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Episode 3

Cecilia suddenly became frozen. She was disoriented and didn't know when she grabbed the pillow by the bedside and squeezed it as if by doing so, she'd be able to regain her breath.

She was agape for close to ten minutes before she finally gathered herself up. She brought out her phone and took a picture of the letter before returning it into the envelope.

She returned the pictures to where they were, arranged the bed before she hastily left to her room.

In her room, she let out the tears she had held while she was reading the letter. She wondered why her own father could be that heartless.

She sobbed the more when it dawned  on her that she was indeed a replica of her father in character. She wasn't better than him.

If she could nurse the thought of killing Hannah just to get her baby and killing Melissa to have Melvin, then why was she going to judge her father? She thought.

But this didn't mean that she was going to justify any of what Martins did to Melissa and her mother. His heartlessness was second to none.

She imagined how life must have been for Melissa, being sexually assaulted at such a tender age. And for her mother to die such a brutal death while trying to protect her.

"Melissa is my step sister... Jared? Wait...is Jared? Could this be the reason he's been all out to fight for Melissa? Does it mean he knows Melissa is his sister or is it another Jared?"

Cecilia was talking to herself as if she was going insane. She kept zooming the letter in her phone.

"Dad, you are wicked! I will make sure I...no, I can't expose him. I don't wanna lose him. I lost mom and I don't want to lose him as well.

If Melissa sees this letter, then dad will be arrested. I may also be arrested because I am involved.

But how did he manage to hide all of these from me? He couldn't even wait up to a year after mom's death before involving himself in all of these mess.

Could this be the reason he sent me to South Africa immediately after mom's burial? Why did he lie that he was childless? 

Isn't he proud of me or he just wanted to disguise himself and play this sick game without getting me involved? Oh Melissa, I am very sorry.

In fact, I am no longer interested in Melvin. The best I can do is wash my hands off this silly game, but I can't expose dad. I'm sorry I can't expose him.

How do I protect Melissa from dad without exposing him? Gosh! Cecilia think! I need to do something. But what? I don't wanna lose dad. I won't forgive myself if he dies because of my actions,"

Cecilia kept battling with her mind till her father got back. She was still lost in thoughts till he knocked on her door.

She quickly cleaned the trace of tears off her face and suddenly beamed a smile on her face, the type that convinced Martins she was having a great day at home.

"Dad. You're back so soon," she said cheerfully.

"Yeah. I accomplished my mission for the day, so I decided to come back home. I'm tired"

"Oh, sorry Dad. Why don't you go shower, I'll make you something to eat"

"Alright baby. How was your day?"

Cecilia was almost tempted to tell him it was the most astonishing day of her life, a day she got to uncover a lot of shocking things, but she heard herself say:

"Great! It was great!"

"Alright then, catch you later" Martins said before leaving the room.


Melissa got home to meet Melvin dressed up. He was obviously about to step out. She walked past him to the table where she dropped the box. She had carried it with her.

She then went to the bed, sat down and began to take off her shoes. Melvin just looked at her as though he was expecting her to say something, but she said nothing.

While trying to take off her clothes, her phone rang. It was Jared. She quickly picked the call and stepped out of the room while Melvin looked after her.

Melvin saw no need of stepping out anymore because he was about going to Jared's house to pick her when she returned.

Jared wasn't able to confront him the previous evening because he got back late, so he did it through the phone. Melvin, though still angry knew Jared had a point. He shouldn't have left her that way.

He had wanted to drive to Jared's house that night to carry her when he told him she was with him, but Jared insisted that since she was already asleep, he should come the next morning.

If looks could kill, then perhaps Melvin's eyes would've set the box on the table on fire. He looked angrily at the box for a while before he left the room.

Melissa was still talking to Jared on the phone. He had called to check on her and tell her not to fire Priscilla. When she asked him why, he told her he'd see her later to tell her.

After the call, She was about going back to the room when Melvin stopped her.

"Are you going to talk about yesterday or you'd keep pretending like everything is okay?" He asked.

"What's the need to talk about it when you are already fed up? When you don't believe me anymore? What exactly are we talking about?"

"Wow! So, you expect me to see pictures of you posing naked, doing nasty things and applaud you? Melissa do you even know the implications of those pictures?

You know, when you gave me a blow job that night, you did it so good... like an expert who has been in the business for such a long time. I was shocked at how you did it so well. Now, I think I know the reason"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, if you were not a call girl, then you were something close to that. Those pictures have confirmed it and..."

Melvin didn't see the slap coming, until it landed on his right cheek. She didn't wait for him to recover from the slap before she landed another one on his left cheek. She pushed his chest and hit him until he stepped back in shock,

"Don't you ever in your life insinuate such nonsense about me! Who do you think you are? You're my husband but that gives you no right to call me names when you do not know half of what I've been through since childhood, and you? 
You will not just stand there and say all of those disgusting things about me." 

By now she was already shedding angry tears, trembling in fury. Melvin made to step forward but Melissa quickly picked up a vase beside her and attempted to throw it at him, 

"Don't you dare take another step towards me or I swear Melvin I'll smash this vase on your head."

"Melissa I ...."

"Shut up!! Just keep quiet Melvin. I don't want to see you here now so leave. Go to wherever it is you wanted going, I don't care what you do just do not say another word to me."

"Fine! I will leave!" Melvin said.


Melvin took two steps, about to open the door, when suddenly he heard a loud sound behind him. Melissa had slumped.

Anticipate episode four.

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