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Melissa cried the more. How was she going to tell him this? She had kept this to herself for so long. She had fought so hard to hide it. Would Melvin ever forgive her if she told him the truth? She thought.

"Melissa?" Melvin called out to remind her he was still waiting for her explanation.

Melissa cleared her throat, sat beside him, looked down and began to talk.

"Dad died when I was three. Mom couldn't handle her loneliness, she decided to remarry. When I was five, she introduced a certain Mr. Martins to me as my new father.

Mom started diverting her attention from me to her new husband. I didn't like him and I knew he didn't like me either, but pretended he did, so that mom wouldn't feel bad.

Being a veterinarian, mom loved her job so much that she sometimes didn't come home. She didn't care about me. She always left me under the care of my step dad.

She trusted and believed him so much that, when he started molesting me sexually, she refused to listen to me. She claimed I was lying against him because I didn't like him. She even told me to apologise to him.

Every night, he'd come to my room and do stuffs to me. He started by inserting his fingers...it really hurt that I cried everyday. He told me that if I told mom, she would send me away.

He kept telling me that I was going to be a terrible mother to my kids, just as my mom was to me..he told me a lot of things that hurt me real bad.

At eight, he started forcing his...his thing inside of me... I screamed, but mom was too busy at work to listen to me...he succeeded in sleeping with me..." She paused and wept, then continued.

"Melvin, I was the most unfortunate girl while growing up. I kept all of these to myself, thinking that someday, mom would believe me... but that day never came because she and my step dad died in a plane crash years after.

I grew up despising sex or anything related to it. I didn't know...I didn't know I was so affected psychologically that I became a genophobe. I didn't want to be a terrible mother to my kids...that's why I didn't want to have them at all.

This was the reason I became a sex therapist...I derived joy helping people, but I had a great fear practicing it myself. Melvin, I agreed to marry you because I sincerely loved you.

I wanted to bury my past, but each time you tried making love to me, everything came back, haunting me as though it was happening to me...and so, I decided to come up with an idea.

I used my job as an excuse to stop you from touching me. I became sincerely scared of having sex, yet I didn't want you to do it outside because I love you, Melvin.

I have been really selfish, Melvin, you didn't deserve all of these. I'm sorry... just that, I don't know what to do... I'm sincerely scared. I'm sorry, Melvin" she concluded.

Melvin was short of words. How could she not tell him this, while they were courting? He remembered she didn't want him to touch her while he was still dating her, with the excuse that he'd have her to himself once they get married.

Even on their wedding night, he had noticed that she didn't want to do it. She kept entering and coming out of the bathroom, giving him excuses.

When he finally did it, she was shedding tears. When he asked her why, she told him she was too excited. After then, she had avoided him so that he didn't make love to her.

Melvin never complained, not until she came up with the no sex policy, with the excuse that she didn't want to have kids yet because of her nature of job.

Melvin now understood why she did all of that. He wondered how she was able to keep this to herself all her life. She was indeed a strong woman. His countenance suddenly changed to that of pity.

"Melissa, why didn't you open up to me? I would've helped you,"

"I thought if I did, you wouldn't get married to me anymore. I loved and still love you so much that I didn't want to lose you, at the same time, I didn't want to do anything sexually with you. I just wanted to keep you, which was so selfish of me,"

Melvin thought for a while, "Melissa, I have never loved any woman the way I love you.. I don't know what you've done to me that despite your mistreatment, I still love you.

I sincerely wanted to end it with you today. I wanted to go...to sign the papers, but after you ordered for my breakfast today, something told me you still loved me...I suspected you had something to tell me...so I decided to wait and hear you out.

Melissa, I'm very sorry that you had to go through such a brutal molestation. A lot of kids who are victims do not know how to handle it, and so, they end up committing suicide. But you were very strong. You came out strong, against all odds.

I want you to know that I will never see you differently. You are still my wife, the woman I had always wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I can help you get rid of your fears, just trust me.

I know you're a sex therapist, but sometimes, a therapist needs therapy too. Melissa, I don't just want to be your husband, I want to be your best friend. And best friends trust each other. I want to help you Melissa. You're all I've got.

Of course you know my past. Mom died when I was two. Dad joined her two years after. I also did not enjoy that parental love and care. That's why I want us to be best of friends.

I don't just want you to be my wife, Melissa, I want you to be my mother, I will be your father. Let's start again. I promise to help you overcome your genophobia. I will be there for you. All I want is your trust," Melvin said. He was holding her two hands all the while he was talking to her.

Melissa felt greatly relieved. Melvin enclosed her in a warm embrace, something they hadn't done in a long while. He had missed his wife so much that he didn't want to let go of her.

They remained that way till they were disrupted by a knock on the door. It was the cleaner. Melvin opened the door for the blonde haired lady who walked in with a mop bucket and stick, humming a song and nodding her head to it. They both smiled at the funny cleaner.

"Let's stroll," Melvin said and they walked out of the room, hand in hand.

That evening at the party, Melvin couldn't help staring at his wife as though they just got married. She was so beautiful. He had sincerely missed her.

He didn't know that Melissa wanted him as much as he wanted her, until they got back to the hotel room. They walked hand in hand without saying anything to each other.

He didn't want to betray her trust. He really wanted to help her get rid of her fears. Yet, he wanted her so badly. But he was ready to wait till she asked for it, he didn't want to do it against her will. Little did he know that she actually wanted it that night.

"Melvin..." Melissa called him in a whisper when he locked the door.


"Make love to me"

"Are you sure...?"

Melissa interrupted him with a kiss he never saw coming. They kissed like they had been starving for too long, Melvin could not believe his luck that night, though he was worried about her feelings, he couldn't stop himself from enjoying the kiss.

His hands roamed around her body, mastering every curve and turns on her body. He felt her hands all over his body too, he shivered at her touch and couldn't wait to get her out of her gown.

He lowered her to the bed and kept kissing her all the way down to her thigh, Melissa tried to focus on the sweet sensations she was getting and not the painful memories that were threatening to override everything.

When Melvin was about going all the way in, she opened her eyes and saw her stepfather in front of her and she couldn't stop herself from pushing Melvin away from her.

"I'm sorry I can't do this. I thought I was ready but... I'm so sorry Melvin... I... I" She couldn't continue as her body wracked with sobs.

Melvin tried not to show his disappointment. Just then, his phone beeped. A message that got his attention displayed on his screen. It was Cecilia's.

Melissa looked at Melvin with mouth agape as she read the message. The tears she thought she'd not shed again came back.

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