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DESIRE IN DENIAL - Episode 20 (Finale)

"Good. I have a surprise for her to deliver to Melissa. A surprise that will turn everything for our favor..."

"Dad, what's with you and Melissa anyways? I'm beginning to suspect this isn't just about me, what's going on, did she do something to you? Or did she break your heart? I know that's not possible because you're way older. But this isn't fun anymore, I need to know what's going on," Cecilia said .

"Cece, I've told you, this is none of your business. Focus on getting Melvin and stop asking me irrelevant questions. I've got to go,"

With that, he hung up on Cecilia, inhaled the stick of cigarette that was stuck in his mouth and picked up one of the pictures of Melissa from the many scattered pictures on the table in the dark room and began to devour it with his eyes.

One could easily dictate that he was extremely obsessed with the pictures before him. The thoughts that escorted the lust in his eyes were glaring such that, if Melissa was there even for a second, he would devour her with reckless abandon.

How could Melvin enjoy what he was supposed to be in possession of? If only he knew how long he had yearned to have her all to himself, he wouldn't have even nursed the thoughts of getting married to her.

If not for the fact that his daughter had interest in Melvin, coupled with the fact that he was wealthy, he wouldn't have hesitated cutting him off to get to his lover. If he could cut off her mother, then who was Melvin that he couldn't get rid of?

He picked up another picture and looked at it for such a long time. It seemed to be his favourite, maybe because she was naked in that particular picture. She was just twelve and she looked innocent and vulnerable.

He kissed the picture before dropping it to pick another one. When he was done, he downed everything that was in his glass in one gulp, then he packed them to his room and kept them on the bed, beside him as though he was lying down beside his wife.

"Melissa, I will make sure I stop at nothing to get you back. You've always been mine. It hurts me so much that Melvin has taken you away from me, but not to worry, Cecilia will take care of him, while I take care of you, teddy bear," he said to himself before he slept off, holding onto her nude picture.

The next day, Melissa was in her office, relaxing after a long session with her clients when Priscilla walked in with an envelope. She told Melissa it was sent to her as a mail, so Melissa asked her to drop it and go.

Just then, Melvin stepped into the office. He wanted to surprise her with her favorite candies. Melissa felt special. Ever since the night they made love, Melvin had been treating her like a newly married woman. His love for her was rekindled.

"So, where are we going for dinner? I really want to take you out on a date,"

"Surprise me," she said with a smile.

"Oh I will babe, you're going to love it. I dropped by to say hi and drop these off for you. I should be at the office soon,"

"Okay honey, see you soon then. Love you"

He kissed her deeply and whispered,

"I love you even more than you do to me,"

Melissa blushed, bit her lips and replied

"I love you more."

As soon as he left, Melissa opened the envelope and brought out a letter. At first, she thought it was a mistake, perhaps Priscilla got the wrong mail, but when she saw her exact handwriting of ten years ago, she was forced to read the content.

Melissa's hands began to shake violently as she read out the poem she wrote, eleven or twelve years ago. Nobody had access to her childhood books except her mother...but she was gone. So, who could've sent this and why? 

She looked into the envelope and realized that there were more. She emptied the envelope on her desk, looking at each fallen content in bewilderment.

She looked from her childhood toys, to the poems, then, her eyes fell on something. She picked it up. It was it! It was the pants she wore the day her step father first raped her.

Even though it was washed, she could still see the blood stain on it. Could see the torn area of the pants and she could remember vividly how the blood stain came about and why the pants got torn.

She had struggled to escape from him, but she was just a child. She couldn't help herself. He had violently dragged her pants so that it was torn, forcefully inserted his thing inside of her, after which he used the pants to clean the blood that gushed out in the process.

She remembered that after the incident, he took the pants, bought her a new one and that was the last time she saw that particular pant. It was even more frustrating that her mother didn't pay attention to her. Rather, she shut her up anytime she tried reporting her step father to her.

Those hurtful memories came back fully and it seemed they were beginning from where they stopped to torment Melissa. She noticed that in each her poems, there was a similar signature at the end and it read:

"See you soon, Teddy Bear."

She remembered that the only person who called her Teddy Bear was her step father. She never liked the name, because he gave it to her the first day he was able to molest her. It hurt her badly.

