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At the supermarket, all four of them were having fun, picking what they felt would be perfect for the baby when suddenly, Cecilia walked in and spotted them immediately. 

The shock on her face was inexplicable. But then, her next action was even more shocking to Jared and Hannah.

Melvin knew Cecilia to be very manipulative and dramatic. He knew just what she was going to do next and that was exactly what she was about doing.

As she approached, Hannah, out of fear, went behind Melissa, while Jared and Melvin stepped forward as if to sheild her,

"Hannah, what are you doing here?"

"Well...well I didn't want..."

She didn't finish as Cecilia interrupted her with a wave of her hand.

"Oh I see you've met my very good friend and his wife and her friend too." Turning to Jared, she brought her hand out for a handshake, 

"Hi, I think I've seen you before, oh yeah I remember you were the guy who kissed Melissa that night. I'm Cecilia, a very good friend of the family".

Melissa couldn't believe Cecilia's guts, coming here and behaving like she had no idea what was going on, and what was the need to bring up the kiss she and Jared shared, she felt Melvin's hand on hers squeezing it to show support.

Jared looked at her outstretched hand in disgust and replied, 

"Oh I remember you, the lady who miscarried. How's your health now? It's really disappointing losing a child isn't it?" 

The low blow stung Cecilia to the core, she dropped her hands and glared at the smirking Jared in hatred, she wouldn't let him have the last laugh,

"Yes, I'm actually better now. All I needed was a lot of time to recuperate and now I'm as good as new"

"That's good, well my girlfriend Hannah here, is almost due and we're preparing for our baby," he turned to a surprised Hannah and pecked her on her cheek much to the astonishment of everyone present, "and we're so excited to receive our child, aren't we, Hannah love?"

"Yes, yes we are," she replied, still surprised but felt giddy inside. 

She had always had a little crush on Jared and even though she knew he was only acting that way to spite Cecilia, she still felt like everything was real.

Cecilia went red in anger, by that time she had realize that everything had come out in the open, like a wounded dog, she smiled sweetly at everyone and murmured something that sounded like  "See you around," and then, she hurriedly left.

The quartet laughed at her retreating figure and continued with their shopping. Melissa however noticed that Hannah was suddenly shy around Jared, she suspected that the young lady was smitten by him. 

She knew that Hannah saw Jared as her hero and might be developing weird feelings for him but she did not know if Jared felt the same way, she did not even know if Jared was single or not. All she knew was that he had an ex or exes.

When Melvin and Melissa went home that day, they were both tired. They had stopped by at the therapist office so Melissa could have her session. 

"It's funny though, how a therapist needs a therapy to survive," Melissa said, when they got home.

"Yeah, but then, your field is different from hers. Baby, you'll get through this, very soon. I want you to know that you're a strong woman and I will always be by your side... we'll pull through this together," Melvin said.

Melissa smiled, pecked him on his cheek before she continued with the conversation.

"I was thinking...we do not have any shred of evidence against Cecilia. If we are to arrest her, what are we gonna tell the police?"

"Hmm, we all know she's very manipulative... she could've killed Hannah if Jared didn't intervene..."

"I know, but my point is, while Hannah was with her, she had never maltreated her before... she took good care of her... the only evidence we would have had was if Hannah was able to record or video her while she was making that call with Doctor Fred.

If we arrest and charge her to court, we will definitely be asked for an evidence or evidences... Hannah might not be able to convince them, as long as there's no shred of evidence to back herself up with... you are a lawyer, even Cecilia is... you should know what I mean," Melissa replied.

"You have a point. So, what do you suggest we do? Because as long as Cecilia keeps walking feely, Hannah isn't safe. I don't even know what she's planning against us... she's dangerous," Melvin said.

"We need to monitor her closely. We need to gather evidences. And, we need to conduct an underground investigation on Doctor Fred and that hospital. 

Who knows...he might have been into the business of selling people's babies or killing the mothers for such a long time...that hospital is dangerous and even the nurses there could be his agents. We need to catch them in action so they won't be able to defend themselves.

For now, I want you to play along with Cecilia... act as though you don't know what she's up to. If she comes to your office, talk very freely with her till we finally get to the root of this," Melissa said.

"Alright your majesty... your wish is my command," Melvin bowed slightly "okay enough of all of that about Cecilia and her shenanigans. I'm actually starving right now, we should order some takeouts from the new Chinese restaurant that just opened or pizza from your favorite pizza palace or we could order burgers and fries from McDonald's. What do you think?"

