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As soon as the microphone was given to him, the hall was silent. All ears were eager to hear what Melvin was about to say as he cleared his throat and looked straight into the eyes of his tensed wife.

"I must say, Melissa that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You spoke so intelligently that I couldn't help but thank God for giving me such an angel for a wife," he said, provoking the audience to clap and scream.

"I wanna add to what she just said," he continued, "I am not a sex therapist, but I've learnt so much from my wife. We have had misunderstandings but do you know how we settle it? In the room..." Everyone giggled and clapped again.

"So you see, when you scrap out love making in your marriage because of your job, you scrap out the vital means of settling your disputes. That is how important love making is.

Also, I wanna add that God wasn't foolish when He permitted marriage so that we could avoid fornication. You see, when you starve your partner sexually, you're pushing him or her to do it outside.

And when they end up doing it outside, you call them cheat and even opt for a divorce. This will definitely cause an instability in your life and even in that business you were trying to build.

So, my point is, while you're trying to build your business, build your home as well. Carry both along, else you might end up crashing real bad. Thank you and, I love you Melissa," he smiled at Melissa before sitting down.

There was great applause from every part of the hall. Melissa was short of words. She knew she felt tears in her eyes, but she didn't know exactly why they had gathered.

After speaking, she got down to her seat. Melvin pecked her, causing the audience to once again aw. Afterward, Melissa's followers online increased rapidly after they watched the life stream of the seminar.

She also signed three endorsements with three big companies. Melissa was so happy such that, she smiled all through till they got back to the hotel room. Her massive success wasn't just her making, Melvin triggered it.

As soon as they entered the room, she turned to appreciate Melvin, but he ignored her, entered the bathroom and slammed the door.

Melissa didn't need to wonder why he was acting that way. In fact, guilt was written all over her face. She needed to talk to him. She needed to ask him why he helped in the growth of her business, despite her actions.

She waited patiently for him, but when he came out, he carried his phone and stepped out of the room without saying a word to her. Melissa was dying to talk to him, couldn't he at least give her a listening ear this once? She thought.

When she waited till evening but didn't see any sign of him, she stepped out to search for him. Melissa was scared when she searched everywhere she could, but couldn't find her husband.

She started asking people about him, describing to them what he looked like and what he wore. But nobody seemed to know his whereabout.

She went back to the hotel room, only to find Melvin on the bed. He just sat there, looking at nothing, but talking to himself. When she got closer, she realized he was extremely drunk. She also noticed that he was listening to the audio which he recorded at the seminar. 

"Melvin, what have you done to yourself?" She asked.

"Shush... I'm listening to my wife, counseling others on the importance of sex in a marriage. Come listen... come," he said. It was obvious he was sarcastic.

Melissa felt troubled and extremely guilty. She allowed the tears she had been holding to run freely from her eyes.

"Melvin, I'm sorry," she finally said.

Melvin laughed so hard that he began to cough. "Sorry? Why are you sorry? You shouldn't be sorry since you're so great at giving great advices to everyone but cannot advice yourself." 

He belched drunkenly and continued "You know Melissa, today you've hurt me real bad. You stood in front of millions of people and lied to their faces and I think you've used me enough...so much that now I think all of this isn't really necessary anymore. 

And you've made me realize that all these while, it wasn't the babies you didn't want but it was me you did not want. Why didn't you say all that before? At least, it would have been better than punishing me this way.

I do not think I can continue with this sham of a marriage anymore, what's the point of staying in a marriage where I'm not wanted as a husband but a brand booster?" 

Melissa watched helplessly as tears flowed freely from the eyes of the man she had always loved. She thought he was done talking, but he continued.

"I had always wanted you to be a very successful woman. I had always wanted to witness the success of your business and today, I'm sincerely happy for your triple endorsements. That had always been your priority.

My purpose of coming here with you has been achieved and obviously, you're the happiest woman on earth. I deserve to be happy, Melissa but clearly, my happiness doesn't lie here anymore.

Call Barrister Stanley tomorrow and tell him that there's no need waiting till the end of the month. I'm ready to leave this marriage right away," With that, he slept off.

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