So, each time he called her the name, she cried and reported him to her mother, but she saw nothing wrong with the name. So, he kept calling her the name till he died.

How then did all of these come about? Her mother and step father died in a plane crash years ago, so who could be behind this?

A sudden scream by Melissa made Priscilla to run to the office, only to meet Melissa tearing the papers and violently destroying the toys by throwing them on the wall, stepping on them or hitting them on her desk.

Obviously, Melissa was gradually going insane because she was screaming and talking to herself while destroying the letters and toys.

Instead of Priscilla to try stopping her, she brought out her phone and began to video Melissa, unknowingly to her. She was smiling while she videoed her. As soon as she had had enough contents to send to him, she left the office.

Melissa, by now had sustained a lot of injuries, trying to break the toys. She didn't care about the pierces she sustained nor her scattered office, all she wanted was to destroy everything that was in that envelope.

After Priscilla had successfully sent him the videos, she went back to the office, pretending to have no idea what was going on.

After Melissa finished throwing her trantrums, she collapsed on the floor and cried her eyes out, the pictures had shaken her to her core, she did not know who could have sent her all of these, her step father? No he was dead, she had seen the body.

Melvin waited at the restaurant for Melissa, he called her line but she wasn't picking up. He then stood up from his chair and whispered something to the waiter's ear and hurried to her office.

He was worried, Melissa had never missed his call, except she was in trouble. He entered the building and met Priscilla at her usual spot,

"Where's Melissa?"

"Oh sir, She's inside her office"

"I thought you guys were supposed to leave early, so why's she still here?"

"I don't know about that Sir, but I'm on my way home right now."

"Alright. Good night".

Melvin knocked on the door several times but did not hear anything, he opened the door and found the whole room in disarray and his wife on the floor clutching a baseball bat.

He didn't even know that there was something like that in her office. She seemed shaken by something or someone and wasn't even aware that he was beside her.

Her make-up were smeared across her face, he knew it wasn't just a normal feeling, something must have triggered it.

He made an attempt to tap her, but she quickly turned around and whacked him across the head.

"Ow Melissa what the hell..."

"I'll kill you, you're dead you can't come back from the grave and begin to torment me. You had all of my childhood to do all of that, you cannot do this to me anymore...."

She kept on hitting him as she was screaming. Melvin stood up and started trying to calm her down, but she wasn't having any of it.

It was until he somehow managed to get the  bat away from her and hold her against him that she began to cry again, this time she held him closer to herself and sobbed in to his shirt. He held her as she cried and gently rubbed her back.

"It's okay, it's okay, it's me Melvin, your baby. Nothing will happen to you Melissa, I'll protect you...."

"He's here Melvin, someone's playing a sick joke on me. I don't know what's going on..."

"Shhhh, relax babe. It's okay. Don't talk about it if you don't want to okay?"

"I'm sorry about the dinner, I'm so sorry..." She burst into another round of fresh tears.

"Hey, it's fine... we'll eat at home instead. What do you want?"

"I want you Melvin, all of you..."

"I meant what do you want to eat?"

"Ice cream, I want ice cream. You'll do that for me, right?"

"I'll do anything for you Melissa, anything at all."

At home, Melvin took off Melissa's clothes and led her to the bathroom to bath her. He barely used the sponge on her when she screamed and pushed him away.

"Don't touch me, you rapist!" She screamed.

"Melissa, it's me, Melvin. Your husband,"

"You're not my husband! You are Martins! Wicked and ruthless! How could you haunt me this way? Why are you this wicked? Haven't you done enough, destroying everything about my childhood, huh?"

She pushed her way out of the jacuzzi and walked briskly to the room, leaving Melvin helpless and confused.

"What happened to my wife? Who's behind all these? Why's she the one suffering? No! This can't continue. I will make sure whoever that is behind this is exposed!"

Melvin rushed back to the room to meet Melissa sobbing. She had rejected the ice cream and every other meal he got for her.

"Melvin, I'm sorry. Please don't leave me," she said as he went to sit beside her.

Melvin cuddled her till she fell asleep. He was going to be there for her, no matter what happened, he assured himself as he watched her sleep like a newborn baby.

He tugged the duvet around her, then sat up and began to think deeply. He wouldn't let her go to work till she was fully okay. It would be so unnice for her clients and followers to know that their almighty sex therapist was going through a mental trauma.