 Melissa smiled, " Chinese sounds great but I also  miss pizza and it's been a while since I had burgers... extremely greasy ones"

"You know what, maybe we'll get all of them"

"Sounds like a plan"

"I'll make the calls, you get a bottle of wine ready"

"Yes sir"  Melissa replied laughing slightly at Melvin's eagerness.


Jared was just so nice to Hannah that she began to visualize things in her head. She didn't actually know a thing about this charming savior. 

Who was he? Why did he decide to help her? Why was he taking care of her as though she was a baby? And the peck at the supermarket...did he know it did a whole lot of things to her?

And he never tried taking advantage of her. He gave her a big room in his house, provided all she needed and even cooked for her. He was just so loving...and very handsome too.

That evening when they got home, he carried the stuffs he bought to her room. Before he left the room, he told her to freshen up and join him. 

She joined him shortly. After dinner, they both strolled to the garden where they sat and talked. This was the first time they were actually conversing, after the incident.


"Call me Jared," 

"Okay...umm Jared, I really do not know how I'm going to show you how appreciative I am to you for your kindness..."

"Hannah, you needn't do anything... just be safe for me... you and your baby,"

Hannah once again wondered what kind of a man could be so kind to a stranger.

"How old are you?" A question Jared had always been battling to ask her because she looked so young, beautiful and vulnerable like a seventeen or eighteen year old girl.

"I'm twenty-one," she said, much to the surprise of Jared.

"Wow! You look seventeen,"

"Yeah... people tell me I look younger than my age"

"You sure do! Done with school?"

"Nope. I am not a school person. I never liked school... I had always wanted to become a dancer and a singer...I love it on the stage," she replied.

"Wow! I'd love to see you dance, someday. But right now, I wanna hear you sing...please," Jared said.

Hannah cleared her throat, closed her eyes and the next voice Jared heard didn't sound like anything he had ever heard before.

Hannah sang so beautifully that when she was done, Jared couldn't stop clapping. He was overwhelmed.

"Your voice is as beautiful as you," he finally said.

Hannah blushed at his compliment. She felt this was the perfect time to ask him about himself.

"Ever since you took me in, I haven't seen you with any woman... aren't you married or in a relationship?" She finally asked.

"It's a long story though, but I'll try and make it as brief as I can so you won't feel bored. Initially, I was always begging the women in my life to stay...I was desperate to get married.

They all ended up leaving me with similar reasons... after I met Melissa and told her about it, she gave me an advice, which I followed.

After then, my exes started coming back, one after the other. Then, it was my turn to reject them. And so, after then, I decided to take a break.

I don't want to rush into marriage anymore. I want to take my time, get a woman who genuinely loves me and start a family.

I love children a lot and I want a woman who'd do same. I don't want to make the same mistake my sister made...I don't want to regret my marriage. I want to enjoy it to the fullest," Jared said.

Hannah smiled. She loved children too and she couldn't wait to welcome her baby. She rubbed her big round belly in excitement before she continued.

"You know, if Cecilia had succeeded in her plans...if she didn't kill me, I would've killed myself. This baby is everything I have left on earth.

I was one of the unfortunate kids while growing up. I didn't meet my parents alive...I had the opportunity to go to school, but I turned it down.

So, my only sibling, my sister was so angry with me that she stopped taking care of me. I became a street girl and did things to take care of myself. 

When  my sister died in a ghastly motor accident, I didn't really feel like I had lost someone because she hadn't been there for me.

I would've been a complete street whore, if David hadn't come into my life. He was the best thing that had ever happened to me. Even though he wasn't rich, but he did everything he could to take care of me.

He made me a different person. He made me feel the love I never felt before. But it was brief, too brief. When he died, I wanted to commit suicide because I didn't see any reason to stay alive anymore.

The day I was about drinking a poisonous substance to join him was the day I found out that I was carrying his seed. That was the happiest day of my life. I had no money and no one to take care of me, but the thought of having David's child inside of me kept me alive.

Cecilia met me one of those days I roamed the street hopelessly. I'm sure she suspected I was pregnant. She offered to give me a ride.

Inside the car, she got to know that I was indeed pregnant and I had no where to go to, and no food to eat, so she offered to take care of me. I was genuinely happy because I thought she was a nice woman. I didn't know her intentions," Hannah narrated.

Jared was really moved by her experience. She had gone through a lot and even if he was to start developing any kind of feeling for her, he wouldn't nurture it because she deserved better than him.

