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Melissa looked at Melvin with mouth agape as she read the message. The tears she thought she'd not shed again came back.


"No Melvin, you needn't explain anything. Maybe we weren't just meant to be. I think Cecilia will give you all that I couldn't give you. I have been selfish for too long. I have mistreated you for such a long time Melvin. I wanna let you go.

I don't want to be greedy anymore. You deserve to be happy. Melvin, can't you see there's nothing that can be done to help me forget my past? I am sincerely not angry with you Melvin.

Let's say, this was destined to happen. We can't push it any further. I love you Melvin, that's why I want you to be happy..." She held his two hands and continued.

"Melvin, she is pregnant for you and it's a good thing. It's what you've always wanted, I couldn't do it and I'm not sure I'd be able to do it. I am sincerely happy for you.

When we leave this place, we are going to see Barrister Stanley and we'll tell him everything. He'll dissolve our marriage and get you married to Cecilia. I promise, I will be fine. I will stay out of your way.

I will tell my followers the truth. I don't care if I lose followers, clients or trophies. The genuine ones will definitely come back. I have wronged you for so long Melvin, I think it's time I make things right and that's exactly what I'll do," Melissa concluded.

Tears began to drop from Melvin's eyes. He didn't know what to say. He wished he didn't start the game with Cecilia in the first place. He trusted Cecilia, he didn't know she only agreed to play the game because she wanted to ruin his home.

He wished he was able to control himself that night. He only played the game to get Melissa jealous so he could get her back, but instead, he was going to end it forever with her - the woman he had always cried to God to win her back to himself.

How was he going to get married to a woman he didn't have a single atom of affection for? No! He wasn't going to let Melissa go. He didn't love Cecilia, he could take the responsibility of a father for the sake of the baby, but there was nothing that'd make him get married to her.

"Melissa, I don't want you to leave me. I don't want a divorce. I don't love Cecilia. I know I've messed up with her, though it was just once..."


"Yes, once. The night I told you I also got the letter to follow you here. The other times were just to make you jealous. I never dreamt of doing it with her, she seduced me into doing it," he knelt before her.

"Melissa, I can't imagine my life without you. I don't think I'd survive it if you leave me. I am deeply sorry for messing up with Cecilia. Please forgive me Melissa. If you leave me Mel... I'll die..." Melissa had never seen her husband shedding tears this way before. This made the tears in her eyes to flow even more than ever.

"Melvin, please don't do this. It isn't your fault, it's mine. I have been so selfish that I used my own hands to scatter my marriage. I allowed all of these to happen. We'd just sleep. When we get home, we'd call Barrister Stanley and Cecilia, then a decision will be made.

Because it'd be so unfair to take decisions without hearing from her. Everything will be okay, very soon. I promise to rectify this problem because I started it. Come here," she drew him to herself and hugged him.


Melvin and Melissa returned home a day after the seminar was finally over. Melvin noticed an entirely different Melissa. When they got home that evening, she made sure he took his bath before going to bed.

She woke early the next morning, made breakfast and made him eat before she left for work. She even called to check up on him while at work, something she hadn't done in a very long time.

That evening, she offered to ride with him in his car to see Barrister Stanley. Melvin was speechless at how different and nice his wife was. This was the woman he had always wanted.

When they got to the barrister's office, they met Cecilia already seated there. They had invited her for the meeting.

"Cecilia, are you in a relationship?" The barrister asked, after they were all seated.

"No Barrister," Cecilia replied.

"Oh. So, what was your relationship with Mr. Melvin Walter?"

"He's my colleague. Actually, our initial plan was to make his wife jealous, but since she had starved him for so long, he decided to do it with me," she said.

Melissa held back the tears in her eyes. If she must overcome this, she must be strong. She looked at Melvin whose face was overshadowed with anger.

Barrister Stanley got to know from Melvin that he didn't love Cecilia. Melvin also told him he didn't want to divorce his wife anymore. He accepted the responsibility of Cecilia's unborn child, but vehemently opposed the idea of getting married to her.

"Melissa, do you want to continue with this marriage or you want a divorce?" The barrister asked.

"I don't want to ever think of divorcing my husband again. I'm yet to see a man as loving as Melvin. I know I pushed him to make a wrong move, but I will make things right, I promise," Melissa said, much to the surprise of the barrister and Cecilia.

What exactly happened while they were away? Cecilia thought. It hurt her that Melvin said to her face he wasn't in love with her, but as long as the baby was involved, time would tell how well he'd keep to his promise.

Her initial plan was to make Melvin divorce Melissa so that he'd get married to her, but since it seemed they had both recovered their lost senses, she was going to come up with another plan.

This time around, Melissa wouldn't hesitate to run to the barrister and sign the divorce papers; that's if she'd even be alive to do it. She smiled devilishly within herself while nursing these thoughts. She knew exactly what to do.

It was concluded that Melvin and Melissa were no longer getting a divorce. But then, Melvin was to get a conducive apartment for Cecilia, check on her often and take care of her needs till she gave birth.

Melissa was very okay with this, but Melvin, knowing how manipulative Cecilia could be, didn't want another opportunity to spend time alone with Cecilia. He knew it'd worsen the situation and he didn't want to hurt his wife anymore.

Few days after they got back home, Melvin bought an apartment for Cecilia, just as the barrister instructed. He also started checking up on her, but with Melissa. Cecilia didn't like this because the presence of Melissa disgusted her.

She wanted Melvin all to herself, but his wife wouldn't stop intruding. Perhaps, there were some favourable ways she could get her out of the picture, she thought one evening.

The next day, Melvin returned from work to meet an empty house. He wasn't surprised though because Melissa always returned very late from work.

But when he waited till it was almost midnight without seeing her, he dialled her number, but her phone was switched off. He kept dialling and getting the same response till he became scared. He then dialled Priscilla and was relieved when she picked up.

When he asked her of Melissa, Priscilla told him she left the office hours ago, after a client requested for a home therapy. Melissa had told her that after attending to the client in his house, she was going straight home without stopping by the office. So, Priscilla had expected Melissa to be home by then.

"Do you know this client?" Melvin asked.

"No, I don't, but I'm sure his number can be found in your wife's office telephone. Maybe she's encountering a traffic jam on the road. I'm certain she'd be back soon," Priscilla said.

"Alright. Thanks," Melvin said and hung up.

Melvin was restless all through the night. He had already dialled the police and reported to them, but he was told he had to wait for at least twenty four hours before raising an alarm since there was a possibility that she was either stuck in traffic jam or still at her client's house.

Melvin almost went insane when he waited till the next morning without seeing his wife. Melissa had never slept out before, no matter the circumstances.

He knew that something had gone wrong because Melissa's number was still not reachable. He quickly took his shower and prepared to go to her office.

As soon as he drove out, he met the lifeless body of his wife on the ground just outside his house, filled with blood. When he got down to examine her, he realized from the many pierces in her body that she was brutally and uncountably stabbed to death.

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