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As soon as he drove out, he met the lifeless body of his wife on the ground just outside his house, filled with blood. 

When he got down to examine her, he realized from the many pierces in her body that she was brutally and uncountably stabbed to death.

Melvin gave out a loud cry which made Melissa to jolt in fright. She hadn't heard him scream that way in her entire life. 

It must've been a really terrible nightmare, she thought as she sat up with him, waiting to hear him tell her what he saw in his dreamland that got him screaming that way.

After he told her of his nightmare, she stroked him gently on his back, assuring him that nothing was going to happen to her. 

As if Melvin wasn't convinced, he pulled her to himself and cuddled her as though she'd slip through and disappear if he let go of her. They remained that way till they slept off again.

Jared was sincerely happy to see Melissa when he visited her that afternoon in her office. He didn't visit her as a client anymore, but a friend.

He was overjoyed to hear that she wasn't going to continue with the divorce, but when she told him about Cecilia's pregnancy, Jared was very angry.

He really wanted Melissa to enjoy her marriage. With Cecilia in the picture, he knew there were still going to be problems. He wished Melvin didn't mess up in the first place, but the deed had already been done so it was of no use, wishing.

 "What's her house address?" He asked.

"Why? What do you want to do?" Melissa asked. She didn't want him to harm Cecilia, he didn't look like a dangerous person anyway, but she still wanted to know why he needed her house address.

"Just wanna do some underground investigation. She might be a goal digger, you know,"

"Jared, there's no need for any investigation. Cecilia is carrying Melvin's child. Melvin agreed to have had an affair with her, so there's no need pushing hard..."

"Melissa, if after she promised to cooperate with your husband to get you back, only for her to end up deliberately seducing him to sleep with her, then I tell you, she can harm or possibly kill you to have him.

I don't want anyone to come between your marriage, please don't ask me why I'm trying to help you. With time, you will get to know. Just give me her address, I promise not to harm her," Jared said.

Melissa told him the address of Cecilia's apartment. When he left, she wondered why he was helping her.

First, he gave her a very good treat when she visited him, then, he refused to take advantage of her drunkenness that night, and now, he wants to investigate Cecilia, all to save her marriage. 

Who exactly was he and why was he so interested in helping her? These thoughts ran through her mind even when she got home that evening. 

Getting home, the doors were locked, and that was weird, she thought, since Melvin's car was in the driveway. 

She opened the door, dropped her stuffs on the sofa and walked into the room. 

She found Melvin in the same position she had seen him in, some weeks ago, Melvin was furiously jacking off.

Unlike before when she had been feeling angry and disgusted, now she felt bad and sad because it was all her fault. 

She watched him as he pumped furiously, she was a bit turned on and she quietly stripped of all of her clothings and tiptoed to where he sat. 

His eyes were closed so he could not see what his wife was about doing.
Melissa knelt down before him and gently replaced his hands with her, Melvin opened his eyes and was shocked. 

His shock was quickly replaced by pleasure as she took all of him in her mouth. He groaned as she sucked like her life depended on it. 

The room was quiet save for Melvin's groans of pleasure and the slurping sounds of Melissa's ministrations on her husband's shaft.

Melvin bucked his hips and groaned loudly as he approached his orgasm, he held her head, pushing it forward and he couldn't stop the scream that emitted from his throat as he came, and to his pleasant surprise, Melissa swallowed all of his precious seeds.

In that moment no words were said, but they both knew that something had changed between them. Melissa stood up and was about walking away when Melvin held her hands and drew her to himself. 

He kissed her with gusto and she returned it like she had waited so long for it. They kissed like two starved adults, with hands roaming around each other. Melvin stood up and gently laid her down on the bed without breaking the kiss. 

He kissed her neck, her throat, her br**st, her stomach, navel all the way down to her womanly gates. He attacked them like he had discovered a gold mine, he sucked and flicked his tongue around and Melissa couldn't help but moan loudly in pleasure. 

She could not remember the last time she had felt this way and she wasn't sure she wanted to stop anytime soon.
She almost screamed when Melvin replaced his tongue with his hands and dug in with all love and desire. 

Her body started convulsing and he knew she was close to having an orgasm. Her eyes rolled back and she screamed his name in pleasure before sobbing uncontrollably. Melvin stood up and gathered her in his arms rocking her to pacify her,

"I missed you so much Melvin, I missed your touch...everything. I'm so sorry for what happened in the past and I don't care what happens in the future but I'm never letting you go," she told him while hugging him tightly.

He knew she was vulnerable at that moment, but still, he held her face and kissed her deeply.

"I love you so much Melissa and I would never hurt you intentionally." He whispered to her and kept rocking her till she fell asleep.

Jared started stalking Cecilia. He was careful so that she did not take notice of him. He monitored when she left the house, where she went to and when she returned.

He noticed that she always returned home with a particular girl of about eighteen years of age. Jared wanted to know what her relationship with the girl was.

And so one day, he overheard Cecilia telling the girl not to go out, that she was going to send a doctor to check on her.
Few minutes after Cecilia left the girl at home, Jared went and knocked on the door.

The girl opened the door, asking him who he was looking for. Jared told her he was the doctor Cecilia sent to her. So, she welcomed him inside.

"How do you feel?" Jared asked. He got to know that her name was Hannah. 
He tried as much as he could to act like a doctor.

"Dizzy... Cecilia said it's one of the symptoms of pregnancy," she replied innocently.

"Sure, you're right. Cecilia...is she your sister?"

"Nope. A kind lady that took me in... she's been really nice to me and my unborn baby," she said, rubbing her stomach.

"Aw, that's so kind of her. How many months is the pregnancy?" He asked again.

"Almost a month gone. You know, I don't want anything to happen to this baby, Cecilia values it so much," she said, smiling.

"Nothing will happen to your baby. I believe, just as Cecilia is taking care of her pregnancy, she'd take care of yours as well..." She gave him a quick glance and interrupted him.

"Cecilia isn't pregnant..."

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