He knew he wasn't good enough for her because he feared he might break her heart, she was young and may have lived on the streets for the better part of her life but that didn't mean she knew a lot about men like him. 

So, he'd just act as a brother to her, take care of her, till she gives birth and figures out what she'd do with her life.

Hannah on her part thought she had no right to fall in love with Jared. She should be thankful for the fact that he took her in and cared so much for her.

She should see him as a friend and helper and nothing more. Moreover, he was an educated working class rich guy who wouldn't even think of stooping so low to fall for a wretched and uneducated street girl like her.

He was even doing her a big favor by keeping her in his house. So, why would she abuse such kindness? She was going to try as much as she could not to cross his path. She was obviously not his type of woman; she thought.

"We should go inside," Jared said.

He helped her up, held her hand till they got inside, both of them engrossed in their thoughts.


It took everything in Melvin to not try anything with Melissa, he had had quite a lot to drink and he wasn't sure he would be able to control himself any longer especially now that she was only in her towel dripping wet from the shower, that night.

He tried to conceal his boner by using a pillow. Melissa wondered why Melvin was suddenly quiet. She watched him as he tried to discreetly adjust his pants, she had an idea on what was wrong with him. So when he hurried inside the bathroom, she waited for a few minutes before quietly joining him.

Melvin tried to resist the temptation to touch himself, his member was hard, so hard that it was beginning to hurt. He felt a hand touch his back and turned to see a naked Melissa standing before him. She tiptoed to kiss him but he held her back,

"Melissa no...I don't want to hurt you,"

"I want to Melvin, I want to show you how much I love you and trust you..."

"But you're not ready and I'm so turned on now, I don't know if I'm going to stop once we start..."

"But I don't want you to stop, how else would I know if I'm ready if I don't try?"

"And what if we start and you're not ready..."

"Shut up and kiss me Melvin,"

That was all the convincing he needed and before they knew it, they were kissing like hungry lions.

Melissa held on to him like her life depended on it. She kissed him with so much passion that he could hear all of her declarations of love. 

He kissed her neck, suckled on it so deeply that they were so sure there would be a lot of hickeys there, he moved down to the two Divine globes on her chest and feasted on it like they were candies.

Melissa moaned loudly, not caring if the neighbors would hear them. Unexpectedly, Melvin inserted his fingers into her, emitting a loud moan from Melissa, he bent down and replaced his hands with his mouth.

Melissa couldn't stop her legs from shaking and without warning, she screamed in pleasure as she orgasmed.
Melvin kissed her and turned on the shower so they could relax a bit, Melissa surprised him by taking all of him in her mouth. 

He groaned in pleasure and held her hair, bobbing his member in and out of her mouth. When he came, he almost collapsed in relief. He quickly picked his wife up and carried her into their bedroom and dropped her on the bed and immediately attacked her lips with his. 

Melissa moaned in response, letting her hand roam around his perfectly sculpted body. Melvin could not believe this was happening and by the time he entered into her, he groaned in pleasure, as though he had waited his whole life for that moment. 

He started slowly, but Melissa wasn't having any of that as she raised her hips to nudge him further. Melvin looked at her for permission to go and she replied by kissing him passionately. 

Melvin bucked his hips and thrusted faster, making his wife moan loudly, and it wasn't up to ten minutes before they both came in exhaustion. 

That night, they made love more than six times till Melissa dropped in exhaustion.
Melvin was so happy and satisfied that he couldn't stop smiling. He cuddled his wife and kissed her with all the passion in him.
It was indeed the best night for the Walter's family as both husband and wife were so fulfilled. Melvin had always wished for this to happen, but he didn't know this was the lucky night it was going to happen.

Melissa was overly excited, the therapy she'd been receiving had been of a great help to her. Melvin as well played a big role by patiently standing by her and encouraging her. He was indeed a good husband. They both slept with smile on their faces.


Cecilia was engrossed in her thoughts so much that she didn't hear when her phone started to ring. When the phone rang the third time, she was brought back to reality.

"Cece, why did it take you forever to pick up your calls?"

"Dad, I have picked, what now?"

"Hey, slow down. What's going on?"

She narrated the incident at the supermarket to him.

"I don't know if Hannah told them anything... do you think she did?" She asked her father.

"I can't tell, but we don't have to wait for her to tell them before we do something. Do you know of anyone I can get through to Melissa?" He asked.

"Yes...her secretary, Priscilla," she replied.

"Good. I have a surprise for her to deliver to Melissa. A surprise that will turn everything for our favor..."

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