, Melvin was wondering why Jared called Melissa his sister. He was battling in his mind to ask him, but he knew this wasn't the right time.

Jared was already angry with him because of Melissa and now Hannah had been admitted all because of him. He became really worried and prayed the two ladies made it out alive.


Cecilia suddenly felt uncomfortable spending more days with her father. She had gotten the answer to her question and so didn't see the need to spend any more time.

Before she left, Martins had told her what to do so that she'd finally have Melvin to herself. She had pretended to buy the idea just so he didn't suspect anything.

"I think it's time we kidnapped Melissa. Don't worry about how it'd be done, Priscilla will help us do that.

As soon as she's kidnapped, make sure to go to Melvin. Be there for him. In fact, join him in the search for Melissa.

During this period, he'd be emotionally unstable. He'd need someone to talk to. This is the period you should try everything you can and sleep with him because he'd be vulnerable.

Gradually, Melissa would be forgotten about because she wouldn't be found anymore. Then, you can get married to Melvin" Martins said with a broad smile on his face.

Cecilia looked at her father in disgust. She had a whole lot to say to him, but she swallowed it and pretended to buy the idea.

"That'd be great! So where will Melissa be all the years?" She asked.

"I said I will take care of that"

"Dad, remember we agreed not to kill either of them..."

"Who said she is going to be killed?"

"Then where will she possibly be that she wouldn't be found forever? Isn't that death?"

"No my dear, she won't be killed. You ask too many questions. Don't you want Melvin anymore?"

"I do"

"Good. So once you hear that Melissa is kidnapped, do exactly as I have told you, do you get?"

"Sure," Cecilia said before she left.

As soon as she got to her house, she called Melvin to know where he was. Melvin who hadn't spoken to her ever since he found out about the kind of person she was, was surprised to see her call.

"Why aren't you picking up your calls?" Jared finally asked, after the phone had rang for the third time.

"It's Cecilia. She isn't important to me anymore"

"Just pick the call and hear what she has to say"

Melvin looked at him and reluctantly picked the call. It was obvious from the way he replied to her that he picked the call against his wish.

"Melvin please where are you? I need to talk to you" Cecilia said.


"It's something we need to meet and discuss, not here on the phone. Please where are you?"

Melvin paused and looked at Jared for a supply of reply

"Tell her you're in the hospital. At least here's an open place, she can't do anything harmful to you" Jared whispered.

Melvin told her he was in the hospital. He gave her the direction and she told him she'd be there soon.

Getting to the hospital and seeing Jared and Melvin, Cecilia suddenly remembered the letter.

If she must be successful in whatever she had come to tell Melvin, she needed to stay focused so she won't mistakenly let the cat out of the bag.

She was here to help Melissa and that she would do; she assured herself.

She dragged Melvin to where she was sure she could talk to only him.

"What's all these about?" Melvin asked, disgusted.

"I'm sorry Melvin. I know I have messed up, but just listen to me this once"

"What is it?"

"Your wife... Melissa isn't safe. Her life is in danger..."

"What do you mean?"

"Her secretary, Priscilla is planning to kill her. She's been the one sending her all of those pictures so that she'd go insane.

Her purpose is to take over your wife's company. She's currently working on that. You need to get her arrested ASAP before she executes her plan.

I got to know this because after I wronged you and Melissa, I had been looking for a way to show you how sorry I am.

When I got to know that she was being tormented by her past, I decided to find out who was behind those pictures, letters and the rest. Then, I got to know that it was Priscilla.

"How sure are you about this?" Melvin asked.

Just then, Melissa's phone which he had been holding for her began to ring. He looked at it, it was Priscilla.

He gave it to Cecilia to pick. He told her to pretend she was Melissa.

"Good day, Doctor," Priscilla said

"Good day Priscilla" Cecilia replied.

"I have been waiting for you at the office but it seems you won't be coming to work today, so I decided to call you.

I wanna tell you that I couldn't find the mailman who delivered the box. Since you said you were going to fire me if I didn't find him, I have decided to resign.

You needn't fire me anymore as I have already fired myself. So, I will be leaving the office now. I don't know if you could send someone here to confirm and possibly get my letter of resignation," Priscilla said.

"You don't have to resign, Priscilla," Cecilia said according to what Melvin told her.

"I have forgiven you, you needn't resign anymore. You know you've been the best secretary ever, so I am going to top up your salary. Please don't go"

"You don't need to do all of that, I'm no longer interested in working for you. I want to do something different. I'm tired of having to sit from morning till evening in one position, writing and operating the system. It's sickening"

"Alright then, just wait up, I'll be at the office soon," Cecilia said before ending the call.

"I told you she has a plan, that's why she wants to first of all resign so she wouldn't have to be in the office to execute her plan.

She wants to kidnap Melissa and kill her, Melvin. You have to believe me. She has to be apprehended immediately.

"What evidence do you have against her? Remember we can't just arrest her without any shred of evidence," 

Just then, Jared walked in and asked if everything was okay. Melvin saw no need of hiding this from him so he told him everything.

"Are you sure she is the one who wants to kill Melissa or she is working for someone?" Jared asked Cecilia.

Cecilia didn't want anything that'd make them get to know that her father was involved. Little did she know that Jared already knew, only that he didn't know Martins was her father.

"I'm very sure. She is working alone," she said.

"Fine then, we don't need to look for any more evidence. I have enough of them," Jared said, remembering the record he made at Mill's bar while Priscilla and Martins were conversing.

Both Cecilia and Melvin turned to him in surprise.

"What evidence?" Cecilia asked.

She was very much interested to know because ever since Jared spoiled her plan of getting Hannah's baby, she had always seen him as a threat.

"Don't worry Melvin, just take care of Hannah and Melissa, I'll be right back," with that, Jared left.

"Wait for me, I wanna go with you," Cecilia said and went after Jared. She needed to keep a close eye on Jared. She didn't like the feeling she was having. 

Something kept telling her Jared might've found out who Priscilla was working for. If she gets to know that he had found out about her father, then she'd have no other option but to execute her second plan.

Melvin went back to the reception hall and continued waiting for the doctor's report. He couldn't sit anymore because the doctor was taking so much time in there and it was getting him tensed.

Just when he decided to go sit down, the doctor finally came out, looking sad. Melvin's heart skipped as the man walked up to him.

Anticipate episode five.

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