The next day, Melvin invited the psychotherapist to his house, she was going to treat Melissa at home. He didn't want anything that'd take his wife out of the house anymore.

After a session with Melissa, the old lady got to know that Melissa was deliberately haunted. Melvin was there, looking from his wife to the therapist.

"How sure are you that your step father is dead?" The old psychotherapist asked.

"I was told he and my mom died in a plane crash. I saw their bodies," Melissa replied.

"If truly he's dead, then someone very close to him must be playing a game with you. Whoever behind this wants to drag you back to your childhood experience by all means.

I don't know exactly what they want to achieve, but the aim is to destabilize you, physically and mentally..."

"What do we do, Doctor?" Melvin cut in

"To avoid her getting any other thing that'd remind her of her past. It could make her go insane. This might look like a little thing, but I tell you, one can go completely mad if care is not taken," the old lady replied.

"Wait, Melissa, how did you get that envelope?" Melvin asked.

"Priscilla... she brought it to me,"

"You stay here with her, Doctor. I have to go to her office. I need to find out from Priscilla how she got the envelope," Melvin said before he kissed his wife and left.

At the office, Melvin saw Priscilla talking to someone on the phone, when she saw him, she quickly hung up and greeted him.

"Sir, you're here? Melissa isn't here yet...."

"I know about that, actually I came to see you."

"Oh, is there a problem?"

"None at all, but the envelope you brought to the office yesterday, who did you say brought the letter?"

"The envelope? It was brought by a mailman," she replied, looking all innocent.

"It's okay," he said and went to Melissa's office where he noticed that the whole place was neat. The cleaner must've discarded everything.

Back at the house, Melvin was surprised to see the house neat as opposed to how it was in the morning, she had scattered the house that morning in anger.

There was a sweet smell of food wafting through the house, he dropped his keys and went into the kitchen to find Melissa making something on the stove.


"You're back. Go and shower, I'll be done soon".

"What're you doing?"

"Cooking obviously," she said smiling,
"don't come any closer, it's a surprise"

"Okay...I'll just go then," he said, obviously surprised, especially since she wasn't herself that morning and now she was behaving like none of that happened.

He left to the room, stripped and entered into the bathroom to shower, Melissa came in naked and joined him in the bathroom.

Melvin was surprised to see a naked Melissa standing before him, she shushed him when he was about to say something.

She kissed him deeply and as if there was an unspoken agreement between them, they made sweet love and when they came down from their high, Melvin carried her out of the bathroom and cleaned them up. He looked at Melissa with raised brows

"What was that about?"

"What? Didn't you like it?"

"I did, but I'm just surprised... last night and this morning, you weren't yourself, you..."

"Whatever happened this morning and last night won't happen again. I won't let whoever is doing all of this win. I love you Melvin, even more than myself and I will not let anything or anyone come in between us"

"I love you Melissa and I'll find out who's behind this, I promise you," he assured her.

She had prepared his favorite meal which they both ate with gusto. After dinner, they went back to the bedroom and made love through the night.

Martins sat in his study, watching the video of Melissa's tantrums which Priscilla had sent him. He laughed maniacally and was pleased to see that he still had the same effect on her.

"This is just the tip of the iceberg, Teddy bear, I'll make you scream for me loudly each time I visit and soon, all you think of will be me," he said, looking at his favorite picture of Melissa on the screen.

The next day, Priscilla was surprised to see Melissa smiling to work, she was even more surprised to see her humming a tune.

Melvin came in after her, holding her bag and a lunch bag, Priscilla wondered what was going on, she had expected Melissa to be sad or moody and definitely not this happy.

"Good morning, ma'am"

"Morning Priscilla how are you? Was there a message for me yesterday?"

"No, not at all. But the mailman delivered a package for you like fifteen minutes before you walked in."

Melissa looked at Melvin who nodded and squeezed her hand in support, she smiled at him and took the box from Priscilla.

When they got to her office, she sat down and told Melvin to help her open the box, while she got ready to attend to her first client for the day.

Melvin opened the box, looked into it in bewilderment and then looked at Melissa as though he was doubting whether she was still his wife or not. His countenance changed. In fact, Melissa hadn't seen such fierceness on his face before.

Thank you so much for following up DESIRE IN DENIAL from episode one to twenty, you are indeed an amazing reader! God bless you.

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