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        Episode 2

Melvin sat in the dark corner of his study, nursing a glass of whiskey in his hands; that was his tenth glass that night.

He had barely slept a wink since he got back, because he was thinking about his wife, she hadn't come back home after the scene at her office, he didn't know where she was or who she was with. 

He was worried about her, even if he had been deceived and used by her. What he didn't understand was why he hadn't been told about all of these.

He understood why she kept it away from him; who would be proud of such disgusting act? He downed the rest of his drink and poured another one, he wanted to quickly forget about what had happened.

Melissa woke up groggily the next morning. She wasn't sure of where she was, she looked around her and spotted her phone on the drawer.

She picked it up to check if Melvin had called or texted but he hadn't. Her mind went back to the day before, how Melvin had said hurtful things to her and walked out of the office. 

She understood his anger but that did not stop her for feeling hurt at his rejection; him leaving the office meant that not only did he distrust her, but he had abandoned her to the wolves outside. 

She had no idea who was playing this sick joke on her and why. She couldn't remember hurting anyone conciously so she didn't understand why people were set out to hurt her. 

She went to her call logs and clicked on Melvin's number and hovered above the call option. 

She unconsciously remembered how angry he was at her so she wasn't really sure if he would pick up the phone or mute it and even if he did pick, she wasn't so sure he would say nice things to her. So, she dropped back the phone.

She wondered if he was worried about her or even knew where she was. She prayed everything would be okay soon; she didn't know what to do anymore. 

She hadn't realized that she had started crying until she saw her tear drop on the screen of her phone, a knock on the door brought her out of her painful reverie. 

She quickly wiped her eyes just as the door opened. Hannah came in with her already potruding belly carrying a tray of food.

"Oh I see you're awake aunt Mel," She said when she saw Melissa sitting up, if she had seen her crying she made no sign that she saw it. 

"How are you feeling? Jared said you weren't feeling too well yesterday"

"I'm okay now, thank you," she smiled weakly

"I brought you some food, I made chocolate and blueberry pancakes, you'll love it"

"Oh thank you so much. I was actually starving. Where's Jared?"

"He left for work already. He said to tell you that you should not stress yourself so much."

At that she chuckled, "You guys are the best, I'll need to change my clothes and go home"

"Why don't you wait for Jared to come back, then he'll take you home."

"That's not necessary Hannah, I'm perfectly fine on my own"

"You should ring Jared, he's been meaning to talk to you, only that you've been asleep and he didn't want to bother you till you're awake"

"I sure will," Melissa said before she started to devour the food.

Hannah sat beside her and carefully caressed her stomach.

"I will name him after Jared, he saved my life," 

"Aw, you already did an ultrasound scan?"

"Yeah. Jared suggested we should do it so we could know the kind of clothes to get"

"That's great! Congratulations Hannah," Melissa paused and contemplated before asking her the question she had always had in mind.

"Do you like Jared?"

Hannah suddenly became shy. Melissa knew the answer already, only that she wanted to confirm it.

"Yes I do...but I have no right to like him...I mean, I am nothing close to his type. I'm from the street... I'm not even educated. I have no right to fall in love with him,"

"Hanny, calm down. Don't ever think so low of yourself again, I don't wanna hear that. That you didn't go to school doesn't mean you aren't literate.

You should never look down on yourself for any reason, it kills your self esteem. If you didn't tell me, I wouldn't have even known you didn't go to school.

I mean, I've seen you read, write and converse very intelligently. I also know you have the most beautiful voice on earth and you can dance. So, I don't want you to belittle yourself anymore, do you understand?" Melissa asked.

"Yes. Thank you aunt Mel"

"Good. I will get to know if Jared has something for you too. If he does, I know just what to do," Melissa said with a brief smile.

"I never knew you were also a love guru and match maker," Hannah also smiled.

"It's a part of my job as well, when necessary."

Some minutes after Melissa was done eating, she left, but not until after she assured Hannah that she was going to be there for her and her baby, since they were expecting him real soon.


Cecilia made sure her father was completely out of sight before she executed her plan. He was off to work and she knew he wasn't going to return anytime soon.

This gave her the confidence to march straight to his room where she carefully searched the cupboard for anything that could give her a clue on why he was so interested in Melissa.

After searching the room for more than five minutes in futile, she was about to step out when a glimpse of a white envelope under Martin's pillow got her attention.

She quickly carried up the pillow and saw a lot of pictures of Melissa. Majority of them were very indecent.

It was even more shocking when she saw Melissa's childhood pictures. She wondered how her father was related to Melissa to the extent of having her childhood pictures and naked pictures too.

She went ahead and opened the white envelope. It was a letter, so she was very much interested in reading it. 

She sat on the bed, opened the letter which looked really old and faint as though it was written many years ago. She began to read aloud:

"Dear Melissa
          Whenever you get to see this letter, I must've been long gone. I know I don't deserve to be called your mother because of the things I overlooked.

I never did any of what I did intentionally. When your father died, I became really depressed, lonely and scared.

The worst mistake of my life was accepting to get married to Martins, your father's best friend. We were left with nothing, absolutely nothing. 

Martins was rich, so I thought he'd give us the good life we never had when I married him. But it was the reverse

He first of all made me give out your brother to Mother Mary's Orphanage with the excuse that he didn't want the house to be too crowded. I knew it was because he wasn't his father, hence the hatred.

I'm very sorry for hiding this from you. I really wanted to tell you that you had a brother, but you were too little to understand. He said he wanted just you to stay and not Jared.

The day I wanted to tell you, he threatened to divorce me and I didn't want to get divorced because I was scared of going back to square zero. 

I didn't know why he didn't want people to know that I had a son, until I got to realize that he killed your father and possessed his wealth that I didn't even know we had.

I did not die in the plane crash. Martins didn't die too. It was Mark, his twin brother who died in the plane crash.

I confronted Martins on his sexual harassments on you and your father's wealth he illegally possessed and threatened to sue him to court. That was the day he locked me up in an isolated house, in a basement.

I am writing this letter because I know he is going to kill me since he is really obsessed with you, plus, he doesn't want anyone to know of our wealth.

He promised me that even if it takes decades, he'd find you and have you to himself. He said he is going to ruin you if he can't get you.

That's why I'm writing to tell you that Martins isn't dead. He could be anywhere. He lied to me that he had no child with his late wife, but I also got to know that he has a female child by name, Cecilia.

I don't know how he will kill me, but I know he will kill me very soon. Maybe his anger is because I sent you away without his knowledge and I'm not going to tell him where I sent you to, because I'm tired of seeing him molest you.

I am very sorry Melissa, for not being there for you. My hands were tied. I wish you'll get to read this letter.

Find Jared. I'm sure you won't find it difficult to recognize him when you see the same birth mark you have on your right shoulder, exactly on his right shoulder too.

I love you, Melissa".

Anticipate episode three.

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