Episode 1 - UNTAMED DESIRE (A sequel to DESIRE IN DENIAL) | Stories by Ima Udott

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The ferocious expression on Melvin's face was so glaring to Melissa that she didn't need to inquire from him about what he saw in the box. It was crystal clear that whatever that was in there wasn't pleasant to behold.

She took a step closer to the box, looked at Melvin whose gaze was still fixed at the box without a slight blink and slowly looked into the box. She quickly drifted in shock.

"Why are you surprised? Aren't they your pictures?" Melvin asked.

He brought out all the pictures and arranged them on the table like a vendor advertising his magazines. He looked at the pictures, from the one Melissa was fingering herself to the one she was giving a blow job to a man whose face was carefully carved out.

She was naked in all the pictures. Maybe, Melvin wouldn't have been this mad if those pictures were taken when she was a child since she had told him about her horrible childhood experience with her step father. But these pictures looked like they were taken when she had turned a complete lady.

"Melvin, please..."

"No Melissa! This is the height of disrespect. I should have known what I signed up for before getting married to you. Melissa I thought you were decent.

I mean, you looked all innocent and sincere. I don't even know the woman I got married to anymore... honestly, I'm tired of this whole thing. I'm done,"

Priscilla smiled to herself when Melvin stormed out of the building. She quickly stood up and rushed to Melissa's office.

"Dr. is everything alright?"

Melissa quickly packed the pictures back into the box and closed it on seeing her.

"Would you like to get fired, Priscilla?" Melissa asked. She had once again transferred her aggression on Priscilla.

"No..no ma'am. This job is my life," Priscilla stuttered.

"Good. Then, I want you to get me the mailman who sent you that box. I give you from now till tomorrow morning, else, you will be fired!"

"But ma'am..."

"Now till tomorrow! I'm done with you. Get the hell out of my office!"

Priscilla left, looking sad and scared. She didn't see this coming. She went back to her desk, and began to fiddle with her phone. She barely allowed the phone to beep before picking it.

"She's threatening to fire me," she whispered to the caller. She was too engrossed in the call to notice that Jared had walked in and was hearing every bit of what she said.

"Mill's bar?... I can't wait till tomorrow...no, let's make it this evening... alright see you there..."

Just before she ended the call, Jared placed his phone on his ear and walked towards her as though he was on a call and he just arrived. Priscilla gave a 'that-was-close' sigh before she quickly dropped the phone and sat up.

"Melissa, is she in?"

"Yeah.. she is," Priscilla replied quickly.

Jared gave her a smile and walked into Melissa's office, after a brief knock on the door.

The state at which he met her was appalling. She was on the floor, crying in a way he had never seen a woman cry before. She had brought out the pictures again and scattered them on the floor.

He looked at the pictures one by one before squatting beside her to comfort her. There was no need to ask her why she was crying, it was glaring enough. He packed all the pictures back into the box and held her up.

"Come with me," he led her out of the office.

He instructed Priscilla to reschedule every appointment till Melissa was back. Then, he left with her.

Priscilla smiled when she saw Melissa's swollen eyes and messed makeup as a result of the tears.

Jared took Melissa to his house. Hannah felt sorry for her when she got to know what happened to her. Jared was angry that Melvin could leave his wife in such a state.

He was even more angry how Melvin couldn't see that someone was playing a game with Melissa's emotions. How on Earth could he easily believe the picture without even taking a step to know who was behind it? Jared thought.

He was ready to shelter Melissa till Melvin gets back his senses. Or perhaps, he'd drive down and make him see reasons why he should hear out his wife and start investigations already.

But first, he needed to get to Mill's bar and see who Priscilla was planning to meet up with.

He made sure Melissa freshened up, ate and took medications before she slept off in one of the big, fine rooms.

He told Hannah to look after her before he changed to a different outfit and hurriedly left.

He had gotten an afro, a fake beard and moustache which he wore inside the car and looked like an entirely different man. His dark glasses made him look even more different.

He got to Mill's bar after about an hour drive. Getting into the bar, his eyes fell on Priscilla who was seated in a corner with a man whose face was half covered with a thick hoodie.

Jared couldn't get enough of the man's face, so, he walked past them to the next table, close enough for him to attend to their conversations and as well see his face clearly.

He ordered for a drink and when it was brought, he constantly sipped the drink while pretending to operate his phone.

He thought of taking a picture of them, but he felt they might see him, so he rather recorded their conversations.

"...I know Martins, but this is my job we're talking about here. Didn't you get? She's threatening to fire me and I can't think of any better paid job if I lose this one...I don't want to..." Priscilla continued, trying as much as she could to converse in whisper.

"Are you even listening to me at all? I said I will give you a job," Martins whispered back.

"You will?"

"Not just that. If you work according to my instructions and I finally have Melissa all to myself, then I will reward you with a house and five billion dollars. I am fucking rich, so you don't need to panic about your stupid job," Martins said.

Priscilla's eyeballs bulged out.

"What do you want me to do? I'm willing to do it right away. In fact, I'm ready to fire myself, after all, I never liked working for Melissa. She is too full of herself.

I just hate working under her and having to receive instructions and insults from her. I hate the fact that she becomes successful everyday. I should've been in her position, not her.

I might have been pretending to enjoy working for her, but truth is, I sometimes wished I could ruin her and take over her compa..."

"Enough! You will not ruin my Melissa. Don't you know she is my wife?"

Priscilla was shocked.

"She is? Ha...how?"

"You will not ask me silly questions. You will do as I tell you, do you understand?"



He whispered something to her and she smiled and nodded while Jared kept sipping his drink and fiddling with his phone as though he didn't hear them.

After the meeting, Martins and Priscilla left while Jared stayed for a while to be sure they were gone before he finally left.

Martins got home, only to find his daughter, Cecilia already in the house. That was when he recalled that she had earlier called to tell him she would be visiting him that evening.

He was genuinely happy to see his beautiful daughter. She had ordered for pizza and was eating it when he arrived.

After dinner, father and daughter sat on the couch in the living room, discussing. Cecilia once again asked her father why he was interested in Melissa.

She was really curious to know, but the old man kept avoiding the question. So, she gave up asking, but definitely wasn't going to give up on finding out the truth.

"Dad, has today reminded you of anything?" She changed the topic after a brief moment of silence.

Martins tried to but couldn't recall and so, he said no.

"You've forgotten already that it was on this date that your twin brother, uncle Mark died in a plane crash, twenty years ago?"

"Oh... you're right. It was the worst day of my life. I pray he forever finds rest," Martins said.

"I pray so too,"

After some minutes of discussion, Martins left with the excuse that he needed to sleep. He gave her a peck before strolling to his room.

Anticipate episode two.

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