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Meanwhile, on her way to the office, Cecilia realized she had forgotten her phone at home. She reversed her car and headed back home immediately.

Getting home, she met her entrance door open. She rushed inside to meet an empty house. She wondered how Hannah was able to leave the house, despite the fact that she locked the door.

Cecilia was hysterical and paranoid about what had happened, if Hannah was missing, then all of her plans would be ruined.

It would take a lot of time to find someone who was pregnant and who would willingly give up her child to someone she barely knew.

She made up her mind to find Hannah. She would not let her go that easy and if Hannah left on her own accord, then she would teach her a really big lesson; she thought angrily.

She quickly dialled a number and while she waited for the other person to pick up, she checked the house to see if Hannah had taken anything.

"Hello, Cee what's up" the other person picked

"There is a problem, the girl has disappeared," she answered straight to the point without even acknowledging the person.

"Disappeared to where? Cee what is going on?"

"I don't know, she was right here when I left for work this morning and I had not even spent up to an hour when I came back, she was gone and the door was left ajar."

"You have to find her Cecilia, if she's truly missing, then all of our plans will be ruined. We cannot let Melvin slip away from our fingers, or else it would be disastrous.

How can you be so irresponsible and careless about all of this, I warned you to be extra careful with everything and not make any mist..."

"You don't think I know all of that?" She interrupted hotly, "I know what her disappearance would cost me, I know what the failure of our plan would cost us.

You certainly cannot blame me for it. How on Earth was I supposed to know that that slimy bi**ch would double cross me? I will make sure she suffers badly when I see her!"

"Save all of the long talks Cecilia, if Melvin gets to find out that you were not pregnant, then you're done for.

We cannot let Melissa win again, that cannot happen. You better fix this or else, you will have a lot of people to answer to," with that, the phone went dead.

Cecilia paced the house angrily. She spotted a flower vase on the table and quickly poured her anger on the poor thing. In no time, she smashed the vase on the floor and screamed,

"F**k you, Hannah! You ungrateful b*tch!"

At that point, she regretted why she did the many abortions that made her lose her womb, years back. She could've found someone to get her pregnant.

She wasn't ready to lose Melvin. She rushed back to her car and drove out. She stopped by the markets, shops, supermarkets and anywhere she felt Hannah could be, but could not find her.

After searching for her for two weeks without yielding any positive result, she decided she was going to tell Melvin she had a miscarriage.

And so, she decided to fake an accident for herself while driving. She was rushed to the hospital - the hospital where Hannah's baby was supposed to be exchanged.

Dr. Fred, the doctor Cecilia had arranged all her darkest secrets with, came into the ward she was rushed to and as planned, treated her like a woman who lost her baby.

When Melvin and Melissa got to hear the news, they rushed to the hospital and were directed to where Cecilia was admitted. As soon as Cecilia saw them, she began to cry.

Melissa felt really bad and sad, seeing Cecilia in such a condition. She hadn't been pregnant before, but she certainly knew how painful it was to lose something so dear.

She remembered how she watched her father wrestle with cardiac arrest before he gave up the ghost. He was the only thing that mattered to her. As for her mother, she regretted that she had to come through her to the world.

She sat beside Cecilia, consoling her, while Melvin looked at her pitifully with his two hands in his pocket. He didn't know whether to be happy or sad.

Melissa was still being haunted by her past. Even though she had started seeing a therapist regarding her trauma, she still couldn't make out with him just yet to give him a child.

He had the opportunity to have had one from Cecilia, but now, this miscarriage. But at least, this would make him completely cut off Cecilia from his life and focus on his wife.

So somehow, it was a good thing...not that he wished for it to happen but sometimes, some things were just meant to happen.

"I'm so sorry Melvin, I didn't mean for this to happen. I know you have always wanted a child and I had the opportunity to give you one but I couldn't. I'm so sorry," Cecilia said, sobbing.

She succeeded in making Melissa feel very bad and she was happy. In fact, once she's out of that hospital, Melissa was going to be at the receiving end of her anger. She wasn't going to kill her just yet, she was going to frustrate her till she begged for that divorce.

After Melvin paid the hospital bill for Cecilia, he asked the doctor when she was going to be discharged. The doctor told him she would be going the next day.

Melvin and Melissa left after spending few more hours with her. Cecilia assured them she was going to be fine. As soon as they left, Cecilia called the doctor, whispered something into his ear and they both smiled.

She didn't wait for the next day, she left hours after Melvin and his wife left. When she got home, she dialled the number and he picked up immediately.

"What's up now?" He asked.

She told him about the miscarriage she staged and what she intended to do afterward.

"Calm down my dear. This is only temporary, we will go on with all of our plans, let's just wait a bit. You will have to keep up with your acting until I come up with a new plan to destroy their marriage."

"Can't we just kill her? It would be very easy that way."

"No, death is out of the question. I want Melissa alive but away from Melvin..."

"What's up with you and Melissa anyway, why are you so interested in her?"

"That is none of your business, Cecilia, focus on your target which is Melvin. Every other thing is none of your business, do you understand?"

"Yes daddy"

"Good. I'll talk to you tomorrow, I have a meeting to attend to," with that, he ended the call.

Cecilia wondered why her father was so interested in Melissa. Whenever she meets him, she was going to make sure he tells her why he had been so obsessed with Melissa.


Melvin and Melissa were at home one Saturday evening when Jared payed them a visit. Melissa was surprised when she saw a pregnant lady with him. She quickly suspected she was Jared's wife or girlfriend.

Jared introduced Hannah to Melvin and Melissa as his friend. Though Melvin remembered the kiss Jared shared with his wife some months ago and was somehow angry that he had to show up in his house again, but when Jared stated his purpose of being there, Melvin became interested all of a sudden.

Jared told them everything that Cecilia had planned to do to Hannah. Hannah as well told them her story. Melissa and Melvin became so shocked that they were speechless till Hannah was done talking.

"She should be arrested with immediate effect!" Melissa said in anger.

"She definitely will be arrested!" Melvin affirmed.

"What's the name of the doctor she planned it with? Can you recall?" Melvin asked Hannah.

"Yes...Dr. Fred...he had been to to the house a couple of times to check up on me,"

"We met him in the hospital when we went to check on Cecilia. He will be arrested too," Melvin said.

"Thank you so much Jared. You have really been of help to me. I really appreciate," Melissa said.

"It is no big deal, I'm ready to do  anything to make your marriage work. I'm ready to do more, it's my pleasure," Jared said, smiling.

"But why? I mean I haven't actually done anything so grand for you to help me this way," she asked

"Melissa, whatever I'm doing is not because I'm expecting anything in return. I just want to help, you'll understand soon. But for now, just relax and enjoy your marriage," he replied.

Jared offered to take care of Hannah. Melissa and Melvin told her she was free to visit them or ring them if she needed their help. They once again appreciated Jared for a job well done, before he left with Hannah.

The next day, Jared offered to take Hannah shopping in preparation for her child delivery. He invited Melissa and Melvin for the outing too because he felt Melissa would be of a great help in choosing the best for Hannah and her baby.

At the same time, he wanted to be friends with Melvin, at least to kill the doubt in him because he knew that Melvin still had some doubts about him, especially whenever he remembered the kiss he shared with his wife.

At the supermarket, all four of them were having fun, picking what they felt would be perfect for the baby when suddenly, Cecilia walked in and spotted them immediately. The shock on her face was inexplicable. But then, her next action was even more shocking to Jared and Hannah.

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