"Call Barrister Stanley tomorrow and tell him that there's no need waiting till the end of the month. I'm ready to leave this marriage right away," With that, he slept off.

Melissa was restless all through the night. She sat up and thought so deeply. She thought of telling Melvin the truth behind her actions, but he had already made up his mind.

How was she going to tell him that it wasn't because of her job that made her starve her husband? How would he take her if she told him everything?

If truly he loved her as he professed, why did he sleep with Cecilia? Why couldn't he accord her some respect? Diverse thoughts ran through her mind as she cried throughout the night till she fell asleep.

The next morning, Melvin woke up to an empty room. He felt lightheaded as a result of the excessive amount of alcohol he had consumed the previous night.

When he sat up, he saw a tablet of Advil and a bottle of water with a glass on a stool beside the bed. He took the tablet, after which he tried getting up to the bathroom to brush his teeth.

He heard a knock on the door and abandoned his trip to the bathroom to check who was at the door, it was room service and he wondered what was going on;

"Good morning sir, here's your breakfast"
The lady told him smiling.

"For me? I did not order anything, in fact, I'm only just waking up. I think there's a mistake or something," he gently replied her, turning away from the door.

The girl's eyes twinkled in mischief "Sir, it was your wife who ordered the meal for you some minutes ago."

At that he stopped and looked at her again, "Melissa? Melissa ordered this for me?"

"Yes sir"

"Okay, just drop it by the bed, I'll let you know when I'm done. Here's your tip"

When the girl left, Melvin wondered what was happening. The breakfast consisted of fresh croissants, some blueberry jam, rolls of fresh bread, a plate of strawberries and blueberries, and a cup of black coffee just the way he liked it.

He wondered what Melissa was up to now, with the extravagant breakfast and the medicines, he hoped she was not planning on asking for his help because he wouldn't; he thought to himself.

He helped himself to the sumptuous breakfast and in less than no time he had cleared the plates.

Melissa had gone out for her morning run and a swim at the pool, she was on her way back to the room when she met the room service girl rolling the trolley out of the room.

"Is he in there?" She asked the girl.

"Yes ma'am and he has finished everything that was on the tray, I think he was really hungry..."

Melissa interrupted the girl's eager blabbing, "Thank you. You can go on with your work, I'll take it from here".

She opened the door to find a shirtless Melvin with only a towel round his waist, coming out of the bathroom. She did not even notice her jaw drop or her eyes roam up and down his body,

"Has he been this hot all this while?" She asked herself in a whisper, licking her  lips.

Melvin paused and looked at her,

"Melissa is there a problem?"

She didn't answer, until he snapped his fingers in front of her face that she realized he was talking to her.

"Huh?" She was back to reality.

"I asked if there's a problem,"

"," she stuttered.

"Alright then," Melvin said and went back to what he was doing.

Melissa was dying to talk to her husband, but it seemed he was a total stranger in the room. Who would believe she just noticed how attractive her husband's body was.

She realized she hadn't cared one bit about her husband. She didn't even know the kind of cream he was using, didn't care whether he shaved or not, and didn't even notice the scar on his leg until now.

He was just on his own, like a child abandoned by the mother. A tear dropped from her eye when she realized that she had been the worst wife to her husband.

She had once read that no matter how huge or powerful a man may be, he is a baby in the eyes of his wife because, the woman will always directly or indirectly make choices for him and subdue his ego.

The woman can choose the best outfit for a man. Even when he never had intentions of eating before stepping out, the soft tongue of a woman can control him into eating.

Even with the fact that the beard and pubic hair is the man's, but a woman can decide when he should cut them. She can as well make choices of body wears and others for him.

But Melissa realized she hadn't done any of these to her husband. She couldn't even remember the last time she made breakfast at home for him.

She had left her husband so alone that he sometimes cried before leaving for work because he had thought that getting married to her would give him the opportunity to enjoy that motherly love and affection he couldn't enjoy since he lost his mother at a tender age of two.

"Aren't you going for the seminar today?" Melvin finally asked.

Did he remember he had ordered her to call Barrister Stanley and tell him he wanted the divorce today or did he say that because he was drunk? Perhaps he had changed his mind or maybe, he had called the barrister himself, she thought.

She was scared all of a sudden. She wasn't ready to lose her husband anymore. She knew she wouldn't meet any other man as good as Melvin who stood by her, irrespective of her shortcomings.

"There's going to be a dinner party tonight. We are invited," she said in such a meek voice.

Melvin was done dressing up. She thought he was going to finally leave her, but he went back to the bed and sat down.

"So you aren't stepping out till evening?" He asked.

"No," she replied, "Melvin, I want to talk to you," she added.

"Okay, but first, go shower, I'm sure you are feeling uncomfortable,"

Why was he always this caring? She thought as she went into the bathroom to shower. When she got back to the room, he wasn't there anymore.

Melissa broke down and cried, thinking he had finally left her, only for Melvin to return few minutes later. He had gone for a stroll.

"Why are you crying?" Melvin asked.

Melissa didn't know when she went and stood before him, still crying.

"Melvin, I've been the worst wife on earth. I have wronged you so badly. I have pushed you to do things... things I know you would never have done, if not for my selfishness.

I am sorry Melvin. I don't want you to leave me...I don't want our marriage dissolved anymore. I'm ready to take full responsibility of a wife. Melvin, I love you so much, I don't want to lose you.

Please, forgive me. I promise to be different from this day onward. I am your wife, my body is yours. It was very wrong of me to deprive you that long. I am sorry Melvin. Would you please forgive me?" She said.

Melvin looked up at his beautiful wife for such a long time before he replied to her.

"Melissa, I want to know why you did what you did. I'm very sure you have a perfect reason for doing what you did to me and I want to know it," Melvin said.

Melissa cried the more. How was she going to tell him this? She had kept this to herself for so long. She had fought so hard to hide it. Would Melvin ever forgive her if she told him the truth? She thought.

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