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"Cecilia isn't pregnant, at least, she didn't tell me she was...or is she?" Hannah asked in surprise.

"Was just pulling your legs," Jared said. He knew Hannah saw him as Cecilia's doctor, hence, she might want to ask him about the pregnancy which he wasn't even sure of.

Hannah gave him a suspicious look, "I'm sure she didn't want you to tell me. You need not worry, I won't tell her you did. I won't ask her either, but I'd know if she is," she said.

Jared contemplated whether to tell her of what he was suspecting about Cecilia or not. When he realized Hannah might be in danger, he decided to hint her.

"Would you like your baby to be taken away from you...do you ever think any negotiation can make you sell your baby?" He asked.

"Never! This baby is my life, my everything. I lost my parents and siblings... packed into my boyfriend's house because he was the only one I had left... but he died... chronic kidney failure.. after which I found out I was pregnant for him.

This baby is the only source of solace to me. If anything happens to it, I'll kill myself. I know I have no one and no money, but nothing will make me sell my child, no matter the amount of money.

That's why I feel happy whenever Cecilia reminds me of how important this pregnancy is. It means she genuinely cares about me. She's indeed a good woman," she replied.

"Hannah, listen to me. I'm not trying to make you scared or something...but you should watch your back... people may not be who they seem to be... your life may be in danger.

If you really do not want anything to happen to your baby, you should consider leaving this place. It is not safe for you, trust me.

One more thing, you shouldn't tell Cecilia any of what I told you. Here's my card. In case you want to consider my advise, you can call me," without giving confused Hannah the chance to ask him any more question, he left immediately.

As soon as he left, the doctor whom Cecilia sent, arrived. When he introduced himself as the doctor, Hannah was confused. She wondered who Jared was and why he told her a thing like that.

She didn't have interest in what the doctor was doing to her anymore. She didn't even know whether he was a doctor, because she started suspecting him as well. In fact, Jared instilled a great fear in her.

When Cecilia returned that evening, she asked how the examination was. She told her exactly what the doctor said about her health. Cecilia assured her she wasn't going to do any kind of work that'd stress her since that was the instruction from the doctor.

She carefully avoided telling her of Jared's visit. She made sure she hid the card he gave her, so that she didn't see it.

She had always wondered why Cecilia always carried her to wherever she wanted to go to, took her back home and warned her never to go out to anywhere, except with her in her car. She was overly protective of her.

She didn't want to believe what the man had said, but at the same time, she was beginning to get suspicious of Cecilia's intentions towards her. She would need to be careful and keep her eyes and ears open for any weird activities.

When she didn't notice any strange movement by Cecilia, she became relaxed again. Cecilia on her part made sure she showered her with gifts and pampered her every day.

One evening, Melvin and Melissa came to visit her as instructed by Barrister Stanley. Before they arrived, Cecilia told Hannah to stay upstairs in her room and not come down till she called her.

Hannah wondered why Cecilia decided to hide her. She found a good spot where she hid and peeped at all that was going on with Cecilia and her guests - Melvin and Melissa.

She was shocked to see Cecilia looking pregnant when she went to open the door for Melvin and Melissa. While they were conversing, she overheard Melvin asking Cecilia how the baby was.

She was even more surprised to see Cecilia rubbing her belly and confidently telling them her challenges as a pregnant woman. She also noticed that while Cecilia was bragging about her baby, Melissa looked really sad and she wondered why.

As soon as they left, Hannah was astonished to see Cecilia taking off the moonbump fake pregnant belly she had worn and looking extremely excited.

"This thing is damn tight," she sighed and added "Just few more months to go and I'll be a mother. Melvin get ready to be a father...and my husband too, because I'll soon pay a surprise visit to your wife," She carried her phone and dialled a number.

"Doctor Fred...I hope the request I made to you earlier has been put into consideration...I know it's costly and I'm willing to pay any amount...yes, if you can't switch it with a dead child, then you have to kill her immediately after the baby arrives...no she's of no use to me as soon as she gives birth...alright...bye," she ended the call and smiled mischievously.

Hannah clasped her two hands to her mouth to avoid letting out the scream that was stuck up in her throat. She tiptoed back to the room, laid down on the bed and pretended to be asleep.

Just then, Cecilia came into the room and met her sleeping peacefully. She then smiled, noded and left.

Hannah became very scared since then. If Cecilia could think of killing her to have her baby, then she was capable of doing anything. She was a dangerous woman.

She needed to get out of that house as soon as possible, she needed to locate Jared. But then, she noticed that Cecilia had become even more protective of her than ever.

She stopped her completely from stepping out of the house. Whenever she left for work, she locked her inside with the excuse that the environment wasn't safe anymore.

One morning, as soon as Cecilia left the house and locked the door, Hannah brought out the card Jared gave her, dialled him and told him she needed his help.

Jared left what he was doing and drove to Cecilia's house as fast as he could. Getting there, he tried to open the door, but Hannah told him from inside that Cecilia had locked her inside.

Jared assured her he was going to get her out in no time. He tried everything he could, but couldn't open the door.

Meanwhile, on her way to the office, Cecilia realized she had forgotten her phone at home. She reversed her car and headed back home immediately.

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